Forgive Me For Bringing You The Emperor-like Laundry Feeling Whirlpool Emperor Series Washing Machine In-depth Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] People frequently say they want to improve their quality of life, but what exactly does that entail? In fact, the quality of life is not limited to a specific class, region, or even era; anyone can have it. Because life is a spirit of seeking good, and quality is the path we must take.Whirlpool emperor series washing machine I believe that in this day and age, no one will refuse quality. From a small cell phone to a large home appliance, we all want the most perfect quality, such as this Whirlpool King Series washing machine that I experienced some time ago, which allows me to feel the quality of life from the small matter of laundry, so let me share the in-depth experience report of Whirlpool King washing machine today.

Appearance: the beauty of quality in exchange for cutting-edge design

The first simple hands-on try, I discovered that the operating logic is also very simple, rotate the knob – select the laundry program – press the knob to confirm, three steps to complete the operation before the laundry, this will be the display and knob integrated in the design to reduce the operating steps, in the washing machine this type of large appliances is very rare. So, I personally recommend that you pour the washing liquid when you use it, and then every time you do laundry in the future, the washing machine will automatically detect the weight of the clothes and precisely place the detergent, ensuring that every laundry is in the best possible condition. It is also worth noting that the Whirlpool Imperial washing machine is equipped with the “automatic cleaning of the delivery pipe” function.

After the machine automatically delivers detergent, there will be a stream of water to flush the delivery pipe, so that it can bring a clean pipe and also avoid clogging caused by detergent condensation, so that the clothes remain clean and free of residue. I came to the side, and I found Whirlpool emperor series washing machine also designed in the operation panel 15 degrees tilt, which is not difficult to understand, in addition to bringing better aesthetics, 15 degrees tilt

At the same time, Whirlpool emperor series washing machine does intentional optimization in the laundry interaction, such as when we open the wisdom of oxygen cleaning, the dazzling breathing light will show blue-purple, similar to the state of ultraviolet bacteria removal, and the wisdom of oxygen cleaning cylinder is sky blue, similar to the clean and flawless blue sky, and drying is orange, similar to the sun. The design logic of this breathing light is a reference to the car interior ambient light? Open the suspension door, the door seal of the washing machine is made of nano antibacterial material, antibacterial efficiency of 99 percent, can effectively avoid the breeding of bacteria, to avoid mold on the laundry caused by repeated pollution, to bring a healthier laundry environment. But what kind of clothes should be washed with what washing program, how to set the program, how much detergent should be used when washing…..

We haven’t considered these issues, and even a full-time wife may not be fully aware of the “set” here.

True One Touch Start The Whirlpool Imperial washer I chose incorporates the True One Touch Start feature, which simplifies things by simply pressing and holding the knob for three seconds to start the mode when it is not turned on. One button to start, Whirlpool emperor washing machine will automatically sense the state of the laundry, automatically edit the best washing program, intelligent detergent, and clothing bacteria and mites, but also support live water rinse, in the last rinse, the water inlet valve automatically open, to achieve the water while rinsing and drainage of the live water rinse effect, effectively avoiding the problem of clogging. The motor, which is equivalent to the washing machine’s heart, has a decisive factor in the washing machine’s performance, and most washing machine motors on the market are classified as pulley motors and DD direct drive motors. The cost of the pulley motor is relatively low and the power is relatively low, while the DD direct-drive motor is less noisy and more powerful, of course, the price will be more expensive, but I personally prefer the latter.

Some time ago, while watching the shake, I noticed a washing machine in the process of jumping, which was amusing at the time, but the cause of this problem is counterweight shock absorption issues. So, after achieving the balance of performance and noise, Whirlpool also achieved the ultimate. Seriously, the weight of Whirlpool Empire series washing machine is really heavy enough to come home to install the staff are tired, I guess maybe also installed in the internal cast iron or similar concrete counterweight, but only these or not enough.

At the same time, the 3D sensor can automatically detect the distribution state of the inner drum clothes, optimize the motor and inner drum speed, achieve automatic correction and alignment, avoid excessive shaking of the washing machine, collision and dancing phenomenon, to ensure the smooth and safe use. Practical operation A better laundry experience

So I chose cotton baby clothes as a prop this time, and the stain was ketchup and seasoning sauce, after which both were applied to the designated area ready for washing. At this point, the bathroom instantly appeared all sorts of kitchen smells, you know, hurry up and throw the clothes into the bucket. This technology enables the washing machine to use cold water at the start of the wash to remove protein-based stains; then, the first heating using 30°C water temperature to remove carbon black stains; then, the second heating to 40°C to strengthen the removal of carbon black stains; and finally, the third heating to 60°C to effectively remove stubborn stains such as oil stains and red pigment. Three times heating, four times washing, clear division of labor, precise decontamination.

Immediately after we poured the detergent and germ removing liquid into the powder box, it is recommended that it can be poured as full as possible; otherwise, this thing will not expire. After that, it began to clean, and we measured its noise.Indoor ambient noise 33.9dBRinsing process noise 48.2dBNoise during dehydration 61.8dB

Noise level of 64.4dB at maximum dehydration speed Thanks to the DD direct drive inverter motor and 3D vibration sensor technology, the noise level is only 48.2dB during rinsing and 64.4dB at maximum spin speed, which is significantly lower than that of a vacuum cleaner. This level of noise is significantly lower than that of a vacuum cleaner. It is not affected by taking a nap while washing clothes or reading a book with the children. Then, for the next vibration, I got a glass of water as a reference object and showed the state of rinsing and spinning through GIFs.Rinsing vibration effectVibration effect during dehydration As you can see, in the rinsing and spinning process is basically not particularly noticeable vibration, which I was quite surprised, some of the previous tests on the washing machine cockroaches

After washing clothes, why do you still leave them on the side? Let me tell you, although the clothing stains are cleaned off, bacteria mites can still exist, and if you wear clothing with bacteria mites, it will affect the health of the skin, and if the skin of infants and children is exposed to mites, it is more likely to cause skin allergies, inducing skin diseases, and affecting physical health. Static sterilization, the drum does not rotate, so we can put children’s toys, bags, electronic devices, and other items into it, sterilization and mites; dynamic mite removal, the drum synchronized rotation can make clothing and wise oxygen molecules contact more fully, you can wash pillow cores, plush toys, seasonal clothing, etc., to kill mites and get rid of odors. The final test result shows a red line at “C” and no red line at “T,” indicating that the dust mite concentration is below the detection line and that no protective measures are required.

In the general trend of smart home, a new generation of home appliances support cell phone remote control, it is just a matter of which one does better. Whirlpool emperor series washing machine naturally also support remote control APP interconnection function, in the software mall download “Whirlpool appliances” APP, after connecting, connection is very simple, according to the software on the introduction ste I did not expect the seemingly cool it has a mischievous side, and we can also voice control the washing machine, after testing, I personally feel that the sensitivity is still very high. Review Summary The 3 seconds of true one-key start combined with the addition of various black technologies brings the most perfect washing experience, stubborn stain net can remove 100 kinds of stubborn stains, and the washing effect and the effect of bacteria mites we can control