Feel The Surround Sound Effect Of The Theater At Home Sony Echo Wall Ht-z9f Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] In the pursuit of minimalist living, TVs have become increasingly slimmer, and the sound quality of built-in speakers has inevitably declined. The traditional method for improving sound performance is to configure a home theater, but the cost of a home theater is high, as is the difficulty of wiring and the high space requirements. As a result, if you want a home speaker system that does not require wiring, takes up little space, is simple to install, and produces good results, the echo wall is the first choice.

Sony is a market leader in the echo wall market. Today, the Sky Appliance will provide you with a comprehensive review of the Sony HT-Z9F experience.

The overall design of the Sony HT-Z9F is spliced, with a piano baking lacquer process in the front section and a grain embossing process in the back half, two different processes with both luxury and texture. The piano baking lacquer material has a flowing feeling under the light and is beautiful. The main technical features of the HT-Z9F are pasted on the right side of the top, with touchable buttons from left to right: power, input selection, Bluetooth, MUSIC SERVICE, volume, volume -.

The Sony HT-Z9F also has a metal grille on the front, which serves as both a decorative and dust-proof feature. The metal grille is removable and magnetically attached to the body; once removed, the Sony HT-Z9F reveals three 46mm diameter mica diaphragm speakers, with the center speaker providing clear voice dialogue and the left and right channel speakers providing more sound detail. Here, I’d like to say a few words about the mica diaphragm’s characteristics: low density, light weight, high hardness, low loss, and these characteristics can make the speaker emit pure, powerful bass.

In the lower right corner of the “small gold standard,” there’s also a Hi-Res logo, which is also a symbol of its strength.

The speaker’s hanging interfaces include two HDMI input ports, one HDMI output port, network interface, optical interface, USB interface, and analog audio interface. The display in the middle of the speaker shows the status of the echo wall. The golden round holes at the left and right ends of the back of the echo wall are the speaker’s hanging interfaces. Because the HDMI socket is in an inclined part, and the HDMI output port is very close to the opposite wall, a thicker HDMI cable is more difficult to insert; therefore, it is recommended to use the HDMI cable that comes with it.

The cabinet for the wood material, can bring users a thick sense of bass full; dust cover for the cloth, inverted phase hole open in the front, baking paint material The subwoofer’s body size is approximately 190 x 382 x 386 (mm), which is not a small size, but the subwoofer is connected to the echo wall by wireless Bluetooth, so users do not need to consider the problem of wiring, and the subwoofer can be placed in different locations according to home decoration.

The Sony HT-Z9F has a very simple and clear system category that can output the sound of the TV as well as the sound of the two HDMI ports; if you want to listen to music, you can choose Bluetooth, USB, or analog signal sound; and the settings are divided into simple and advanced settings.

In the Easy Settings, there are three options: Easy Initial Settings, Easy Speaker Settings, and Easy Network Settings. In the Easy Network Settings, you can connect the echo wall system to a wireless network and then play music through the mobile app. If you purchase the HT-Z9R, you can build surround sound and position the Z9R in the Easy Speaker Settings.

In the advanced settings, you can change the speaker distance and volume. In the audio settings, you can turn on Sony’s DSEE HX function, which simply means that you can upgrade low-resolution songs to a sound quality close to hi-res, which can be said to be built for streaming music, after all, there are fewer and fewer friends listening to songs with low resolution.

In the Bluetooth settings, you can set the Bluetooth mode, so that the echo wall as the receiver or sender, with Sony’s own Bluetooth headphones to use better, and through the LDAC protocol output will be able to use the echo wall as an audio decoder, and at the same time, the night watching movies will not affect the family. In terms of overall performance, Sony HT-Z9F low and medium frequency articulation and sound energy are just right, the subwoofer in the process of setting up the film environment to play a vital effect, the echo wall body in the sound details to show a transparent and clear sound effect, the subwoofer is the main focus of the environment and the sound field of the volume and speed, a singer and a harmonious articulation, natural transition.

In reality, the rugby game began with the female voice sounding very ethereal, the drums of the drum band were dense but not confusing, and the drums were very clear. The appeal of the Sony HT-Z9F lies not only in its high value appearance, but also in its musical resolution and the sense of immersion and presence brought by virtual surround. Furthermore, because of the simple installation and setup, it is ideal for the formation of an Atmos Atmos surround sound home theater. However, for a more powerful surround sound experience, I recommend pairing it with the HT-Z9R.