Extreme Speed Super Run! Leiper Vt960 Dual Mode Gaming Mouse Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]A good mouse and keyboard are essential parts of the game for gamers. A mouse with excellent performance can provide gamers with a more responsive and better sense of control, making the game process more comfortable. To meet the needs of different gamers, domestic peripherals leading brand Leiper introduced excellent performance, affordable gaming mouse, positioning game gaming VT series mouse is widely acclaimed by players.

Leiper VT series flagship is naturally VT950 series, excellent original phase PMW3389, Omron micro-motion and a unique OLED display, for gamers who love to toss the coy to a new experience. Leiper recently released a redesigned VT960 gaming mouse with a more avant-garde, cool skeleton shape design, ushering players into a new gaming world.

The Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse box retains the standard blue and black color scheme, with mouse rendering on the front of the box and multi-language mouse features on the back. When you open the box, you will find the mouse body, mouse connection cable, 2.4G connection module, wireless converter, and instructions. Compared to the traditional game mouse, the Leiper VT960 uses the same skeleton design as the ralemo Air, but the overall style of the mouse is more towards the direction of gaming, and ergonomics is also closer to the game mouse. The mouse has the overall appearance of a windy supercar, with harsh lines and a simple design language that can meet the visual needs of gaming players.

The skeleton design gives the Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse a more avant-garde design, with the tail palm rest with a skeleton design, one-piece high-strength aluminum alloy, supplemented by a frosted paint process, extending to the side skirt of the palm rest, allowing the mouse to have a tough, tough temperament, while bringing a more stable control feel and lighter weight. In comparison to its predecessor VT950 series about 122g weight, Leiper VT960 mouse weight reduced to 110g by increasing the aluminum alloy palm rest. Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse internal use of layered acrylic material to build, streamline shape with the angle and light changes, light in the mouse internal can also reflect the elegant, charming curve.

To improve mouse control performance, Leiper re-layouts each button on the mouse, and a more ergonomic design can greatly improve mouse feel, control feedback, and power. The front of the mouse left and right keys, when combined with Omron micro-motion, can provide the user with a point economic gaming experience. The middle scroll wheel of the left and right buttons has a waveform texture that can increase friction, reducing slippage; a moderate damping factor allows users to zoom in and out of files and documents while turning pages more stable and reliable.

The DPI switch button is located behind the scroll wheel, and it provides a 7-speed switching function. The mouse also has a red forward button, a backward button, and a black fire button, which can be used in shooting games to achieve a keystroke, allowing gamers to quickly win on the battlefield. Players can also use the driver for independent programming and macro definition of the mouse keys, as well as switching between game mode and normal mode via the DPI button forward button.

The Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse has a 16.8 million color backlight that can change into colorful and colorful light effects based on mouse operation. Players can also change the color of the light, the flashing mode, the frequency, and so on. Using the official driver, you can create a highly personalized RGB gaming light effect.

On the VT950 series, the top of the mouse retains the OLED display, which measures 0.66 inches and has a resolution of 64 x 68. The current DPI is displayed in the default state. Players can also be personalized via the driver, allowing them to change the brightness, font size, and display content such as text, pictures, graffiti, and other content. Hardware specifications include a Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse with a life span of 50 million times Omron micro switch, ensuring that each click receives fast and comfortable feedback.

The top DPI switch button supports seven adjustable DPI levels of 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 8000, and 16000, allowing players to quickly adjust in different monitors and game scenarios. The driver also includes a DPI customization function, so players can get into the habit of customizing their settings.

The Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse features an original phase PMW3389 professional optical gaming sensor with up to 16000 DPI, 400 IPS tracking speed, 50g acceleration, and a USB return rate of up to 1000Hz. As a wireless mouse, the Leiper VT960 includes a 600mAh battery that can be charged via the Type-C port. 2 hours of wireless charging can result in a battery life of 2-3 days. Ti Texas Instruments provides the mouse’s wireless connection solution, with a response time as low as 1ms in 2.4G mode and a signal reception range of up to 10 meters.

Furthermore, the Type-C interface supports wired mode; Leiper officially provides a connection cable approximately 2 meters long; players can select the corresponding connection mode based on mouse power.

The exclusive driver for the Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse allows for extensive function customization, and players can all make private customizations based on their usage habits. In addition to the DPI settings, custom light effects, and OLED screen display mentioned above, it also supports shortcut key settings, macro definitions, mouse connection, power, and firmware upgrades, and other functions.

The optical sensor of the mouse is the original phase PMW3389, and the wireless module in the lower right corner is from Ti Texas Instruments; the mouse left and right button micro-motion is from Omron, and the scroll wheel button is from Kaihua.

Review summary; as a new generation of Leiper gaming mouse “bearer,” the Leiper VT960 dual-mode gaming mouse uses the best hardware configuration, both Omron micro-motion, the original phase PMW3389 optical sensor, can bring the ultimate speed response for players; CC2543 wireless chip from Texas Instruments, can reduce latency to 1ms, to achieve professional gaming level latency. The mouse’s distinctive skeleton design and supercar shape exude a strong gaming vibe. The mouse’s customizable 16.8 million backlight and OLED display give it a technological and futuristic feel.