Get Rid Of The Villa Is Not A Problem Coors Deebot T5 Multi-layer Map Of The Actual House

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Sweeping robots are no longer a new species for many families, even though each one calls itself a “smart sweeper,” those who have used it actually know very well that there are many pain points that have not been solved, such as, obstacle avoidance is not smart enough, navigation all rely on collision, cleaning time is too long, can not point to sweep where, and so on…… As the current Chinese market share of the highest sweeper brand, Coors, can this DEEBOT T5 do justice to the intelligent sweeping robot?

The first step before the cleaning robot is to create a map based on the environment, which is the first test of whether it is intelligent enough. The majority of floor cleaning robots on the market can only save a map, which is a significant issue for people who live in duplexes or villas. Because each clean floor necessitates the creation of a new map, cleaning without the guidance of the accumulated map data extends the work time significantly. Coors DEEBOT T5 supports memory 3 maps, can save 2 maps, to achieve different floors are built separately, and automatically match the switch, without manual selection.

The villa we tested has three floors, with the bedroom on the second floor and the study on the third. You can view the maps generated by management in the EcovacsHome APP.

It is worth noting that after we have built the second floor map, if we want to build a new map on the third floor, we must move the sweeper and the charger together to the third floor, and when the sweeper finishes sweeping and automatically returns to the charging stand, a new environment map will be generated. What’s more, once the sweeping map is finished, it will automatically update to reflect changes in the environment.

The biggest advantage of the multi-layer map is undoubtedly the time savings. Cleaning different floors eliminates the need to start from scratch.

Using previously updated and perfect map data, Coors DEEBOT T5 can quickly begin working. When compared to a new map, cleaning the third floor study time is reduced from 26 minutes to 19 minutes, significantly improving cleaning efficiency.

Coors DEEBOT T5 is equipped with mainstream LDS LIDAR navigation with SLAM algorithm, which can intelligently identify the home environment, quickly build a map, and intelligent zoning. LDS LIDAR is the top part of the projection When used for the first time, Coors DEEBOT T5 cleans while building a map, and the cleaning route can be displayed in real time on the mobile app. Following the creation of the map, the host will clean each home area one by one in the same manner, which is more time efficient and clean than the random mode. The cleaning map is basically along the bow, very standard and efficient, with no missed areas.

On the second floor, there are 7 areas, Coors DEEBOT T5 in the order of 1 to 7, cleaning one room before the next, and no access to the same room is allowed more than once. You can, of course, specify the room to be cleaned, and more personalized cleaning solutions are available in the EcovacsHome APP. For example, if you perform virtual wall setting, Coors DEEBOT T5 will avoid the red line as if it were a real wall and will not cross the thunderbolt by half a step.

No mopping zone (yellow) When mopping, there are places where you don’t want to get wet.

There are many options for setting in the App, such as the timed appointment function, which allows the sweeping robot to work while you are at work and enjoy a clean home environment after work. During the cleaning process, it was discovered that Coors DEEBOT T5 has a lower chance of bumping compared to ordinary sweepers, and most furniture can be identified normally, and will slow down and lightly touch when it encounters obstacles, and will slow down and lightly touch when it encounters obstacles. It will not bump into furniture while ensuring clean edges and corners. This is due to the 38 groups of sensors densely distributed in the whole body of the Coors DEEBOT T5, just the anti-collision has a forward-looking buffer sensor, crash plate sensor, ultrasonic recognition sensor, and so on.

Sweeping and dragging in one, one machine with two uses Coors DEEBOT T5 is a sweeping and mopping robot, compared to a sing

Let’s begin with sweeping. The Coors DEEBOT T5 has a suction power of 1500Pa, but its actual performance is comparable to machines with a suction power of around 2000Pa on the market. In fact, the actual performance of a sweeper is a combination of brushes, motors, air ducts, dust boxes, and other factors, and does not rely solely on the suction power of the motor.

The Coors DEEBOT T5 first gathers dust with bilateral brushes, then uses floating roller brushes to cling to the ground, forming a closed air duct to draw dust into the dust box. Sweeping GIF Even relatively large scraps of paper, Coors DEEBOT T5 can easily solve, suction power is strong. Sweeping along the edge GIF The vacuum is equipped with a filter, sponge, and washable high-efficiency filter to prevent the collected dust from leaking out and polluting the air.

Mopping, equipped with a 240ml large-capacity water tank, can mop about 200m2 of floor space once filled with water; after mopping the upper and lower layers, there is still about 1/5 of the water left. The chip has an advantage over a mop in that it controls the amount of water, seeps water very evenly, does not cause large areas of water damage, and dries quickly. Of course, if the stain is particularly stubborn, the sweeper’s mopping strength is still inferior to that of a manual come.

Water tank The “wisdom” of the Coors DEEBOT T5 in mopping is that it will go around when it recognizes the carpet, because the bottom is equipped with a carpet sensor. Furthermore, in sweeping mode (remove the water tank), the carpet detection will automatically increase the pressure in order to suck out the dust hidden in the carpet.

Coors DEEBOT T5 is not tall, only 9.3cm, so you can easily get in and out of the sofa, under the bed, under the bed, and other locations.

The tires are designed with elastic shock absorbers and a non-slip texture, and they have good climbing ability. They can go over 2cm obstacles, over some thresholds, and on undulating roads. Wires, rags, slippers, and the like, on the other hand, Because they are easily carried away by the powerful Coors DEEBOT T5, they should be stored and organized before cleaning.

GIF Coors DEEBOT T5 with anti-fall sensor, encounter dormer windows, stairs, and other drop locations, will accurately detect the edge without falling. Anti-fall GIF Sweeping robots are frequently trapped because they are not “smart enough,” Coors DEEBOT T5 obviously do not need to have this worry. For example, when it drills into the “chair array” we designed, it quickly walks out on its own after some detection and path planning.

Intelligent extrication GIF Review Summary After a few days of use, the Coors DEEBOT T5 has completely changed my perception of the sweeping robot as “stupid.” Support for multi-layer maps is convenient for duplex and villa users, and the map can be built quickly and accurately. The cleaning process is fully visual and real-time, and the map will automatically update. The cleaning path is efficient and can be defined by the App to clean the area or no-go areas, cleaning time is gradually reduced with the accumulation of map data, and the chances of collision and trapped are greatly reduced.

In general, I feel that the Coors DEEBOT T5 has increased my desire to use the sweeper, because 1 App can basically grasp all the information, let it work alone, because smart enough never to worry about the mess, even outside, you can boldly give it th