Feel The Immersion From The 90-inch Giant Screen Hisense Super Screen Tv 90e7g-pro Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]As the purchasing of large-screen TVs larger than 70 inches has become the new fashion of modern consumption, Hisense, as a leading global brand in the home appliance industry, has created a series of large-screen TVs praised by consumers. Recently, Hisense has made another move and proudly launched the 90E7G-PRO, a new product that brings together a series of cutting-edge configurations such as Back on topic, let us now begin the review of this new TV: The large-screen TV is the absolute protagonist of the modern living room, in order to meet the user’s demand for quality audio and video entertainment while also being a beautiful landscape at home. However, the “home” problem of large-screen TVs has prevented consumers from fully enjoying the audiovisual feast, and in many cases, breaking windows to lift such a large project. Hisense super large screen TV 90E7G-PRO is the largest size TV that can enter a standard residential elevator due to the irregular side pull open box packaging design.

On the one hand, the size of this TV packaging has been significantly reduced in order for it to enter the elevator without being damaged; on the other hand, the installer can choose to unpack the box in place when encountering special circumstances, and enter the elevator bare.

The key point is that Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO can easily enter a home as long as the width, depth, and height dimensions are greater than 800mm*1400mm*2100mm and the diagonal dimensions are greater than 2250mm for residential home elevators. When we compared an 8-inch tablet PC to a 23-inch monitor, we discovered that the display space of Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO can reach more than ten times that of an ordinary monitor, providing us with a more immersive display effect. The entire screen is slightly higher than the back panel by 2mm, presenting a visual experience that leaps off the screen. In terms of overall structure, Hisense’s super large screen TV 90E7G-PRO has a stainless steel Unibody integrated ultra-thin body with a slim body and sandy FOH bottom bezel/base that exudes a high-class chic and elegant aura, while the sturdy body structure can effectively avoid body deformation, displaying a calm and steady temperament.

The bottom of the Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO has a protruding shape similar to a blimp’s cabin, and the power indicator has a nebula shape, and this unique design makes the Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO look more technological. The control panel of the Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO is located at the back of the body, with a rich and complete interface configuration, including wired antenna interface, digital audio output ( in that order Furthermore, this new product has an additional HDMI 2.1 interface, 48Gbps transmission bandwidth compared to HDMI 2.0 18Gbps significantly improved to allow 4k/120fps video data to travel unimpeded.

The red arrow represents the Ultra HD resolution display reference item. The TV is equipped with an ultra-high definition display panel, and the 3840*2160 screen resolution maximizes its power on a large screen. Even the smallest text can be displayed clearly in the TV resolution test chart; if clarity is the shape, color effect is the soul of a TV. The Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO’s screen supports 130 percent BT.709 high color gamut, allowing it to display a total of 1.07 billion colors, a significant increase of 30% over traditional TVs, while the built-in AIPQ technology can intelligently match the original colors in the scene using a large database.

In terms of core hardware, the Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO has a built-in MT9652 high-performance TV main chip, a processor with powerful NPU and AI algorithm performance, and Hisense’s proprietary U Super Picture Quality Engine, which further optimizes picture clarity, smoothness, color richness, and light/dark contrast in real time based on video dithering.

We tested the film using a popular movie at the time, and we can see the folds in the foreground, the shine of the skin texture, and the slogans and old traces in the background bleachers clearly reflected in the eyes, making it immersive. In another screenshot, the actors’ facial skin shine and skin texture details are fully revealed, giving us an excellent viewing experience as if we were close to the film. The “AI MEMC directional motion compensation technology” built into Hisense’s super large-screen TV 90E7G-PRO can detect and predict the trajectory of the screen motion in real time and compensate for the screen, so the smooth and smooth picture is finally fully displayed with the 120Hz speed screen, and the entire car chase scene in the actual test has no lag, trailing shadow, or screen tearing at all.

This technology can divide and selectively adjust the brightness, color temperature, and color accuracy of each partition, making it more flexible than the traditional TV “common in and out” display method. The actual test results show that the expressions of the characters in the dim scenes and the texture of the hair are well restored, presenting a natural and coordinated picture effect.

The next technology is “AI fine light control,” which focuses on brightness adjustment, with 4096-level fine light control algorithm and AI graphics scene recognition technology to optimize the TV screen, similar to the “AI color temperature equalization technology.”

As seen in the test movie screen shots, both bright and dark details are fully preserved, and scenes in the warehouse at a distance can be seen more clearly, avoiding the embarrassing situation of blurred and foggy dark areas. For film and TV enthusiasts, Hisense’s oversized TV 90E7G-PRO also comes with an even bigger surprise, as this new TV supports the Dolby Vision standard, which can bring better picture quality by enhancing brightness and extending dynamic range. This new product is outfitted with flagship 2*18W high-powered left and right channel speakers, and the test movie sound effects are all fully displayed, while the excellent sound orientation instantly immerses us in it, as if various scenes such as conversations, quarrels, chases, and fights are actually taking place around us.

The violent explosion scene (screenshot from the test movie) In terms of bass, this TV is equipped with a 25W subwoofer, bursting out with subwoofer down to 50Hz, which is deep and powerful when interpreting engine roar and explosion scenes, and the strong bass effect repeatedly shocks our senses, bringing us a sound and video feast together with excellent picture quality.

Hisense Super Screen TV 90E7G-PRO’s excellent audio and video quality exemplifies Hisense’s profound technical heritage, and with its powerful strength, this TV can be more widely penetrated into daily life. Hisense super large-screen TV 90E7G-PRO can be connected to a game host, but also built-in Tencent Start cloud game platform, has been built in a hokey kitchen, only a big adventure, King of Fighters 14 and other popular games, players will get This TV supports a total of 27 dialects of speech, including Cantonese and Shanghai, and the speed, accuracy, and responsiveness of the recognition are very satisfactory in the actual test, watching movies and American dramas can be “the words”. With the support of “AIOT family wisdom interconnection” function, the application scenario of dual voice in far and near field is further expanded, and users can conveniently control 5000 sm

In the overall review, Hisense super large screen TV 90E7G-PRO is quite outstanding in terms of industrial design, picture presentation, or sound quality performance, particularly the U super picture quality engine, which further enhances the picture quality clarity, motion picture smoothness, color expression, light and dark details presented, and also brings us a more comfortable viewing experience, in addition to the irregular side pull out of the box packaging.