Flowers And Poems” In The Concrete Forest! Honor Magic2 Ultra-wide Angle Lens Records Dafen Oil Painting Village

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Walk on the journey while forgetting to walk Indulge in a book and then forget about it. Falling into a dream and then forgetting about it We live in the city, but we frequently forget the city’s face and atmosphere. I’ve been coming to Shenzhen for several years, daily in the buildings, in the traffic shuttle, but I’m never sure what Shenzhen looks like.

Last month, when friends asked how Shenzhen was, the author eloquently stated that the speed of construction of tall buildings in Shenzhen, Shenzhen reform, and opening up the 40th anniversary of the light show. If I had to choose between Huaqiang North Electronics City and Dafen Oil Painting Village, I would choose Dafen Oil Painting Village.

The history of Dafen Oil Painting Village began in 1989, when Hong Kong painter Huang Jiang came to Dafen and rented a house to recruit students and painters to create, copy, collect, and resell oil paintings in bulk, thus bringing the special industry of oil painting to Difen. Most of them have no idea what art is, but they are moving forward with their bare hands in the two extremes of art and making a living by copying. This is very similar to Shenzhen’s gradual development and even glory.

This village, known as “China’s first oil painting village,” is currently China’s largest oil painting village. With its artistic style of literary freshness, it is a rare mecca for photography. Dafen Oil Painting Village has a strong artistic atmosphere, so you can go into the alley and drink something while taking photos.

Inside the village, there is also a Dafen Art Museum, which exhibits various types of paintings on a regular basis, not only oil paintings, but also various works with high level of photography. Dafen Art Museum, Honor Magic2 ultra-wide angle photography highlights the magnificent

Honor Magic2 shooting in large aperture mode, bokeh effect is comparable to SLR Honor Magic2 interesting AR mode, Zhao Liying takes you to enjoy the painting exhibition together

The author hasn’t visited here in about four years. Many oil paintings still hang on the walls between the staggered alleys, with streaky lines and richly colored canvases, exuding a literary atmosphere from within and without. The narrow alley is full of art, but photographing it is difficult. Previously, you needed a 16mm ultra wide-angle lens SLR to record, but now that a cell phone can do it, I traveled with only an ultra wide-angle AI triple camera Honor Magic2.

Honor Magic2 is competent because it has chosen to bring users a more visually stunning rear ultra wide-angle lens AI triple camera, and this ultra wide-angle lens has many advantages, the most notable of which is the advantage of space. For example, when shooting in a confined space, the equivalent focal length of a general wide-angle lens is approximately 24mm; in the work corridor, if only using the standard lens to shoot, due to location constraints, can only shoot local scenery, it is difficult to deliver a complete image; The Honor Magic 2’s ultra-wide angle lens can fit a painting in the near field, people in the middle field, and a still life in the far field all into the lens.

In addition to the wider visual range of the ultra wide-angle lens, the unique imaging edge distortion effect of the ultra wide-angle lens also brings a strong sense of three-dimensionality to the photos, which is not available with ordinary wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, and this effect is also the charm of the ultra wide-angle lens. We can see that the photo performance of Honor Magic2 is really good by recording Dafen Oil Painting Village. Record oil painting in terms of color, noise control, clarity, and so on. It’s quite stunning, and I believe it’s one of the best phones in recent memory.

At the same time, the Honor Magic2’s super wide-angle AI triple camera combination greatly expands its range of photography applications.

Dafen Oil Painting Village is so small that exploring it takes less than two hours. There aren’t many pedestrians on the streets and lanes, and I occasionally see a few painters working alone. But, in my heart, it always represents Shenzhen, where business is a means of survival and art and poetry are the distance.

Honor Magic2 black and white lens mode shooting, the deep vicissitudes appear immediately.

Honor Magic2 shooting in large aperture mode A tree in the forest does not need to be aware that it is a tree. We don’t need to know who we are in the concrete forest, either. Looking up from time to time to see those “flowers” and “poetry” is sufficient.

Finally, the Honor Magic2 ultra-wide angle AI triple camera was used to capture these “flowers.”