Four Mainstream Vacuum Cleaners Cross-evaluation: The Best For You Is The Best

Preface As a child, I recall my mother using a loud vacuum cleaner to clean the room on both days off, and I would complain about the disturbing noise….. Growing up, I discovered that for many years, almost all of the cleaning in the house was done by my mother alone, and instead of the bulky vacuum cleaners of the past, handheld vacuum cleaners have become the mainstay of home cleaning in recent years. If you search for the keyword “vacuum cleaner” on major e-commerce stores, the majority of the products searched are handheld vacuum cleaners, demonstrating the popularity of these lightweight and easy-to-use vacuum cleaners. As a consumer, you must be dazzled by so many products, so leave it to us; we are looking for the best of the best today, and we will bring you a side-by-side comparison of the four vacuum cleaners we consider the most mainstream on the market.

Products for evaluation After discussion and selection among colleagues and users, we finally chose the following four vacuum cleaners as test subjects (in no particular order).

2, Electrolux (Electrolux) handheld vacuum cleaner PF91-5EBF 3, Lake (LEXY) magic clean wireless handheld vacuum cleaner M81 4 MENOW MIELE SKRR3-05 vacuum cleaner CX1 The first impression of two people on a blind date is very important, and the same is true for choosing a vacuum cleaner that suits you. Which of these four vacuum cleaners would you choose based solely on their appearance? Appearance: good feeling is important Because the appearance and design of a product can show how much effort and care the manufacturer has put into the design of that product, our first round of comparison is appearance and design.

First and foremost, consider this Swedish brand, which released the world’s first home vacuum cleaner (LUX1) in 1912. Yes, this is Electrolux. Electrolux has long been involved in the field of handheld vacuum cleaners, and its Electrolux Ripert series of home cordless handheld vacuum cleaner in the market has won the unanimous praise of consumers. Now, the new Electrolux (Electrolux) original imported handheld vacuum cleaner PF91-5EBF (hereinafter referred to as “Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner “) has been released, allowing Electrolux to add another fierce general.

The floor brush is also equipped with a high brightness HD LED super lighting system, which clearly illuminates the ground even in dark environments. The combination of humanized design and aesthetic appearance is perhaps the best feedback from Electrolux brand for consumers, as to how the actual operating experience, the answer will be revealed in a moment. One of the best-selling products is the (LEXY) Magic Clean wireless handheld vacuum cleaner M81 (also known as the “Lake M81 handheld vacuum cleaner”).

It adds its own design style to the basic language of traditional handheld vacuum cleaners, especially the transparent gold with metallic silver tones, it includes 36 cleaning solutions, and it officially claims to be able to suck from the floor all the way to the ceiling, demonstrating Lexmark’s level of confidence in this product. So we also found the Miele MIELE SKRR3-05 vacuum cleaner CX1 (hereinafter referred to as “Miele vacuum cleaner CX1”) to test it. Appearance comparison summary: Nowadays, the public’s love for product appearance is primarily based on simple design, and the appearance of the four vacuum cleaners reviewed today I believe only Dyson and Electrolux have achieved true simplicity and fashion, with the excellent design of “Dyson style” being the biggest affirmation of Dyson V10.

The Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner is all about a lightweight cleaning experience, with an ergonomic grip that allows you to basically “push” to complete most of your cleaning.

Interestingly, Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner has “hidden” a button at the grip, which is used to adjust the length of the handle, by sliding the handle design, the user can adjust the handle length at will when using, the shortest can be shrunk to 84cm, easy storage, the longest can be extended to 120cm, coupled with the light weight The hand feeling experience, I believe that the four vacuum cleaners Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner is the most relaxe The Dyson V10’s grip is still a “pistol” design, with the center of gravity at the grip, so you won’t feel particularly strained when using it, and you can complete most cleaning operations with one hand, according to official data. The V10 is ideal for light house cleaning, but due to the backward center of gravity, cleaning the ceiling will cause wrist fatigue, requiring the vacuum cleaner to be lifted. However, I believe that this is still a matter of opinion and wisdom, as the Dyson V10’s center of gravity is a little backward, making some scenes feel strained.

However, the Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner retains the concept of “sliding,” and the host part also employs a sliding design. The user can easily adjust the vacuum cleaner’s center of gravity by sliding the position of the mainframe, allowing it to handle a variety of cleaning scenarios.

For example, when cleaning specific spaces under the bed or sofa, we can adjust the position of the main unit to the back of the body, so that it can easily handle the dust under the bed and other spaces. “It feels like holding a Gatling machine gun when holding the grip of the Lexmark M81 handheld vacuum cleaner,” a colleague remarked. So let’s put more expectations on this product to the performance test later.

The experience of using the Miele vacuum cleaner CX1 is at the bottom of the list in my opinion, for reasons I’m sure you know, this experience of needing to plug in and also drag a host of cleaning is really very fatiguing and I personally don’t like it

Brush head accessories comparison For example, if we continue to use the same brush head for wood flooring, the cleaning efficiency will be reduced and the carpet may be damaged. Nowadays, all vacuum cleaner manufacturers, whether handheld or traditional, will include brush head sets in the package. Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner comes with 3in1 multifunctional brush head; 90 five-position adjustable bend; UV professional filtration The UV professional electric drive mite bed brush head, however, is the highlight of Electrolux’s brush head.

UV professional electric drive mite bed brush head can be said to be the iconic Electrolux vacuum cleaner products, after the electric beat, can be deep mattress dust mites and bacteria vibration beat bounced up and inhaled into the vacuum cleaner, to achieve a deep-level mite effect, and then through the ultraviolet light to sterilize the bed, to achieve the real effect o

The Dyson V10 comes with four accessory brush heads: an electric mattress brush head, a crevice brush head, a crevice cleaning brush head, and a mini dusting brush. It is very easy to disassemble and operate with one hand, and the head and the main unit can be perfectly combined without gaps. Lexmark claims to “suck from the floor to the ceiling,” so the accessories will undoubtedly be well thought out.

The Lexmark M81 handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a soft hard bristle compound brush; a long flat suction head; a two-in-one brush; a mattress brush head; a hose; and a ceiling brush. The number of accessories Lake has a certain advantage, but careful analysis, in fact, the extra brush head Dyson and Electrolux has included, but better than nothing, Lake is still conscience, a point of praise.

The UV professional electric drive bed mite brush head UV mite function, in particular, distinguishes the Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner among these four products, and Electrolux wins this round of comparison.

The Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner is designed with three independent buttons at the grip, which are the on/off button, the gear switching button, and the AUTO automatic mode (which can switch gears based on different floor materials). It is worth noting that Electrolux has designed these three buttons in such a way that the thumb can directly cover them, which means that you only need to move your thumb when operating, and users will be very pleased with this design in use. The Dyson V10 is designed with gear mode switch buttons on the upper part of the mainframe, which are MAX mode, standard mode, and long-lasting mode, which is easy to understand from the name alone, after all, Dyson is the company.

After briefly discussing the function mode of these four vacuum cleaners, let’s look at their performance parameters. Electrolux PF91 handheld vacuum cleaner uses the original fully imported motor, using a 5-layer whole closed filtration system, dust removal and filtration effect is very strong, and through the British anti-asthma and allergy laboratory, Germany SLG laboratory authoritative certification, the strength can not be underestimated, a moment we see I chose soybeans, crushed foam, and rice as test objects and used these four vacuum cleaners to activate the standard performance testing gear. Let’s look at their actual performance.

Handheld vacuum cleaner Electrolux PF91.