Face Can Hit The Sound Quality More Top Fiil Cc True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

In recent years, the Bluetooth headset market has been thriving; in addition to the traditional headset speaker manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers have launched Bluetooth headset products in order to capture market share. Of course, a new headset manufacturer, represented by Feng Fan, has emerged, launched such as FIIL T1 and FIIL T1X in-ear true wireless sports headset works, widely praised by consumers, become a wireless Bluetooth headset market stirrer, and scraped a strong “peak” in the industry. The headphone brand founded by Wang Feng introduced a new product to consumers at the end of March – FIIL CC true wireless Bluetooth headphones (hereinafter referred to as FIIL CC), and we also received this daring new product to bring you a single product review of FIIL CC.

I was initially drawn to the FIIL CC because of its outer packaging. The box is black in color, with the name FIIL CC and the product’s front printed on it. The simple design is very dry and appealing to the aesthetics of a straight man. When I opened the box, I noticed that the original product image on the packaging was not “P,” but the actual design of the headphones.

We all know that Apple’s AirPods are killing it, leading the trend of major manufacturers competing to make true wireless headphones. The initial design of AirPods is similar to the bangs screen of the iPhone X, which has been widely imitated by other manufacturers. In other words, the current true wireless Bluetooth headset market homogenization is severe; you can casually pick up the design of these headphones, which is nothing more than a battery box with a cover, and the shape of the headset itself is very similar, resulting in some aesthetic fatigue.

Instead of the standard battery case with cover, the FIIL CC has an open battery case that allows users to see the headphones inside at a glance. –The FIIL CC is designed to be open, allowing the user to see the headphones inside at a glance – or rather, when the headphones are inside, the headphones themselves become part of the battery case, with a sense of design. FIIL CC by the German design company Designaffairs, industrial design, the overall use of titanium hollow gray color scheme, metal battery box surface with a fine frosted treatment, hold in the hands of a very textured The upper part of the battery case is open without a cover, allowing the front to see the headset body directly. It does not use the traditional cylindrical design, but will make it a prism, the lines are more rigid, emphasizing the word “handsome.” The battery case’s internal magnetic suction is very strong; no matter how you fling the battery case, open headphones will not be free of the battery case.

The official FIIL CC also comes with a Type-C to A data cable, making it easy for users to charge their devices via the USB port.

In terms of design and value, the FIIL CC has completely captivated me, and when I shared the headphones with my colleagues, I discovered that they wore them with a different sense of beauty. The FIIL CC is truly a unisex product.

The first point to mention is that the connection has a low latency. Following my experience with FIIL CC, I discovered that my previous Bluetooth headset had lost the “connection” aspect. Two FIIL CC headphones have a Bluetooth 5.0 chip built in, the headset automatically enters pairing mode after being removed, and to emphasize that either one can be connected immediately.

Furthermore, using FIIL flash connection technology, a single binaural mode can be switched seamlessly. Dual host design so that there is no master and slave between the two headphones, there is no need to take out at the same time to wear to connect the complex, more in line with the user’s habits For example, when watching a video, if the audio and video are not synchronized, it will not drive you insane; and in a game, any sound delay may cause you to miss the opportunity to kill a move, or you have not yet heard the enemy’s footsteps, they have become a box. This not only makes the user experience extremely poor, but it also changes the direction of the Bluetooth wireless headset efforts.

The FIIL CC employs a special cable for signal transmission to ensure lower latency and synchronization of audio and video, while also taking into account players’ listening habits. The game is the first opportunity to capitalize on. FIIL CC demonstrated excellent performance in the process of our actual experience with “Peaceful Elite,” unlike other Bluetooth headphones, shooting, footsteps can be reflected in a timely manner, almost no delay can be felt, and in the tuning of the sound quality, FIIL CC still inherited the series of consistent fine and thorough tuning. Because the headset has a separate design, the earbud part responsible for sound generation and the electronic part of the main board responsible for Bluetooth transmission are separated independently, and isolating these two parts will improve sound quality from an HIFI standpoint.

The custom 13.1 mm large dynamic unit with titanium-plated three-layer composite diaphragm, on the other hand, can deliver a burst of musical energy to the headphones. The subtle differences in listening to music, whether it is the human voice or the various types of instruments in the accompaniment, can be truly felt. The treble is bright, and there is no sense of impermeability; and the human voice part of the headset is quite a brilliant part of the processing; for example, in Lin JJ songs, FIIL CC can truly restore JJ’s gentle and delicate singing voice, bringing a very unique musical enjoyment.

The FIIL APP that comes with the FIIL CC is a great tool for different users’ needs. However, the shortcomings of the point are probably the FIIL CC in the more explosive tension of the electronic music is slightly less, a slight sense of excitement to be improved.

The FIIL APP allows the user to change the settings at any time based on the usage scenario. Such as the previously mentioned games, music, and video scenes to switch, such as airy, heavy metal, pop music, ultra-low accents, and 12 types of music to adjust the style of headphone playback, or custom EQ sound, the band of different frequencies to adjust.

FIIL APP can also display the link status and power status of the two headphones (but not the battery pack power); for headphone enthusiasts, APP even designed a special boil headphone option, knowledgeable users can boil the headphones according to demand, so that the FIIL CC sound quality to another level; FIIL CC also supports the standard mode or all-round operation mode set in the APP, to maximize the effectiveness of point-and-click operation;

We frequently state that the positioning of the true wireless Bluetooth headset is slightly awkward; the aspect lies in the delay, while the aspect lies in the endurance. The aforementioned delay solution will not be repeated, FIIL CC’s in this regard are moderate, a single full can play music continuously for 3 hours, charging box for the headset additional 4 times full, a total of 15 hours of life in a crowd of true wireless Bluetooth headset is not outstanding, but it is more than enough to meet the daily commute, fitness wear, and other needs. Furthermore, the ENC dual microphone call noise reduction function can reduce ambient noise in real time, dual MIC array to do accurate identification, whether in the downtown or subway can chat smoothly.

FIIL CC true wireless Bluetooth headset is more like a trendy accessory, outstanding value when you wear it out on the street will never give you face; in the Bluetooth headset should have on the part of the sound quality will never let you down. All-in-one operation to release hands for only 399 yuan will undoubtedly entice you to make friends with it.