Four Camera All-round Image System Vivo X30 Pro Photo Review

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] When it comes to vivo’s most recent breakout phones, many people are well aware of the most popular X30 series, which was released in December 2019 and focuses on 60x super zoom and the Exynos 980 dual-mode 5G AI chip developed in collaboration with Samsung. There is also a new professional imaging system with four cameras, a new visual for Funtouch OS 10, and two new colorways of Secret Silver and Crimson Cloud with another aesthetic upgrade. Among the highlights of the vivo X30 series, the “image” module stands out. Although 5G is the most recent technology and a new capability that vivo has been working hard to develop in recent years, the 5G experience is not yet fully in place on the market, and the 5G applications and benefits are not yet available and well known, so relatively speaking, the vivo X30 series’ strongest image highlights are more likely to impress users.

This time, we will delve deeper into the experience with the video highlights of the vivo X30 Pro; let’s see what breakthroughs this phone has in video together. First and foremost, let’s look at the rear camera configuration of the vivo X30 Pro; it adopts a new professional image system with four cameras, on this side of the vertical three cameras, from top to bottom are 8 million ultra-wide angle, 64 million main camera, 32 million portrait lens, next to the quadrilateral

The advantage of 64 megapixels, which I believe you have seen in previous NEX reviews, is that standard mode (i.e., pixel quadruple output at 16MP) is used in most cases, whereas 64 megapixel mode can be enabled in the camera settings to output a high-precision photo. While users are not surprised by the ultra-high pixel count of COMS, they do not fully comprehend what the user use of higher pixels entails. Simply put, more pixels mean better photo quality, more post-crop space, better performance for print-level precision enlargements, and a larger light-sensitive area for better low-light photography in night mode. This generation X30 Pro also supports 5x periscope optical zoom, presenting an exceptionally clear 5x zoom image, as well as the best experience after zooming.

Although 64 megapixels and 5x zoom may appear to be a bit of functional overlap, it may be understood that 64 megapixels are for panoramic shots and post-cropping flexibility, while 5x zoom exists to magnify a specific detail in the distance to create better photo conditions.

For example, when switching to portrait mode, the system will call the 32 million camera with a 50mm focal length; it is reported that this focal length is the closest to the human eye and is also the favorite lens focal length of professional photographers, which can discharge a large film without being affected by lens distortion. The excellent finished film is based on clear and accurate focus, so Vivo also introduced the eye focus function comparable to professional cameras, the actual experience is very practical, not only can quickly focus on the face, the recognition of the human eye is also very fast, follow the sensitivity is also very high, to ensure that each photo can be clearly focused.

Overall, these cameras have good white balance and exposure performance; in color, vivo phones are very well tuned; the image is full and transparent; and sharpness is not excessive and applied to all cameras. For the backlight environment into the film, the vivo X30 series also follow up the latest HDR photo effect, in the scene tricky backlight environment, vivo X30 Pro will first ensure the face face exposure, and then through multi-frame synthesis output a high tolerance clear photos, this series of calculation output is extremely fast, the user press the shutter instantly completed. The large wide-angle photography also allows for more room for the creation of night scenes.

60x telephoto moon photography It is not uncommon to use a cell phone to photograph the moon these days. In this subject photography, the X30 Pro can be 60x super zoom can be used in “super moon” mode, with self-researched moon detection calculation, recognizing the moon in the picture, through the 5x periscope telephoto lens and AI moon enhancement, you can easily get a closeup of the moon with clear texture details.

The X30 Pro’s front lens has 32 megapixels, which is the same as the rear portrait lens. Because the lens is in the upper right corner of the screen, and we are accustomed to looking at the screen when taking selfies, experiencing X30 Pro selfies takes some time, but the imaging of the camera is adequate.32 million selfies

In addition, Vivo has developed a “5-fold ultra-textured beauty” program that combines five beauty functions: skin glow, skin texture, vitality beauty, intelligent beauty, and refined facial features, allowing for a more comprehensive polishing and optimization of the face. As shown in the sample photos, Vivo will adjust the user’s skin tone to the best possible condition, and on the beauty and skin polishing, the skin texture of the face is preserved, making the hair more fresh and non-greasy. In addition, the beauty is naturally optimized in terms of blush, lip color, and eye shadow to make the subject appear more spirited and energetic in the camera.

Vivo also emphasizes skin adjustment in different lighting to keep area color distribution and details as much as possible, so that even backlighting can ensure even skin tone on the face and make photos look textured. Furthermore, four types of face shapes, namely natural face, light face, cute face, and delicate face, can be optimally adjusted for different users’ face shapes. At the same time, Vivo offers users a variety of photo poses; currently, there are 144 pose options, including 35 selfie poses, making the photo more trendy. Overall, the photography ability of the Vivo X30 Pro is already the best in 2019, and when compared to 2020, it is also a phone that focuses on the ultimate photo experience.

In terms of performance, the Vivo X30 Pro is outfitted with a Samsung Exynos 980 dual-mode 5G AI chip, which is the first to be found on the X30 Pro, providing users with a richer 5G body.