Full “core” High Power Vivo T1 Review: Let The Playful Strength To Bloom

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]On October 27, vivo’s new T series of the first product – vivo T1 on the official website, with 2K price point leading high performance and ultra-long life strength, while inheriting vivo ultra-high value design and outstanding image performance, is a new strength of the face and material to play. The vivo T1 has a 6.67-inch 120Hz high brushed primary color LCD screen on the front, which supports 240Hz touch sampling rate, so the screen does not “drag”; 96 percent NTSC color gamut, DCI-P3 cinematic color gamut, and HDR10 display, so the screen is rich in color levels and the visual image is more delicate and clear, allowing users who like to play games to enjoy the fun brought by the high refresh screen. Simultaneously, the vivo T1 display supports full DC dimming; for strobe-sensitive users, this vivo T1 can provide excellent eye protection.

The back design of the vivo T1 is quite simple, with “obsidian black” and a very futuristic “electric light green” two colors, Bestbuy618 this time to get the “electric light green” color scheme is available at Bestbuy618. The “electric green” color scheme is not just a cyan color scheme, but an innovative double-layer film process, from purple to blue to green, showing different colors under different lighting, like a dream and fantasy, the body is only youthful and full of vitality. The vertical triple camera cloud stage module design with electric light green color looks fashionable; and then with the help of flash point crystal diamond process, bring extremely fine frosted texture, not only good-looking, touch also bring significant upgrade; this is a collision of speed and performance, but also a surprise to users.

vivo T1 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, with 6nm advanced process technology, in the core architecture, Snapdragon 778G SoC uses four 2.4GHz large core four 1.8GHz small core big.LITTLE design, is both performance and power consumption of the classic configuration, in the Rabbit run score also ran nearly 570,000 points With LPDDR5 UFS 3.1 storage specifications, it supports memory fusion 2.0, and 12GB RAM can be expanded to “12GB 4GB,” which is actually equivalent to 16GB RAM, bringing the strong multitasking experience and high-speed storage experience of Snapdragon flagship processor to the 2K price point, which can meet the majority of users’ needs for mid-range phones. It can basically meet most users’ needs for mid-range cell phones and bring users a high-performance playful experience. To ensure the Vivo T1’s continued excellent experience, the back of the body is also covered with a layer of VC liquid cooling, which can reduce the temperature by up to 12 degrees Celsius, thus ensuring the Vivo T1’s balanced performance during gaming.

In addition to strong performance, the imaging system on the vivo T1 this time is not to be underestimated.

Image The vivo T1 has a 16-megapixel selfie camera on the front, which inherits vivo’s consistently powerful selfie function and supports intelligent optimization of beauty, refining and beautifying the user’s skin tone, skin texture, features, and other dimensions, preserving texture details while making the skin delicate and natural. As shown in the sample photos, the Vivo T1’s night view function will intelligently improve the background effect and performance of the face in the dark environment, and the outline of the face in the original dark environment will be significantly improved after the intelligent repair.

vivo T1 rear with 64 megapixels ultra-clear main camera 120 ° ultra-wide angle lens 4cm macro lens combination, high pixel main camera to bring more clear photos As you can see from the sample photos, the performance of the vivo T1’s main camera is still good in daytime scenes with sufficient light, and the quality of the finished film is not significantly degraded thanks to the high pixel count of 6400W.

The vivo T1 is able to maintain good picture purity in dark scenes while the overall exposure is more in line with what the human eye can see.

With powerful image algorithms and optimization, it is simple to take good pictures in everyday shooting as well as many scenes such as low light and sports, and there are various shooting functions such as double exposure, dual view video, and microfilm mode to easily meet users’ daily shooting needs.

So far, the performance of the Snapdragon 778G has been understood, and the vivo T1 is very good in terms of power consumption while meeting the needs of users on a daily basis. According to actual battery life experience, a 4-hour battery life test was conducted in a fully charged state with WiFi, volume 50, Bluetooth, and screen brightness 50, including 60 minutes of online video, 60 minutes of music playback, 60 minutes of “Glory of Kings”, 60 minutes of web browsing, and 8 hours of standby. So, regardless of the user’s primary scenario with the phone, the vivo T1 can keep the power online and improve the user’s experience with the phone.

The vivo T1 also has Energy Guard technology, which reduces abnormal power consumption in standby scenarios and power consumption in usage scenarios, improves the energy efficiency of the entire machine while ensuring smooth operation of the system and applications, effectively reduces energy consumption, and allows large applications to run smoothly for a longer period of time. The system not only simplifies the user’s operation, but it also introduces the “interaction pool” function, which is based on the user’s different interaction habits and allows the user to set up to 26 different operation combinations.

All OriginOS innovations are focused on the three dimensions of system design, smoothness, and convenience, which are precisely the most core demands of users for mobile OS. The Snapdragon 778G is sufficient to support the smooth operation of most games, while the 5000mAh battery provides long battery life and 44W fast charging can quickly return blood. It is a great choice for starting a new machine because it has a moderate configuration and a price point that is acceptable to the general public.