Full Video Operation Big Content Ecology Cool Kai System 7.0 Review

Due to the epidemic, the Chinese New Year is a time when people stay at home, and the big screen in the living room has become the preferred way of entertainment and recreation; OTT devices attract users with the advantage of quality content on the big screen, thus ensuring the boot rate and boot time. Data source: Kukai Network Data Center According to the report, during the Chinese New Year long holiday, the average daily power-on time of Kukai Network OTT reached 7.32 hours, and the Kukai Network OTT power-on rate increased by 8.36 percent year on year. It can communicate with users in a simple, precise, and quick manner.

Short videos are also included to meet users’ fragmented viewing habits, and short video programs such as movie highlights or trailers, applications, and shopping are carefully arranged to form a special channel that provides selected content to meet user scenarios. Here’s a look at how Kukai System 7.0 performs.

The Cool Kai system works with platforms like Akiyon, Tencent, Youku, Mango TV, Sohu Video, PPTV, CIBN, 4K Garden, Beeping Beeping, and others. And%20at%20the%20system%20level,%20there%20are%20Qiwi%20VIP,%20CIBN%20Poly%20Sports%20VIP,%20Education%20VIP,%20Children%20VIP,%20and%20Huadu%20e-sports%20VIP%20chargeable%20rights%20and%20benefits,%20and

Cool System Cool Kai System Education, sports, and game content are all unique to each manufacturer, and as a large-screen TV, film and TV drama content is what users are most concerned about. Cool Kai System has integrated film and TV content with the Qiwi fruit platform at the system level, with a wealth of movies, TV series, popular variety shows, hot anime, and other content, including “King of the Sea,” “Fujinjin Biography Naruto,” “Detective Conan Mandarin,” and other hot anime only available on Qiwi fruit for on-demand.

Cool System In today’s film and television exclusive broadcast situation, the video platform used by the user will not be limited to one, this Cool Kai system built-in rich film and television APP to Qiwi fruit platform content to supplement, including NewTV Aurora (Tencent video platform), Mango TV, cloud TV small TV (BILIBILI), CIBN HD film and television, etc., these video platform exclusive broadcast resources and Qiwi fruit complement e

The test found that the G60 TV video quality are very high, the vast majority of new film and television content is 1080P start, and built-in a variety of sound modes, watch different films, you can choose the corresponding sound mode to achieve a better viewing effect, a large part of the film and television content is 1080P start, and built-in a variety of sound modes, watch different films, you can choose the corresponding sound mode to achieve a better viewing effect, a large part of the Cool system 7.0 for TV users to use the habits of the UI depth of customization, the use of waterfall flow did not plan, large module design, simple layout, simple logic design, and intelligent personalized recommended content through big data cloud computing The Kukai system uses both waterfall and innovative video streaming to intelligently recommend deep content to users. Waterfall is a method used by all manufacturers that is capable of intelligently recommending a large amount of content, with big data of film content tags supplemented by user portrait data, and accurate content recommendation through AI artificial intelligence, realizing accurate content recommendation for thousands of people. The waterfall method is an efficient content recommendation method that has been proven through a lot of practice, and mainstream OTT platforms are adopting it.

Cool System The video streaming method of content display is used by Cool System, which includes the home page video window and the rotation channel. Cool system home page has a small video window, you can see the video when you turn on the computer, directly through the dynamic video display, can deep “preview” content, when playing video clips press the menu key can also be associated with the main film playback, from the recommendation, preview to the main film playback seamlessly, bring a very convenient film playback experience, the right side of the small video window using put It also provides a combination of conditions to assist users in finding content more quickly. This setting satisfies the user’s fuzzy search for movie titles as well as the conditional search for movie ranges; for example, if you want to watch US 2019 action movies, simply check these conditions on the filter.

Furthermore, in order to achieve a simple and fast search experience, the system provides a global search, that is, the aforementioned system search box in the system can achieve the Qiwi fruit, NewTV Aurora, and Mango TV three platform search, Qiwi fruit and NewTV Aurora has basically covered the popular movies, TV series, and cartoons, and Mango TV and Hunan TV’s exclusive variety show support, such as “Happy The Cool Kai system enables efficient connection between content and users through both waterfall and video streaming, and global search provides comprehensive and accurate search feedback, all of which settings affect the user’s experience of direct access to content. Cool System 7.0 includes fancy upgrade methods to provide users with benefits. Cool Coins are the Cool System platform’s virtual currency that can be exchanged for goods, coupons, VIP purchases, and participation in sweepstakes, exciting, and auction activities, allowing value contributors to participate in value sharing and promoting the formation of long-term user value.

CoolCoin System In addition to the Coolcoin change, Cool System 7.0 has developed a customized rebate value-added reward program for members. Users gain growth value through tasks, activities, and consumption, and their levels will be upgraded and corresponding medals will be awarded, with different levels corresponding to different benefits and rights. Users’ exclusive rights and benefits include system privileges, member center privileges, and shopping privileges.

Furthermore, as users tend to fragment the use of scenes, the integration of the public screen (the large TV screen shared by the family) and the private screen (the screen for private use such as cell phones and tablets) in the chain can achieve the advertising benefits of 1 1>2 and accurate brand exposure for advertisers.

Last year’s World Cup Gold Rush, National Day Spotlight Card, Double 11 Red Packet Rain, Double Day Koi, and other activities were also very successful. Kukai Network implanted its partner brands into the activities, games, and prizes through advanced operations such as “Living Room Carnival,” which not only increased the stickiness of users and strengthened their attention, but also provided a good channel for the partner brands from exposure to transformation to realization, further releasing the brand value of Kukai System in the process. brand worth The Living Room Carnival campaign earned the network hundreds of millions of exposures and tens of millions of user interactions, demonstrating the network’s innovative operational capabilities in the OTT field as well as its ability to deeply explore the commercial value of OTT large screens, creating more opportunities for partners to realize traffic and setting a benchmark for OTT industry large screen marketing.

In terms of content, Akiyon, Tencent, Youku, Mango TV, Sohu Video, PPTV, CIBN, 4K Garden, beeping, and other platforms have been integrated. It performs admirably in artificial intelligence, smart home, and other fields, allowing users to take advantage of the numerous benefits provided by intelligent technology in the large screen ecology.

In terms of structure, it employs full video operation, breaking through the conventional model of smart TV system, the home page can directly display the content through dynamic video, and is equipped with a rotating channel, which can select high-quality “film and television,” “education,” “shopping,” “applications,” and other content in the form of N*24 TV channels intelligently arranged according to personal preferences, and also supports customized sections, short vids, and other content. Consumer upgrade is taking place, and the influx of OTT comprehensive upgrade living room screen will bring a new experience to the living room.