Extreme Racing: Horizon 5 Experience: There Is A Familiar Taste But Tacos Are More Fragrant

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] Extreme Racing: Horizon 5 has been played for nearly two weeks, beginning on November 4th and ending today. Although I was unable to fully explore the game’s open world, galloping in Mexico at the time gave me the feeling of “cloud tourism speed rage.” As a casual player who switched over from “Extreme Racing: Horizon 4,” a lot of familiar elements can be found in the new work. However, with new scenes and gameplay, the Mexican tacos are more fragrant than the British fish and chips.

For example, I enjoy the photo mode, which has been added to the new punch card tasks, as well as the changing weather, which makes the game more immersive. Soon after entering the game, you will be required to fly through a raging sandstorm in search of ancient ruins to photograph; there is a sense of “Mad Max: The Road to Rampage” inside Mr.

Tang possession – sergeant major, my name is sergeant major (the nickname of the character in the game, there are several options), and of course similar surprises, eggs, and many more… Even before the game starts, the player is injected with adrenaline.

Several cars leap from the plane during the opening scene, and the player takes over the controls and battles the plane, bringing a visual impact that speaks for itself. Of course, the familiar driving control sense of “Extreme Racing” is also delivered during this process. Driving various types of cars, you will be a part of your racing story from now on.

In terms of control, although the keyboard is not as good as the handle, the feeling is not bad when playing the game directly through the gamebook keyboard, if you want to have a handle addiction, no handle also do not worry about “cannot drive.” Back to the topic, once again familiar with the driving experience, “Extreme Racing: Forza Horizon 5” the first highlight presented, the role, the vehicle personalization function. In the game, players can personalize the character according to their preferences, such as gender, face, hair, hair color, clothing, and even prosthetic limbs, making it difficult to “clash.”

The more interesting aspect, of course, is the personalization of the vehicle; players can customize their own vehicles with new body kits, wheels, paint, and other options. Furthermore, in terms of vehicle tuning, “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5” offers a plethora of options to satisfy your desire to “modify,” including the ability to customize your license plate. As a collector’s enthusiast, you can also have fun in “Extreme Racing: Forza Horizon 5”. The game has the most extensive car lineup to date, with up to 500 vehicles available, including the Mercedes AMG ONE and the 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands, which can be obtained through a variety of means, including purchases, raffles, and event rewards.

It’s also worth noting that “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5” includes a new gift-giving feature as well as community sharing of custom pieces.

I received a “return gift” within two days of sending the car to the warehouse, which increased player interaction and a sense of surprise. In addition, there are treasure chest rewards in the game, which require you to explore the map to find (clues are hidden in the cover map of the challenge, wandering a long time before you find, resulting in a lot of detours.) Of course, as a “horizon” play into the travel game of casual players, “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5” the most appealing to me is the new Mexico open world. Previously, although also to California, but the most recent contact with Mexico, but only into the local extremely many Mexican restaurants, and even many KFC in some time period will only sell tacos, no burgers and fried chicken, do you believe? However, after tasting the authentic Mexican dishes, I can only say that I am more suitable for Chinese food.

However, in “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5,” you can smell the aroma of Mexican tacos, especially when the car is flying through the vast cornfield, burning tires across the corn stalks, and you can imagine the flavor of tortilla chips.

Yes, “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5” has a larger open world than previous titles, with 11 different terrains to explore, including beaches, jungles, deserts, mountain ridges, cities, and more. At the same time, it incorporates Mexico’s distinct “customs.” We can see corn fields, for example, as well as a large number of agave plantations. Although you cannot taste the Mexican national liquor (driving is not permitted), galloping through the agave plantation is a very Mexican experience! There are also many cacti in the desert, which not only have a regional character, but also become part of the player’s challenge during the seasonal interaction, such as crashing 100 cacti.

(Cactus: What went wrong?) There is also a Mayan civilization in this larger game world that many players will be interested in. Whether it’s the map setting or the game’s plot, you’ll undoubtedly come across the Mayan pyramids, with the more variable weather adding to the mystery.

In the game’s plot, for example, while exploring the Mayan ruins, the weather will suddenly become violent, with rain and wind, lightning and thunder, as if a mysterious force of nature is pulling you.

After entering the Mayan pyramid ruins, you must complete a photo shoot with the statue, “leap pyramid,” and other tasks, “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5” in another way to bring you closer to the Mayan civilization, and there will be a combination of Mexican special festivals in the game, allowing players to drive a float to participate in the celebration. Although these tasks are not particularly difficult, they are quite involved; if you enjoy doing “tourist” activities, as I do, then these surprises, eggs, and games with the game will make you feel more and more, Mexico brings us the impression that will change again and again, wild and unpredictable, mysterious, tense and exciting… In a nutshell, earn back the cost of the ticket.

The following will be introduced throughout the plot, causing speed players to become more concerned about game races and challenges. Not only does the game include a variety of races, speed tests, leap challenges, and other modes, but it also includes drifting, straight line racing, and other gameplay. Furthermore, the new adventure in “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5” will guide players to further explore the vast open world of Mexico, perhaps in some unknown corner, you can dig out the surprise that makes your eyes shine, while the game still has a series of races (you can win the cover of the famous car) and seasonal activities, after completing the challenge can unlock a wealth of gifts, such as new cars, raffles, clothing, and so on.

The seasonal events alone will keep your liver busy for a long time… Extreme Racing: Forza Horizon 5 is not only packed with activities, but players can also create their own unique gameplay with the new EventLab gameplay toolkit. Custom races, challenges, stunts, new game modes, and other features, for example, expand the game’s personalization and playability.

Finally, let’s talk about the “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5” hardware requirements. If you’re a console player, the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One can provide a satisfying gaming experience. Seeing a player shared through the Xbox Series X can also run smoothly in 4K resolution is especially impressive. This is a more obvious enhancement to the picture quality party’s experience.

After all, the highly distinctive and immersive Mexican landscape is an important highlight of “Extreme Racing: Forza Horizon 5”. In addition to the host, I also tested on the PC side, and the PC configuration requirements are still relatively obvious when compared to the previous generation of “Extreme Racing: Horizon 5”.

If it is a mainstream game book (Core i7-11800H RTX 3060) in 1080P, ultra-high quality, and the benchmark test results for 77 frames (“Horizon 4” benchmark test frame rate reached 119), the game can basically maintain at 75-90 frames with no lag.

It is much easier to challenge extreme graphics or 2K resolution or even higher if you have your own gaming desktop. By benchmarking Extreme Racing: Horizon 5 at extreme graphics quality on a desktop with Core i9-12900K RTX 3090, the average frame rate at 1080p resolution was 125; after upgrading to 2K resolution, the average frame rate was 111. Looking at the unique Mexican landscape between the different races will also make people feel another kind of relaxation and pleasure (of course, players with lazy hands can also choose to teleport between the houses on the map). I also want to mention in passing the game’s music, which is also a strong Mexican style, which will increase the sense of immersion from the game’s opening animation.

And this BGM will accompany you as you explore the vast land of Mexico, experience the unpredictable weather, compete in one competition after another, but also unlock more eggs.

I’m going to keep exploring Mexico’s vast expanse in order to get the “cover car” sooner. (*Note: All images in this article are screenshots or photos taken in photo mode.)