Give You A More Comfortable Massage Experience Haier H3-102 Massage Chair Review

Some people believe that the elderly “exclusive supplies” [Bestbuy618 home appliance channel] for the impression of massage chair products. Massage chairs, in fact, have become a modern young people’s home necessity for leisure and health tools. Because of sedentary work and study, as well as other factors, back pain and physical weakness have become a common problem among modern young people, and going out to massage is often inconvenient, so the massage chair has become a modern family essential massage equipment.

At the same time, the massage chair can easily meet the needs of a family massage by integrating a variety of massage techniques consisting of special massage procedures. Today I will review a high-end massage chair products – Haier H3-102, we will test the Haier H3-102 massage chair from the appearance, performance, functionality, and experience and other directions, we will see what surprises this massage chair has brought to you. Simple and exquisite body design, more in line with modern home aesthetics, the classic gray color scheme, but also adds a touch of understated connotation texture to the body as a whole This massage chair has an innovative forward design that allows for close-to-the-wall placement, which saves space.

It can be very well placed in the living room, study, or bedroom.

Massage chair leather is very important; excellent body leather has a direct impact on the comfort of using a massage chair. Haier massage chair H3-102 in high-grade PU leather selection, skin-friendly and wear-resistant, good durability In the absence of opening the massage chair, lying on it will also feel relaxed body, occasionally reach out and touch the massage chair upholstery, you can instantly feel the extremely soft leather, touch very comfortable. In the upper part of the body of Haier massage chair is a head cushion, the head cushion can play a buffer neck massage strength when the neck massage is activated.

When using the neck massage function, I can clearly feel the various forms of pressure and rubbing from the neck movement without the slightest sense of obstruction, but I also really like a pillow that fits perfectly with the head of the neck.

Both sides of the massage chair’s headrest are equipped with HIFI audiophile Bluetooth speakers, which can be used to play their favorite music by connecting your phone to the Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy the comfort of the massage while also enjoying the quality of music, when it is truly a great tool for relaxation. In the arm placement position on both sides of the body, it also comes with a hand control storage bag design, where the user can place the massage chair hand control, making it convenient for daily storage. I’ve also contacted a few massage chairs, and while the lack of some items around the storage position is quite inconvenient, this point in this massage chair makes me feel a little refreshed.

The legs of the Haier H3-102 massage chair can be retractable spring design in order to accommodate the needs of people of various heights. Daily, in order to facilitate movement, this massage chair in the rear design with casters, you can easily move the massage chair, which is also the majority of massage chairs on the market lack of design. As the core components of massage chair products, the movement, guide rails, and airbag quality directly determine whether a massage chair is worthwhile or not. Massage chair movement is the main implementation unit of the massage function, and it is an important factor that directly determines the massage effect.

The current market massage chair products can be divided into three categories: 1D, 2D, and 3D movement. Because the 2D movement is a 2-dimensional plane of movement, it does not fit well into the curve of the huma; 1D movement is generally used in massage pillows, massage cushions, and other small massage equipment, and it can only be in a fixed position for kneading massage; 2D movement has up and down walking direction and left and right kneading direction two directions The adjustment, you can achieve kneading, patting, pounding, a

In comparison to 1D and 2D movement, intelligent 3D movement can achieve up and down, left and right, vertical direction control, three-dimensional movement of the movement, better fit the human back curve, massage is also more in-depth, especially for the waist, shoulder, and neck position for 3D movement more friendly. According to Haier’s official description, the Haier H3-102 massage chair intelligent 3D “massage hand” allows you to easily achieve up and down, left and right, front and back, fixed-point multi-dimensional massage, unique massage techniques can be set aside sore spots, reach deep fatigue muscle tissue. The guide rail is not only an important structural component of the massage chair, but it is also a measure of massage chair grade one of the standards.

In general, 2D and 3D movement will have the function of walking up and down, the movement moves along the guide rail, and the length and shape of the guide rail determine the reach and effect of the movement.

Straight guide rail, S-type guide rail, L-type guide rail, and SL-type guide rail are the different types of guide rail based on their shape. H3-102 using extended SL guide rail, S-type and L-type combination, in increasing the massage range at the same time, ergonomic design, good fit massage more accurate, is currently the main type of guide rail used in high-end products. According to reports, the Haier H3-102 massage chair guide length to 121cm, in the case of lying and sitting, can provide good support for the human body. As an auxiliary massage around the torso, the distribution of airbags, and the number of limbs to determine the comfort of the massage parts.

The airbag distribution on the Haier massage chair is very thorough and professional, covering the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. The entire body of the airbag package allows you to realize the pressure cycle, and the massage chair airbag also supports three levels of strength adjustment, which can be adjusted in use according to their massage needs.

Haier H3-102 massage chair supports 8 sets of classic massage program automatic mode, as well as manual mode can be customized settings, for lazy people like me, more inclined to massage chair automatic mode, do not need to do it yourself to enjoy a comfortable massage experience, but manual mode is more interesting for those who want to feel the massage chair of various techniques and strength of the massage experience,

“Sparing adjustment” mode is good for occasional use, this mode is for both sides of the spine to focus on massage, massage process followed by the back of the body, in the massage process can also clearly feel the movement rollers on both sides of the spine constantly roaming, the spine in the kneading will also feel unparalleled relaxation This dredging adjustment mode is appropriate for sedentary workers suffering from lumbar muscle strain. Of course, there are some sports recovery modes for the sports crowd, as well as for the elderly to enjoy the comfort mode, in the massage process according to their needs to choose the right mode. It is also worth noting that I personally prefer the H3-102 massage chair equipped with body type detection function, which detects my body type before the automatic massage program, to determine the location of the shoulder, neck, waist, and back, so that the massag As a high-end massage machine, the Haier H3-102 includes a hot compress function. The warmth of the hot compress, especially now that it’s winter, can definitely make for a more comfortable massage experience.

Make people feel more relaxed massage experience absolutely no less than zero gravity, massage chair ergonomic design and zero gravity technology can make the body in a natural state, resisting the discomfort caused by the Earth’s gravity. After all that, let’s take a look at the features of the Haier H3-102 massage chair. Haier H3-102 of a key zero gravity, is through the simulation of NASA space capsule without gravity, when the massage chair lying down to 126 7 ° position, the body weight will be dispersed to the massage chair, so that you enjoy a more comfortable massage in absolute balance.

In addition to the traditional hand controller control, the Haier H3-102 massage chair can also be controlled intelligently using the Haier Smart Home APP. In practice, you only need to download the Smart Home APP, and then manually add intelligent hardware massage chair to the wisdom of the home.

After a successful connection, click on “immediate use” to enter the operating interface, where you can choose your preferred massage based on your personal preferences. In addition to the Haier Smart Home APP, you can connect Haier speakers for voice control, which is very convenient and useful.

In your spare time, lie in the massage chair and pull out your phone to access the Haier Jiya APP, select a massage program, and close your eyes to experience it in depth. The author was born out of this review is no longer my job, but my personal relaxation time, big praise. Haier H3-102 massage chair simple connotation of the appearance of the design in line with modern aesthetics, high-quality movement, guide rails, and other core components can bring good massage effect, a variety of massage modes and features is to make the massage experience more comfortable. Needless to say, the Haier H3-102 massage chair is a high-value, high-performance, multifunctional massage product; as a modern family essential relaxation tool, this Haier H3-102 massage chair is a must-have!