Flagship Dark Light Selfie Strength 5g Phone Vivo S6 Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Vivo has re-polished its S series products, primarily selfie flagship phones, since 2019. The vivo S1 series, which supports “light-sensitive selfie,” and the vivo S5 series, which supports “5 ultra-quality beauty,” have gained a good reputation among young users, and now the vivo S6, which is the third generation of selfie flagship, has been upgraded. What kind of surprise will vivo bring to us this time? Bestbuy618 was lucky enough to get the vivo S6 in advance, and after a period of experience, we will share In the shadow of the X series, for example, the packaging of the vivo S6 can still be seen, but in addition to the phone, there are only the charger set, the card pin, the TPU case, the three-pack certificate, and other daily supplies.

The Danube colorway we received this time is more noticeable than the other two colorways of Jazz Black and Swan Lake, and is inspired by the famous song “Blue Danube,” which is both quiet and spirited. The actual visual is a tricolor gradient of silver, blue, and purple, with a premium visual quality. The rear camera is round and centered, with a vinyl record texture added to the round four-camera glass cover, making the entire camera area resemble a classical record, and the lens The total weight of the device is approximately 181g, which is very light among current 5G phones.

Vivo phones are also known for their curved back cover edge design, which makes the phone feel more natural and comfortable to hold in the palm of one’s hand. On the front is a 6.44-inch FHD AMOLED material waterdrop screen that covers 103 percent of the NTSC color gamut, allowing for better overall saturation of the screen, which helps the vivo S6 get the right color display in movies and games. Based on the excellent AMOLED display, it can support SRE low brightness anti-screen flicker in low brightness display environments, and change the screen brightness by Dimlayer masking algorithm, combined with the optimizatio

In terms of details, the vivo S6 has a very simple mid-frame part, which can also echo the gradient design of the back panel in terms of color, because it uses an integrated bezel and a seamless antenna process on the side. As a selfie flagship, the Vivo S6 is unsurprisingly equipped with Vivo’s best 32 million front-facing UHD camera, with an increased lens aperture of F/2.08 to improve light intake and echo the nighttime selfie feature point in this promotion. In actual experience, when Vivo S6 opens the front camera in a dark environment, the system detects the dark environment and turns on the screen fill light (white area around the face), which Vivo calls the screen soft light ring, can automatically adapt to the screen color of warm and cold light to bring a certain amount of light to the face.

The image quality has improved noticeably. This feature is activated automatically by recognizing the scene; no manual action is required.

In addition to the front lens’s large aperture, the Vivo S6 will use a multi-exposure fusion method and the new Raw domain noise reduction technology to ensure balanced light and dark areas while performing comprehensive noise reduction, making the hair more distinct and weakening facial noise interference, and finally through the separation of the person and the subject background to achieve the effect of brightening the dark areas, ad Furthermore, the Vivo S6 inherits the textured beauty effect from the previous generation S5, and the rich facial adjustments allow each user to easily create their own face. For young users, they want to take selfies with delicate makeup even if their faces are vegan. The “5 Ultra Selfie” already includes a “Light Makeup” module that can be used to enhance the color of the face by applying effects to the brows, blush, and lip color. This time, the vivo S6 includes six new sets of combination makeup to create a full-featured beauty, as well as the ability to replace and adjust the shades of individual parts, providing users with more personalized options.

The previous generation of vivo S5’s portrait filters supported three portrait styles: natural, fresh, and film. The vivo S6 introduces two new popular portrait styles, texture and advanced gray, both of which are more neutral in color, making them suitable not only for women but also for male users.

On the back, the Vivo S6 employs a four-camera solution, including a 48-megapixel ultra-clear main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle, a 2-megapixel depth-of-field bokeh, and a 2-megapixel macro lens combination, supporting rear Super Night View, EIS video stabilization, front and rear dual field of view shooting, human eye focus, and so on, so that even mid-range phones have flagship-level rear shooting experience. The saturation and three primary colors are accurately reproduced, and the sharpness and tolerance are adequate. Although there is pixel loss in the four corners of the image in the 8 million ultra wide-angle lens, the overall style of the image remains consistent with the main camera, and it is no problem to face the general needs of photography.

There is no need to be concerned about the overall picture in macro and bokeh because vivo has already had a lot of excellent applications in its previous products.

In terms of performance, the Vivo S6 uses the same Exynos 980 processor as the X30 Pro, which is a dual-mode 5G SoC chip jointly developed by Vivo and Samsung, supporting SA/NSA dual-group 5G function, with theoretical peak download speed of up to 3.55Gbps under 4G and 5G dual connection, and the specific signal strength is also related to the c With up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM, the vivo S6 can handle daily tasks smoothly while also providing stable gaming performance. On the software front, the vivo S6 supports the new vivo Multi-Turbo multi-turbo acceleration engine, which ensures optimized resource scheduling and utilization efficiency, as well as improved network stability in scenarios. In terms of gaming performance, the vivo S6 supports the new Game Space, which provides users with a native game aggregation page to integrate game data, where you can see statistics of game duration, including statistics of total game duration for the last 7 days.

In the game “Elite Peace,” the Vivo S6 can be set to HDR high-definition picture quality and ultra-positive frame rate, allowing the game to run smoothly while dealing with some minor issues. By the way, the vivo S6 also uses a speaker with a maximum amplitude of up to 0.5mm, and its good amplitude and bass characteristics, whether playing a game or watching a video, have a more shocking audio effect. The vivo S6 is equipped with the Funtouch OS 10 system, which is based on Android 10, and enjoys a full range of vivo software ecology, including the mutual transfer function shared by vivo with OPPO and Xiaomi devices,

In terms of battery life, the Vivo S6 has a 4500mAh battery that supports 18W fast charging, allowing the Vivo S6 to be used for nearly two days, as the Exynos 980 processor is a high performance processor that provides an excellent balance of features. With a charging speed of nearly one minute and one percent, 18W fast charging is not slow in returning blood.

Vivo has been releasing new products like crazy since 2019 and has become the second “Blue Factory,” but in addition to deploying more 5G consumer options, Vivo is also focusing on overcoming difficulties for a specific user need, such as bringing flagship selfie strength to users with this generation of Vivo S6, and based on Vivo’s own gradual accumulation in image and system, it can clearly find its own positioning and user group even if it releases products.