Fangtai Sink Dishwasher Jbsd2t-q8 Review: Say Goodbye To Dishwashing And Washing Fruits And Vegetables Take And Put Also Can Not Bend

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] While enjoying a hearty meal is wonderful, the thought of cleaning up afterward and preparing ahead of time causes everyone to lose motivation. Washing dishes in household chores must be something that no consumer wants to do; the dishwashing task appears simple, but it is a little difficult to complete. The introduction of the home dishwasher gave many people hope that they would no longer have to wash their own dishes.

At the same time, many different voices have emerged, such as “dishwasher brush is dirty!”, “dishwasher inside the water rushing, more waste water ah!”, and “dishwasher is more expensive than hand washing!” So, in the end, the dishwasher is not worth purchasing, and what type should be purchased? Given that in our cleaning scenario, there is not only a demand for cleaning after meals, but also a demand for meal preparation, the Bestbuy618 review team has selected the Fantasy Sink Dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 to answer user questions such as “whether dishwashing is clean, whether it costs water,” and what other special features it has. Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 integrates dishwasher, sink, and fruit and vegetable purifier into one.

Simple appearance and design, easy installation and operation Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 integrates dishwasher, sink, and fruit and vegetable purifier into one.

Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 in action, with a capacity of 8 sets Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8, with a reasonable layout of the sink “overflow hole”. Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8, ultrasonic generator and spraying arm Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 is equipped with an ultrasonic generator at the bottom, which uses high-frequency ultrasound and turbulence to clean fruits The dishwasher has a small rounded corner. Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8, interface details are shown.

This sink dishwasher, the Fangtai JBSD2T-Q8, is relatively simple to install; you only need to meet the general double sink opening size to install it like a sink. It includes a patented water pipe that connects the sink to the water pipe as standard. Although this patented water pipe appears to be no different from any other water pipe, it performs well in terms of breathability, overflow prevention, and avoiding the formation of the reverse taste of the water.

Washing effect test: dishwashing and fruit washing is clean and healthy Next, the Bestbuy618 review team will conduct a dishwashing and fruit washing test on the Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 to.

Dishwashing: The clean and water-saving Fontaine sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 will clean dishes for 5-8 people (standard 8 sets) after turning on the machine. If you need to wash dishes right now, put the dish rack dish rack inside the dishwasher. This product’s dishwasher function is set to light, medium, and strong for different levels of dirtiness or different dishes to select different cleaning programs.

Can the Fantasy Sink Dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 wash dishes well? Does it use a lot of water, and does the noise it makes interfere with the user’s sleep? With these questions answered, let’s move on to the next understanding. Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 challenges difficult dirty dishes Ordinary dishwashers can clean the dishes right after eating, but most of them are helpless in the face of bowls that have not been washed for days or dishes However, these are minor issues with the Fanta sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 and are easily resolved. To put the Fanta sink dishwasher’s dishwashing ability to the test, the Bestbuy618 review team baked some dishes in the Fanta electric oven at 150°C for 5 minutes before placing them in the dishwasher to wash.

Dishes with grease, bean paste, egg, and soy sauce stuck tightly to the dishes after baking Turn on the Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 and select Intensity Medium (the normal default mode). The Fontaine Sink Dishwasher Q8’s dish rack has also been improved, with a dish area that can be folded and stored. You can freely put shallow plates to deep plates to the inner liner according to your needs, which can better adapt to the different shapes of dishes in Chinese families. Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 can wash stubborn stains on dishes well under medium strength.

Bestbuy618 review team in the use of Fantasia sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 dishwashing, cleaning dishes for 5-8 people finally measured the use of 10L water, compared to hand washing dishes, the use of dishwashers not only helps users reduce household chores, but also saves consumers a lot of money on water bills. Fantasia sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 standard wash mode, the effect of washing dishes Fa

Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 not only washes dishes, but it can also wash fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residues. The primary goal of washing fruits and vegetables is to remove soil and pesticide residues from their surfaces. So, will it rot the fruits when washing them? Will the nutrients of the fruit be lost? To answer these questions, the Bestbuy618 review team conducted the following tests.

Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 fruit and vegetable washing function is also very simple to operate, turn on the power, select the fruit and vegetable function key, place the fruit and vegetable basket inside the dishwasher, then select the fruit and vegetable washing function. Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 washing fruit effect display This Bestbuy618 review group washed fruits are pears, sage fruit dates, and lemons.

Because the amount is small, we choose to gently wash, open the light knead wash function clear, and after 12 minutes, we can see with our own eyes that the saints, pears, dates, and other fruit surface has been very clean, even the leaves look very clean.

Fontaine sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 can dry dishes after washing them Fantais sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 can dry dishes well Fangtai sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 can dry dishes Following cleaning, air is blown into the cavity from the outside in order to use convection to quickly dry the dishes in the cavity. After completion, even the side walls will not leave water droplets on the tableware, preventing secondary contamination. Use summary: than hand washing clean, no water, free your hands

Following the review experience of the Bestbuy618 review team, the performance of the Fantasia sink dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8 is satisfactory; it washes dishes cleanly and can also be dried. Slag water separation can be done during the cleaning process to avoid the residue of the second back flush and effectively prevent secondary pollution. It only requires dishwashing powder, no softening salt, and no dish shining agent, and the washed dishes are very clean.

The sound of washing dishes is very low and will not interfere with your sleep. This Fontaine sink dishwasher can handle the amount of dishes for each meal for a family of 5-8 people at the same time, and it is water-efficient. It adheres to the Chinese custom of washing one meal at a time, and its unique fruit and vegetable washing function enables you to say goodbye to pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables and live a healthier life.

This Fontaine sink dishwasher is ideal for home users or consumers who don’t have the time to wash dishes. It is well worth purchasing if you want to eliminate your family’s cleaning worries or keep yourself away from greasy dishes, as well as get yourself and your family to eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

The Fontaine sink dishwasher also takes up no additional kitchen space, so you and your family can say goodbye to bending over to wash dishes and free your hands all year long. If you’re looking for a dependable dishwasher, consider the Fangtai Sink Dishwasher JBSD2T-Q8.