Global Planning While Sweeping And Mopping Tapper Tata T750wt Sweeping Robot Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]As technology advances, “lazy life” is gradually becoming the new “weather” in an increasing number of families. Laundry has a washing machine and a dishwasher, and the floor now has a sweeper. More and more “lazy man appliances” appear, allowing us to relax and enjoy life. However, new products are coming together online and offline sales platforms, which is more suitable for us? Take the sweeping robot for example, today I bring you a Tata T750WT sweeping robot just launched by Tapper.

Tapper believes that many people are familiar with, in 2015 from Haier creator incubation platform “graduation,” and then set up a Qingdao Tapper Robotics Co. Tapper has been concentrating on sweeper research and development. TAPOL’s flagship sweeper product, the Tata T750WT, was recently launched and incorporates multiple highlight features such as laser navigation, cell phone intelligent control, sweeping and dragging, intelligent suction control, and so on.

Finally, how does this sweeper perform? I put it through some tests to find out. Online value, small and flexible The first thing you need to do when buying appliances is to have a good eye, and the Tata T750WT is a sweeping robot with an online appearance.

The use of white and light blue as the primary colors, giving people a bright, clean appearance and feel. The Tata T750WT features this year’s popular cell phone gradient style, with the gradient transition between blue and white allowing you to feel the charm of simplicity and uncomplicated fashion.

It is critical for the sweeping robot to have a flexible “body” because it must shuttle between tables, chairs, and benches on a daily basis. The machine’s thickness is only 95mm, making it more compact and lightweight, and it can clean areas that are difficult to clean in our daily lives, such as under the bed and sofa, making the cleaning method more flexible. Laser navigation, global planning, and cleaning without dead ends The machine’s top is designed with control buttons and a laser navigation device. The button supports global sweeping, intelligent recharging, and spot cleaning, and can be used to carry out the sweeping procedure in the absence of a cell phone.

The laser navigation device is equipped with LIDAR, which allows for laser scanning and intelligent indoor cleaning path planning, and is referred to as the Tata T750WT “double eyes.” It can be faster and more accurate in path planning when combined with the quad-core intelligent hardware processor and 512MB storage space.

The Tata T750WT is intended to calculate the distance to an obstacle by establishing a 3D coordinate system. It is worth noting that the Tata T750WT sweeping robot is outfitted with a laser module that can transmit signals 2000 times per minute and can be up to 16m in diameter, which is twice as long as infrared ranging, and an average sized room only takes 20 minutes to complete, so it is still very efficient. We discovered that the Tata T750WT outperforms the majority of the sweeping products on the market. Large suction power is cleaner, sweeping and dragging in one more energy-saving With good planning and fast cleaning efficiency, it is not enough to sweep clean.

When it comes to motor and suction, the Tata T750WT is outfitted with a Japan-imported Nedco brushless motor, which ensures performance and efficiency. This motor is also widely used in many brands of vacuum cleaners and other products, indicating that technology is more mature and reliable.

The addition of this motor provides the Tata T750WT with a maximum of 2000 Pa powerful dust removal suction power.

The more humane aspect is that it can also support 1000Pa suction power dust removal mode, so if the house needs more cleaning, this function is still relatively good, with the emphasis on lower noise. Tata T750WT is equipped with a 600ml large-capacity dust box to ensure that the entire house is cleaned, allowing you to clean a larger area at once. What if the power goes out? The Tata T750WT will automatically find a charging stand and finish charging when the cleaning is finished or the robot’s power runs low. When fully charged, the Tata T750WT will return to the previously cleaned position to continue break cleaning, which is still relatively good.

Furthermore, the Tata T750WT is a sweeper robot that can do both sweeping and mopping. Wipes with 305*186*4mm dimensions and a pull-out water tank can be used to continue wet mopping 90-110 square meters. Unlike other products, the Tata T750WT has a cartridge that can automatically control the even water discharge, and at the same time, it can do no rolled edges and false mopping, avoiding too many water marks flowing out when sweeping or staying to ensure a good wet mopping effect.

Wipe and water tank installation is also very convenient, no need to turn the body to complete the installation of the water tank, press the card card buckle can be loaded and unloaded the water tank.

Cell phone control, where to sweep The Tata T750WT supports cell phone control as well. All you have to do is download the Tata Home – Laser Laser version APP from the APP Store or 360 cell phone assistant and other channels, complete the registration, and the association can be manipulated. When connected, open the main interface of the APP to add devices, long press the machine’s left and right buttons, and follow the voice prompts to enter the network configuration. Select the check box, click Next, and enter the WI-FI password; then, in the phone’s network settings, configure the sweeper network.

The APP allows you to turn on/off the sweeping function, back charging, and other functions, as well as where to sweep, virtual wall, map construction, intelligent booking, and do not disturb mode, among other things.

[Sweep in zones][Sweep where you point]

After activating the intelligent reservation function, you can set a timer to open the Tata T750WT cleaning, and it will clean automatically when the timer expires. If you enable the do-not-disturb mode between 22:00 and 7:00, when the time reaches 22:00, the Tata T750WT will stop cleaning and automatically recharge, and the other day at 7:00 for intermittent cleaning to avoid disturbing family rest at night.

We discovered through testing that the Tata T750WT in the design of many products on the market is different, light blue gradient to meet the trend at the same time very aesthetic, very much in line with the requirements of the current “face era” To sweep the floor clean, a large suction power is required, with a minimum of 1000Pa and a maximum of 2000Pa two optional designs, so that users have more flexible control options when cleaning. As an intelligent sweeping robot, you can monitor it in all aspects through the Tata home APP, where it sweeps, how long it took, and so on. Of course, the most important thing is the convenience of control; through a complete global cleaning, it will be a “deep” record of your home cleaning environment, and then you can sweep through the area, pointing to sweep where you want to clean the area more precisely. Of course, I also discovered that the Tata T750WT still has some features that need to be improved, such as lifting the global sweep to open the problem of where to sweep and other functions, so that the controversy can be avoided.