“for You” Xiaomi 9 Hands-on: Pile Of Material Is Very Adequate Did Not Say Goodbye To Cost-effective

Xiaomi 9 finally released, Snapdragon 855, rear three cameras, 27W wired fast charging, illusion appearance, Game Turbo and other major upgrades, Lei Jun has introduced a lot at the launch, but the actual how or hands-on to know understand Without further ado, here is the latest review of the sky sister. Appearance – illusion effect design sense full of The design of Xiaomi 9 is truly heartfelt. The first is the overall front design, 6.39 inches 19.5:9 ratio AMOLED full-screen, the top of the water drop design to achieve up to 90.7 percent screen-to-body ratio. However, the back of Xiaomi 9 is different, and you can still feel the hands of Xiaomi 9 full of “design sense.” Prior to the release of Xiaomi 9, Lei Jun repeatedly stressed that the “fighting angel” must be good-looking and able to fight; the day sister thinks, “good-looking” is Xiaomi 9’s back design.

According to Lei Jun, holographic color is not a color, but a color system, with Xiaomi 9 based on full-curved glass and a brightening coating to provide a crystal clear sense of light. Meanwhile, the back of the Xiaomi 9 employs today’s most sophisticated film processing technology – nano holographic pattern double-layer nano plating, which contains 9,930 array points on a 113 square centimeter body, reflecting extremely rich light and shadow effects under different lighting conditions. Furthermore, the Xiaomi 9 back has a full curved body design, the edge part is quite thin, coupled with only 173g weight, the overall feel is very thin and light.

The three rear cameras are also one of the most significant improvements to the Xiaomi 9, with the topmost camera featuring an “angel eye” design and a unique camera ring that creates an illusionary effect.

For Xiaomi 9, the first thing that attracts people is his stunning color scheme and the unique feel of the grip, followed by one of the advertised selling points – the AI triple camera with Sony’s 48-megapixel camera, which consists of the 48-megapixel Sony Ultra HD main camera, the 12-megapixel 2x optical zoom portrait lens, and the 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle macro lens. Lei Jun stated at the launch that the Xiaomi 9’s DxOMark score reached 107 points, making it the best Xiaomi phone ever. Although slightly inferior to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P20 Pro, and the recently released Samsung Galaxy S10, this score is still very competitive. Let’s look at the performance of the 48 million Sony Ultra HD camera.

Open the camera, click on the upper right corner, and you’ll see the 48 million ultra-HD settings; open 48 million ultra-HD mode, and then turn on 48M Ultra HD mode.

As the sky sister stated in her review of the Redmi Note7’s 48 million lens, 48 million is of little practical value to the average user’s casual shots; after all, there is a special 48 million ultra-clear function to enable, which is also a step that many people will overlook. And from the actual sample photos, it is difficult to tell whether 48 million ultra-clear mode is on or not, under the naked eye. However, Xiaomi 9 has a small egg for 48 million ultra-clear mode, the lower right corner of the watermark, 48 million lens has its own unique logo. In addition to the 48 million lens, there is also a point for Lei Jun to introduce a special: ultra-wide angle.

As you can see, the field of view expands after you open the ultra wide angle lens. When using the AI camera mode, it can intelligently identify scenes such as buildings and recommend ultra-wide angle shooting. The camera prompts to recommend opening the ultra-wide angle mode Not open ultra-wide angle Open ultra-wide angle Since the Xiaomi MIX3, Xiaomi phones have added the handheld Super Night View feature, and Xiaomi 9 certainly can’t do without this feature.

Normal Mode Super Night View Mode Based on the comparison of the night scene samples above, the difference between the two remains stark. The overall processing of the photo with the night view mode selected is more pleasing and closer to what the naked eye sees, with better performance in dark details and no overexposure in the highlights. Performance – Snapdragon 855 and Game Turbo ensure gaming experience As the first new products equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, performance is undoubtedly a major concern. The actual test, Xiaomi 9 Rabbit run score 372,678, although not as high as Lei Jun announced 387,851, can still let the performance party enough to rest assured that the game performance is certainly worth looking forward to.

