Honor 30 Pro+ Portrait Mode Experience: “straight” Handhelds Are Not Afraid

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]On April 15, glory digital series’ first 5G flagship – glory 30 series – was officially unveiled, with light and shadow art fashion appearance, strong image ability, glory 30 series not only get the majority of consumer recognition, but also hot “out of the circle,” get Li Xian and other public figures praise and fashion media praise, become a “technology and fashion fusion” of popular models. Honor has always been in the image capacity of deep plowing, from the world’s first dual camera photo system, the Honor 6 Plus, in 2014, to a series of multi-take optical, ISP chip and algorithm, and then in 2019 Honor V30 series introduced jointly developed by SONY RYYB color filter, Honor has fully entered the third stage from the second stage. Entering the third stage of glory, they will always stick to their own cell phone photography development direction: “mega bottom mega pixel super light sensitivity super telephoto,” strong image capabilities in the glory 30 Pro is the best play.

Honor 30 Pro rear imaging system to a Sony IMX700 50 megapixel primary camera with 1/1.28-inch super bottom, super pixels, and ultra-sensitive ability with 50 times ultra-telephoto, built into the glory of three-dimensional photography direction At the hardware level, a larger sensor size has been able to ensure the camera’s imaging quality. The Honor 30 Pro has a periscopic telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom, thanks to a periscopic light path design that includes a refractive prism and a transverse precision zoom mechanism, which improves the phone’s zooming ability without increasing its body size.

The Honor 30 Pro’s front camera is equipped with a 32 million HD main camera and an 8 million ultra-wide angle lens, which supports auto fill light and has first-class color performance to produce beautiful and pleasing skin tones, and the portrait mode (supporting front and rear portrait mode) can make a good distinction between people and the background, even when backlighting photos, the background has a beautiful blurred gradient level.

When combined with portraits in strong backlight scenes like the one above, portraits do not appear to have darkened faces due to backlighting; instead, they maintain a pleasing skin tone while retaining sufficient detail, as detailed as hair can be retained; additionally, the Honor 30 Pro will perform a dynamic range balance in such scenes, dark details will be retained, and strong light can be achieved.

The front lens’ 800 wide-angle lens allows for super wide-angle selfies, and the handheld can also be used for group selfies of multiple people. Honor’s self-developed distortion restoration algorithm can save people in the corners from distortion and make choosing a location for group photos easier.

Appearance design, the glory cell phone HONOR series has been the trendsetter of the glory cell phone family, leading the industry gradient, color clash, and other trends several times after glory 8. And, for the first time, the glory 30 series began to focus on the social attributes of the phone itself, introducing the symbolic expression of confidence. The Honor 30 Pro series has a wedge-shaped design, the thinnest part of the body is 8.38mm, and the overall weight is around 190g; on the extension of the camera on the back of the body, Honor 30 Pro prominently arranges HONOR LOGO, high-profile but not ostentatious, fully satisfying the personalized needs of young users. It is unavoidable that it will once again lead the cell phone industry trend in terms of trendy aesthetics.

Honor 30 Pro front face has a custom 6.57-inch 70° hyperbolic OLED flying waterfall screen, the screen extends from the front to the middle frame of the phone, the front face visually as if there is no border; the screen supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz high frame rate sampling, refresh rate can be selected by the user; the screen supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz high frame rate sampling, refresh rate can be selected by the user. This chip supports dual-mode 5G NSA/SA, as well as the most comprehensive domestic 5G bands, i.e.

6-band 5G: support NR: n41/n77/n78/n79/n1/n3, Honor 30 Pro 5G speed test, upstream and downstream speed are 10 times faster than 4G.

Magic UI 3.1 provides users with more and richer scenarios, such as more options for smooth calls and multi-screen collaboration with more devices, among other things. Magic UI 3.1 also includes micro three-dimensional AOD, which is achieved by splitting figures and pictures into layers. AOD is a three-dimensional display effect. The Honor 30 Pro has a built-in 4000mAh high-capacity battery and supports 40W super fast charging (10V4A).

Rheinland Safety Fast Charging has certified 40W super fast charging. Honor 30 Pro The portrait photography experience of the Honor 30 Pro is comprehensive, and the portrait mode of the Honor 30 Pro is notable. In a dark environment, the portrait mode of the Honor 30 Pro has obvious advantages in exposure, noise, and clarity; in a bright environment, the clarity and skin quality are better; and even if you let a “straight man” help you take photos, open portrait mode, and the Honor 30 Pro’s image algorithm, casual photos are also very good.

Of course, in addition to portrait mode, the Honor 30 Pro has achieved the first tier level of imaging performance among current flagship phones, with the combination of image optimization and hardware upgrades resulting in an excellent photo experience for the majority of consumers.