Fresh Air And Temperature I All Want Hisense New Air Conditioning X800 Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Air conditioning is an essential part of life as one of the three major household appliances. On the one hand, the popularity of air conditioning for people to effectively solve the hot and cold trouble, to enhance the comfort of life; on the other hand, because the use of air conditioning requires a closed environment, will result in indoor air cannot circulate, stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time will appear dizzy, sleepy, and other symptoms of oxygen deprivation Long-term exposure to a closed air conditioning environment increases the risk of air conditioning disease, which has a negative impact on human health. In response to the above phenomenon, Hisense developed a fresh air oxygenation air conditioner X800. So, what technical highlights does it have? And how is the actual experience? Tianji appliances will take you through various tests and experiences to reveal……

And Hisense’s new air conditioning X800 can do this? The test site is a closed room with a 20-square-meter area and a 3-meter-high ceiling, with all windows and doors closed during the test. We will put it to the test by changing the PM2.5 to see if it can remove turbidity.

Prior to the test, we will create artificial PM2.5, TVOC, and other pollutants to simulate indoor turbid air.

We used a Bronton BR-V6E air detector, which can detect PM2.5, formaldehyde, PM10, TVOC, and other common indoor air pollutants. We placed the test instrument in the farthest corner of the room and artificially created PM2.5 and TVOC after discovering that the PM2.5 pollution index in the evaluation environment exploded and quickly rose to 999g /m3, exceeding the upper limit of the test instrument. We can see that the Hisense X800 can deliver fresh air to the far corner of the room in just 3 minutes.

Before turning on the air conditioner, we measured the CO2 concentration in the room to be 2340ppm, and when the Hisense fresh air air conditioner was turned on, the data changes on the air tester were recorded every 10 minutes and organized into the table below.

In a closed and unventilated room, the carbon dioxide concentration can reach 2340ppm. When the Hisense X800 fresh air ventilation function is activated, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the corner of the room falls sharply, and after 1 hour, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room falls to 550ppm, and the indoor air is no longer irritating. We can see that Hisense X800 only takes about 1 hour to refresh the air in this room. Want to get rid of turbidity and change air quickly? Just turn on the Hisense X800 fresh air ventilation function, you want to breathe, easy to have.

This is an important point, and the user is also concerned; after all, wet walls are easy to mold, which not only affects the overall aesthetics of the home, but also has an impact on the user’s health. Furthermore, for new air products, the amount of fresh air is an important indicator, and consumers are also concerned about this; we also conducted a test on this.

First and foremost, after measurement, Hisense X800 fresh air duct inlet wind speed of about 8.4m / s, inlet duct orifice outer diameter of about 4.2cm, after deducting the thickness, inlet duct inner diameter of about 4cm, which can be calculated that Hisense X800 fresh air volume of about 38m3 / h (Note: the data for the evaluation environment, there will be some data loss during the test).

Hisense’s new air conditioning X800 can not only purify indoor air but also regulate humidity levels. According to research, the ideal humidity range for the human body is 40%-60%; when the indoor humidity exceeds 65 percent, dust mites breed, causing allergies; when the humidity exceeds 80 percent, mold grows easily, producing toxins, allergens, and VOC; when the humidity increases again, fungal diversity grows; and the higher the humidity, the more formaldehyde is produced. And how does this new air conditioning for humidity control work in the end? First, we use the humidifier to humidify the room humidity to about 80 percent, at this time measuring the indoor ambient humidity of 77.9 percent. After about 1 hour, Hisense new air conditioner X800 successfully reduced the air humidity from 77.9 percent to 41.8 percent, which happens to belong to the ideal humidity range of the human body.

Many customers will wonder whether the process of fresh air ventilation will cause a significant change in the magnitude of the room temperature. In this regard, we conducted a test. First, we measured the indoor and outdoor temperature of 22.5 °C, and then we set the temperature of Hisense new air conditioning X800 to 16 °C and ran.

After a period of time, we measured Hisense new air conditioning X800 outlet temperature of 16.8 °C and th In this regard, we also tested the noise of this air conditioner in various operating states, and the results are shown below.

As can be seen from the results, Hisense X800 in the cooling and fresh air function (the most high-grade) when turned on at the same time the maximum noise, about 43.1dB (A), equivalent to the sound of normal indoor conversation, and will not affect daily life, users can rest assured that the experience.

Hisense’s new air conditioning X800 appearance and humane design are noteworthy, in addition to its excellent performance. Hisense uses a multi-color polymer adhesion process to make the color more vivid and vivid. The pink and blue gradient panel is inspired by the “mirror of the sky,” but when I saw the product, I thought more of “five centimeters per second.” The lines on the side of the air conditioner are very smooth, and the champagne gold decorative strip adds a bit of luxury. In the age of intelligence, a product that cannot be controlled by cell phone anytime and anywhere is not humane enough.

Hisense air conditioner app control is also very simple; the switch is located in the upper right corner of the interface; various modes can be opened with one key, and the user can slide to set the temperature and wind speed; in addition, the user can click “fresh air” to switch to the fresh air control panel, where they can not only set the air speed, but also view the amount of fresh air and indoor carbon dioxide concentration. Furthermore, it has excellent performance in terms of heating/cooling capacity, noise control, humidity control, and so on, with a high overall value. In terms of appearance, the pink and blue gradient “fairy color” is also at the forefront of fashion. More unusual is Hisense’s new intelligent air conditioning function, which provides users with a more convenient and comfortable application experience.

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