According to the launch, the Xiaomi 9 will intelligently perceive the complex scenes of the game and schedule system resources in real time to effectively avoid lagging, and also call out the game toolbox in the game to see the real-time CPU and GPU usage rate and game frame rate. With the high frame rate mode on, the Xiaomi 9 King of Honor frame rate basically stays around 58, and the entire game experience does not appear to be lagging. Furthermore, with the game update, users can now adjust the UI adaptation of the alien screen on their own, and the problem of blocking the screen that existed in the alien screen previously can be avoided.Quick reply message in game mode

Game Turbo not only ensures a smooth gaming experience, but the game toolbox also allows for quick replies to messages, finding game tips, and other operations without leaving the game. Furthermore, in the game acceleration settings, users can adjust for different games’ followability, continuous click sensitivity and game screen contrast, optimization details, and so on. Continuity – 27W wired fast charging into absolute advantage Xiaomi 9 battery life, which Lei Jun emphasized at the launch, but the Snapdragon 855 configuration and Sony 48 million camera halo is too powerful, has overshadowed the Xiaomi 9 good battery life this highlight. Although the Xiaomi 9’s 3300mAh battery may not sound like a “full-blooded” battery, the high-performance low-power 7nm process Snapdragon 855 chip, combined with the underlying system optimization, makes the range of this item an unexpected highlight.

The 27W wired fast charging is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Xiaomi 9. According to Tianmei’s charging test, the Xiaomi 9 charged from 26% to 90% in forty minutes, with a one-hour charge time. Stay tuned for our review content on the other big hit at the launch, wireless fast charging.

Screen fingerprint – fingerprint recognition accuracy needs to be improved.

In Xiaomi 9, the fifth generation of screen fingerprint unlocking is used, with a 25% increase in speed. According to my personal experience, the process of entering the fingerprint is still relatively lengthy. When entering the fingerprint, Tianmei frequently prompts “retry with other area of the finger,” while the fingerprint recognition needs to be strengthened when unlocking, sometimes the first unlocking prompts “please try again,” with a high error rate, and it is not easier to unlock than other under-screen fingerprints. Other small features In fact, Xiaomi 9 has a lot of user-friendly “small highlights,” which can be considered as small eggs.

Independent AI key Thanks to the highly acclaimed Xiaoxia classmates, Xiaomi has added a separate AI key for Xiaoxia classmates on the phone, starting with Xiaomi MIX3. In Xiaomi 9, the physical button for Xiaoxia classmates has been updated in greater detail.

The Xiaomi 9 body is equipped with a new convenient function of the independent AI key, which means that the frequently used functions in life are aggregated into a shortcut. Dark mode In the Xiaomi 9 settings can be opened in dark mode, this point Lei Jun deliberately used a page of PPT to explain in the conference. Because the Xiaomi 9 uses an AMOLED screen, its own light-emitting characteristics determine that the use of dark mode will be more power-saving, but also more eye-friendly.

Wang Yuan theme It should be noted that the Wang Yuan theme has been added to the Xiaomi 9 this time. Tian Mei’s eardrums were shattered by the shouts of Wang Yuan fans next to her when Lei Jun introduced this little egg at the launch site.

The Wang Yuan theme in Xiaomi 9 not only has Wang Yuan wallpaper, but it can also say hello to you every day at different times, which can make fans happy. If you are a fan of Wang Yuan, I believe this egg will satisfy you. Of course, this theme applies to all Xiaomi phone users.

Dual-band GPS, infrared remote control, and NFC are all included.

Some of the previous highly praised small function factors, such as infrared remote control, NFC, and so on, return in Xiaomi 9. If the flagship with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip and Sony’s 48 million camera is priced at 3499 or 3999, it will not surprise the day sister, but biased Xiaomi hard to set the price at less than 3,000 yuan, it is inevitable that Huang Zhang a little “anxious eyes.” The machine from the small rice 9 alone, Xiaomi did not give up the price performance, Snapdragon 855 configuration and powerful photo capabilities, in the price of 3000 yuan should not find the second, although there are still some minor flaws to be improved, but the flaw does not obscure the good, “for you to fight” slogan Xiaomi 9 bear up.