From Ultra-clear Image Quality To 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom Oppo Never Stops Exploring

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Since OPPO officially announced the 2019 OPPO Innovation Conference concept poster yesterday (February 19), OPPO vice president Shen Yiren released a video taken with OPPO’s new products and still clear after zooming to 10 times, many netizens said they have moved a small bench to sit and wait for the OPPO Innovation Conference 10 times hybrid optical zoom technology The actual use of the effect of the OPPO innovation conference Today (February 20) at 10 a.m., OPPO through the microblogging video review image technology, simply brutal said “more technology show 2019 OPPO Innovation Conference see!”OPPO official microblog screenshot Ulike2 was released in 2012 with a front 5 megapixel camera and the ultimate beauty technology, allowing users to easily achieve the effect of skin, whitening, thin face, and so on. Since then, it has ushered in a new era of cell phone beauty selfies, paving the way for OPPO’s next foray into photo technology.

OPPO beauty selfie exploration road In 2013, OPPO N1 appeared and unlocked a new posture of cell phone photography, I was still studying at the time, and I felt that owning an OPPO N1 was to own the world, the world’s first 206 degrees of free stop rotation camera, with O-click can realize remote control rotation, beauty photography can also get a new posture of photography. the top ten smartphones of 2013 according to the magazine

OPPO Rotating Camera Technology The 2014 OPPO Find 7 includes the Ultra HD feature, which enables the 13-megapixel camera to take 50-megapixel HD photos using multi-frame compositing technology and to print 10 square meters of ultra HD posters.

The OPPO R9 series was released in 2016, and it became the best-selling product in the Chinese market for four years with its R series products, which were held by the iPhone, and it became a smartphone “pop,” causing the market explosion phenomenon. The R9s is outfitted with the flagship sensor IMX398 co-developed by OPPO and Sony, which employs dual-core focusing technology to reconfigure the internal structure of the light-sensitive chip, resulting in a 100 percent larger focusing pixel area. OPPO Dual Core Focusing Technology From 2012, when OPPO Ulike2 first upgraded the front camera to 5 megapixels, to the 50 million ultra-clear image quality of Find 7, N3 electric rotating camera, and R9 series, every breakthrough and innovation, OPPO only aims to create a more surprising cell phone photo experience for users.

OPPO’s first dual-camera phone, the “20 million front and rear, clearer photos” OPPO R11, was officially unveiled in 2017; then the launch of OPPO R11s made OPPO officially enter the era of intelligent beauty, so that everyone can have a unique beauty effect, by The “OPPO Ideal Portrait Lab” teaches the AI how to make beauty according to the person, realizing the beauty effect of a thousand people with a thousand faces.

At MWC 2017, OPPO introduced the world’s first 5x lossless zoom technology and the “periscope structure” lens design, a clever structure that allows the lens module to fit perfectly into the thin and light body, expanding the optical zoom range to 3x with a periscope lens, achieving up to 5x lossless zoom effect, while applying optical stabilization technology to the telephoto lens. OPPO launched 10x hybrid optical zoom technology in 2019 on top of 5x lossless zoom technology, demonstrating the company’s heritage and exploration of imaging technology.

The 10x hybrid optical zoom technology is an original “super wide-angle ultra-clear main camera telephoto” triple camera solution that achieves 10x zoom in a “baton” fashion to meet the user’s creative needs for multiple scenes ranging from super wide-angle to telephoto. The periscope structure’s unusual horizontal arrangement provides a scalable optical zoom structure, which means that the lens module itself does not increase the phone’s thickness while providing true optical zoom. Furthermore, OPPO has added dual OIS optical stabilization to both the ultra-clear main camera and the telephoto camera, allowing users to easily take clear photos when shooting at different focal lengths.

Furthermore, OPPO vice president Shen Yiren preemptively revealed in the evening of the 16th that 10x hybrid light zoom will be officially mass-produced in the first half of the product. Shen vice president is very erratic in telling everyone that there will be no OPPO R19 this year, but many users believe that R19 will appear in front of everyone with a new name; there may also be a new series. OPPO vice president Shen Yiren microblogging screenshot In addition to the 10x hybrid optical zoom technology, OPPO launched the OPPO optical domain screen fingerprint recognition technology at the future technology communication meeting last month, with an effective recognition area 15 times that of current mainstream optical solutions. Light domain screen fingerprinting provides users with a free interaction experience that is simple, natural, flexible, and just right.

Users can use their fingerprints to unlock or pay by tapping anywhere in the area. Furthermore, the optical field screen fingerprint supports the unique “black screen blind operation,” which can be unlocked immediately by touching the screen even when it is black.

OPPO Light Field Screen Fingerprint Technology OPPO’s Light Domain Screen Fingerprint technology is a novel addition to the two-finger simultaneous entry and authentication function, resulting in an exponential increase in security. Furthermore, the “light domain encryption” feature is included in the new generation of the solution. The products equipped with optical screen fingerprint technology will be launched in 2019, according to an OPPO spokesperson. OPPO, as an important promoter of cell phone imaging technology, has always focused on “beauty” and paid great attention to the exploration of imaging technology, and this review of OPPO’s previous generations of imaging star models is the best proof of this, and thus won the approval of the world’s most discerning young users, and let us look forward