Honor 30 Pro + Night Shooting Review: The Industry’s Largest Bottom Clear Frame Every Frame

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]2020 In the first half of the year, cell phone manufacturers have lit up their flagship products, and it is not difficult to see, this session of the flagship, in addition to the pursuit of high refresh rate screen experience, in the process of design, image function, is also still the flagship phone power point. The glory 30 series, which was released on April 15, is a comprehensive advancement in “image”, “value”, “performance”, and “system interaction”, with a custom 6.57-inch 70° hyperbolic OLED waterfall screen on the front, supporting a 90Hz refresh rate; providing three colors of Phantom Night Black, Titanium Silver, and Wizard of Oz with AG glass frosting process, perfectly matching the trendy aesthetic att The large bottom sensor also improves the Honor 30 Pro’s night scene dark shooting strength, and we will share with you the Honor 30 Pro’s specific performance in this regard. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible solution to the problem.

Notably, the IMX700 incorporates Huawei and Honor’s exclusive RYYB super-sensitive filter array, which replaces the traditional RGGB CFA’s green pixels with yellow pixels, resulting in a 40% increase in light intake compared to the RGGB array. It replaces the traditional RGGB CFA’s green pixels with yellow pixels, resulting in a 40% increase in light intake compared to the RGGB array, and takes into account the increased light sensitivity of RYYB combined with the maximum supported ISO 409600. The%20IMX700%20has%20a%20201.22%%20brightness%20and%20is%20capable%20of%20capturing%20the%20outline%20of%20objects.%E2%80%82%E2%80%83%E2%80%83The%20IMX700%20also%20has%20a%20large%201.22%CE%BCm%20pixel%20that%20can%20be%20divided%20 Furthermore, the IMX700 has Quad Bayer capability, which can be combined to produce the industry’s largest single pixel size of 2.44m large pixels. Dual PD and pixel aggregation technologies have been implemented on a single sensor for the first time in the industry.

Furthermore, the Honor 30 Pro is equipped with a new generation of RAW domain AI algorithm matrix, supporting 1920fps super slow motion at 720P resolution; 60fps and 960fps slow motion at 1080P resolution; AI HDR 2.0, and the full pixel octa-core focusing capability is also effective in video functions. In terms of exposure and white balance, which are the most visible to the human eye, the Honor 30 Pro can quickly control the subject without overexposure, and the white balance can restore the true effect of the human eye when facing different subjects.

In the shooting experience, the Honor 30 Pro’s full pixel octa-core focus demonstrates its toughness; even in low-light situations, it can focus instantly with a lens change. The samples from the Honor 30 Pro are clear and colorful, and the white balance is very accurate with no color shift. The Honor 30 Pro exhibits good dynamic range strength in high light-ratio environments, with highlights that do not explode and dark details that are clear and sharp. Although it takes a few seconds for the Honor 30 Pro to image with Night View mode enabled, the improvement in the image obtained is obvious.

The more detailed and tolerable the image, the more accurate the white balance, and even if the subject moves position during the night scene countdown, it will not result in blurred images later on, which is the main manifestation of the AI algorithm used by the Honor 30 Pro to improve picture quality.

Of course, some partners may prefer the above more colorful, shot in normal mode, compared to the night mode, which presents a more detailed picture, but the contrast is not as high, and the local color is not as rich as the above; this will require you to choose according to the style of shooting on a regular basis. When shooting at night, if the surrounding lights are sufficient, you can quickly get good quality photos with normal mode plus AI assistance, and when the surrounding light is limited, properly opening the night mode can also get a stunning shooting effect.

As shown above, the Honor 30 Pro has a stable performance in night scene mode with excellent image quality, and the large base IMX700 image sensor allows users to quickly produce films without rework. Furthermore, the feel of the thin and light body, flagship performance experience in the previous review, which we also gave high praise, it can be said that the honor 30 series is not lost in this year’s cell phone market, the quality of flagship choice.