Feel The Collision Of Retro And Technology Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo Practical Shooting Experience

[Bestbuy618 Digital Channel]I was honored to be invited to last week’s Fujifilm instax mini Evo launch, where I was able to get my hands on this popular new product for the first time. I was impressed by the mini Evo’s retro body shape and control design, rich and practical shooting functions, and the “100 ways of expression” shooting effect, which is the perfect blend of classic and modern, and I have to say that even after picking up the mini Evo again, its high value appearance is still very appealing. The classic silver frame with black skin embellishments will instantly transport people back to the golden age of film photography, and the exquisite craftsmanship and delicate faux metal coating will leave no impression of cheapness. With a volume of 87mm*122.9mm*36mm and a weight of only 285g, the mini Evo is designed to be portable and easy to use for girls, with just the right size for both horizontal and vertical shots.

The front shutter and selfie mirror are extremely useful for taking selfies.

Furthermore, the addition of the accessory shoe with the official fill flash can improve the photo’s sense of atmosphere. The film dial is located on the left side of the accessory shoe and allows you to alternate between 10 different film effects at your leisure. You can freely switch between 10 lens effects by rotating the body lens.

And on the right side is the print dial, which is by far the most creative way to print, as the operation of the over film dial is both nostalgic and extremely ritualistic. As a digital all-in-one, mini Evo back with a 3-inch 46w pixel LCD screen, framing, effect preview, and photo playback can all be displayed in real time on the screen.

The physical buttons beneath the screen allow you to adjust parameters and functions like exposure compensation, flash mode, macro mode, white balance adjustment, and so on. The excellent face recognition feature is well worth activating in order to quickly identify faces for focusing when taking portraits and avoiding the risk of mudding them.

The high value is only one of this “king’s” selling points; what really makes people happy are the 10 lens effects and 10 film effects, as well as the 100 creative shooting combinations. To be honest, I still admire the brains of Fuji Instax designers for combining the original 10 10 effects into 10 * 10, which greatly enhanced the geometric growth of the superposition of the mini Evo play, as well as the combination of extreme freedom of play, which brought double the joy of each shot. Unless there is a clear idea of a scene, in my experience shooting with mini Evo, you can choose different combinations of effects by intuition and your own preferences, and you may find unexpected surprises, which is the most fun of shooting with it.

Friends like soft focus lens effect plus yellow film effect can shoot a warm feeling, and I like soft focus plus blues, in the night scene shooting can show a dreamy romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, I highly recommend that you experiment with the mirror, half-frame film, and double exposure of these three lens effects, as they will produce a lot of unexpected and surprising images when combined with your personal favorite film effects. Even I will use these three lens effects in the same scene, which is shot once in the card and then carefully selected after printing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shooting half-frame film and double exposure. Because these two lens effects will require two shots, it is best to determine the scene before shooting to avoid not being able to find a suitable second scene after shooting a scene.

There must also be the machine’s “automatic shutdown” option selected in the “off” state, or else when you go to the second scene on the way to automatically shut down, you must re-shoot the first scene, yo (don’t ask me how I know…).

Furthermore, for spontaneous shooters like me, you can easily check the lens effect and film effect used for the current photo by pressing the “Back” button on the back of the camera when looking back. You can also see the current effect used by pressing the ” (function)” or “back” buttons in the shooting interface. In fact, we can see from the previous show samples that the mini Evo’s effect is still very good, and this time it also gives the user two printing mode options: traditional mode and vivid mode, the difference between the two being primarily in the saturation of the latter.

In addition to printing photos taken by the mini Evo itself, it can also print photos from the phone via its exclusive app. When compared to photos seen on a phone screen, the color reproduction of the same photo after printing through the mini Evo will be higher, but it will not be distorted.

It is also worth noting that if the photos are printed using the mini Evo, you will be able to unlock a new mode of play. That is, the “transfer print image function,” which is equivalent to eliminating the step of scanning photos, directly to the physical photos digitized, and making it simple to share instax photos directly on social platforms. In addition, the app to achieve remote control shooting is almost a standard feature of the instax family, enable the function can instantly turn the phone into a viewfinder and remote control, which is very helpful for many students who like to travel alone but cannot find someone to help take pictures, the mini Evo on a tripod, you can rest assured that the selfie.

In comparison to heavy-post digital photos, the mini Evo digital imaging camera does not require excessive retouching, while retaining the record of the true beauty, but also allows people the freedom of creative combinations, and everything is just right. Retro appearance and control, can make traditional photographers recall the pocket with a camera sweeping the streets of the past; a hundred kinds of effect combinations, but also let young people experience the unprecedented shooting perspective. In addition to the stand-alone camera, Fuji Instax offers a “Dream Era” gift set to consumers to choose from, which includes the awesome mini Evo, as well as a black and white jacquard camera shoulder sling.