Gaming Can Also Be Arbitrary Leiper Vt350 Dual-mode Gaming Mouse Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]Domestic well-known peripheral maker Leiper brings a competitive weapon for gaming enthusiasts – Leiper VT350, positioning high-end gaming mouse, exclusive right-hand ergonomic design, native PMW3325 professional gaming sensor, multi-position DPI adjustment, more Wireless wired dual connection mode, so that the smooth gaming free from the constraints of the wire, completely realize the precise operation as you wish Outer packaging design, Leiper VT350 continues the brand’s consistent blue and black with the front for the product’s large picture display, the side and back collection of product features highlights. At the moment, Leiper VT350 has been listed for sale for $299, placed its specific performance, or take a look at the review. It is worth noting that the packaging can directly confirm the dual-mode connection of the Leiper VT350, making gaming more comfortable.

Take the mouse out of the box, the real appearance of the Leiper VT350 at a glance Leiper VT350 size design surplus can hold, product three circumference for 126.95 * 67.98 * 42.36mm, suitable for medium and large hand type user use The color scheme of the Leiper VT350 is predominantly black, and the material is primarily engineering plastic.

The Leiper VT350 has gone through a thousand polishing refinements to achieve the most comfortable grip, tailored for right-handed users to create the ergonomic design, every curve and detail is finely crafted, the overall height of the mouse bulge is moderate, palm support position and palm perfect fit, combined with matte spray paint process, that gives a comfortable touch more anti-oil light effects. The Leiper brand LOGO is located in the center of the palm rest, by two-color injection molding, combined with the driver use adjustable competitive RGB cool light effect, about 16.8 million colors RGB backlighting system, snapping fingers between the flow of light surging. The upper cover of the mouse is designed with symmetrical separation, wide left and right buttons feel comfortable, built-in 60 million times micro switch, crisp click back quickly, and long use can also mai The DPI adjustment button is located beneath the scroll wheel and supports five fixed gears of 100DPI, 200DPI, 3000DPI, 4000DPI, and 5000DPI two-way adjustment.

It is worth noting that the combination of the Leiper VT350 mouse driver for gear adjustment settings can achieve step-by-step fine-tuning, a fine-tuning range of 200-5000DPI, and a unit adjustment of 100DPI.

To allow users to more accurately grasp the mouse DPI value, the mouse palm rest and upper cover set a black window, can real-time display DPI setting gear. Both sides of the mouse according to the ergonomic design using a streamlined curvature settings, skin-like material to build by the frosting process, effective anti-slip anti-sweat, full control.

The commendable feature is that the Leiper VT350 gaming mouse uses a wireless wired dual-mode connection via a data cable, nano receiver, USB mother – microUSB converter, making it easy for users to connect the receiver and achieve wired connection use. The mouse has an 800mAh lithium battery that takes 3 hours to charge and has a battery life of up to 5 days or more when used normally. It is worth noting that the front of the Leiper VT350 USB port, which can be charged, can also achieve a wired connection; gaming mice are commonly wired connections, and the advantage is transmission stability.

Leiper VT350 dual-mode gaming mouse bottom design is relatively rich, affixed with three oversized non-slip feet, to maintain a smooth experience when moving; the midsection is affixed with three oversized non-slip feet, to maintain a smooth experience when moving; the midsection is affixed with three oversized non-slip feet, to maintain a smooth experience when moving; the midsection is affixed with three oversized non-slip feet, to

Leiper VT350 through ergonomic design and different orientation of the process processing so that the grip has a comfortable feel, in order to meet the needs of different users, also equipped with a removable magnetic counterweight, counterweight for the total weight of 10G, by adjusting the mouse counterweight to achieve different mouse weight and center of gravity point, so The driver settings page is divided into five blocks: main settings, lighting settings, macro editing, support, and cloud synchronization, allowing users to achieve the most outstanding operation effect through DIY independent settings.

Leiper (RAPOO), founded in 2002, has the strength of a large factory, peripheral industry listed companies, national high-tech enterprises, national pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing enterprises. In 2008, Leiper began to focus on the field of gaming peripherals, adhering to robot automation, scientific production, quality management, and developing a full line of gaming mouse, gaming mechanical keyboard, gaming headset, gaming handle, gaming mouse pad.

Leiper high-end gaming VT series, leading technology, “dual-mode wireless” to open a new era of wireless gaming, professional help users gaming dreams into the attack. Continuous innovation, upgrade the core technology, Leiper game deep plowing the field of gaming, not only fully involved in the game gaming business, and well-known g

Leiper Games is not only a promise, but also a steadfast credo with a solid body to interpret the phrase “game dream maker.” Familiar battlefield, new challenges, ready to go, with players and users to witness the more brilliant cause of Chinese e-sports!