Fast Charging Is Justice The Bull Mobile Power (fast Charging Version) Hands-on Experience

Preface Nowadays, fast charging technology has become so mature that even the perennial 5V1A iPhone has begun to support fast charging technology, demonstrating that fast charging has become one of the indispensable features of today’s flagship phones.Bulls mobile power (fast charging version) At the moment, the mobile power industry has also begun to enter the fast-charging era, with many manufacturers on the market having released a fast-charging version of mobil power.

Appearance: retro texture design, emphasizing high quality Users who are familiar with Bull’s products should be aware that Bull’s products have always focused on high-end quality, and this Bull mobile power (fast charging version) is no exception. After unboxing, the first feeling of taking out the product, let me feel the high-end texture. This high-end texture is primarily brought to me by two aspects. The first is the upper part of the material material, hands, intuition tells me that this cold texture must be aluminum metal material.

At the same time, the upper part of the aluminum alloy material through the matte sandblasting process, bringing a delicate touch like snow, and not easy to leave fingerprints.

The lower part of the mobile power (fast charging version) is made of flame retardant material as the shell part, the interlacing of lines and lines on the surface, presenting an attractive visual feeling, while the lines are also treated with high gloss, bringing a high quality visual feeling under light irradiation, Bull will call this visual impact “Scottish grid” texture design concept.

Overall, I believe the appearance of the Bull mobile power (fast charging version) has achieved a high level of mobile power industry, “Scottish grid” texture design with dual material stitching design highlights the high-end texture of this mobile power, while excellent workmanship is the consistent style of the Bull products, if the full score of ten, I will give the appearance of the Bull mobile power (fast charging version) 9.5 points. Bulls mobile power (fast charging version) built-in a 10000mAh high rate polymer lithium battery (rated capacity of 6000mAh), unlike traditional liquid electrolyte 18650 cells, polymer using a gel electrolyte, which can bring higher safety and lighter weight, but also relatively faster charging speed.

I prepared an iPhone XS Max and an Android flagship phone that supports QC3.0 fast charging and tested it with a USB power detector. When the phone is not inserted, the Bull mobile power (fast charging version) has no current output and the power consumption is 0W. When the iPhone XS Max is inserted, the Bull mobile power (fast charging version) quickly recognizes the iPhone XS Max and immediately opens the fast charging mode with a voltage of 5.

After switching to Xiaomi 8, we tested and measured the voltage was 6.6V, the current was 2.6A, and the total output power reached 17.38W, which is very close to the official publicity of 18W fast charging, which is an excellent performance.

Bulls mobile power (fast charging version) also supports reverse fast charging technology; I discovered 9V2A charging head support for the Bulls mobile power (fast charging version) to charge. After the actual test, the charging power reached 18W, so you no longer have to worry about slow charging of mobile power. Furthermore, in the test, we discovered that after connecting the phone, do not require a single click on the switch button to automatically identify the charge, so that when we use it outside, we only need to find the backpack connected to the Bulls mobile power (fast charging version) of the data cable plug and then access the phone can be charged, to

It also supports dynamic temperature management and has a built-in temperature detection probe for real-time product monitoring. When the temperature exceeds a critical value, over-temperature protection is activated automatically, and theoretically, the Bull Mobile Power (fast charging version) will not heat up during the fast charging process. To find out, we used the Bull Mobile Power (fast charging version) to check the temperature of the Xiaomi 8 after charging for 30 minutes.The temperature was 22.6°C when not chargingAfter 30 minutes of charging, the temperature was 26.3°C

When not charging, the temperature of the metal part of the surface of the Bull mobile power (fast-charging version) is 22.6°C, and after charging the Xiaomi 8 for 30 minutes, the temperature is 26.3°C, with only about 4°C warming, which is a good performance. It is also worth noting that the mobile power (fast charging version) meets the Civil Aviation Administration of China regulations for passengers to carry mobile power on board. The Bull mobile power (fast charging version) is unquestionably one of the best products in the industry, with the addition of two-way fast charging technology, so it is not only a value party, but also a strength, and dynamic temperature management and six security technology is for consumers to protect the safety of electricity, such an excellent comprehensive mobile power, I think it is very OK.