Extraordinary Gaming Experience Iqoo 3 Flagship Phone Review

[Bestbuy618 mobile channel]After nearly two weeks of pre-heating, iQOO’s first flagship iQOO 3 was finally released online on February 25. Although iQOO revealed a lot of configuration information through microblogging during the pre-heating period, when officially released, iQOO 3 can still surprise people. After a period of experience, bestbuy618 was fortunate to obtain an early iQOO 3 real. The overall shape of the iQOO 3 has not changed significantly due to the iteration, still see a strong iQOO design style, but a closer look will find that the changes are in fact in the details.

The front camera has been moved from the original waterdrop screen to the 2.98mm ultra-small cutout in the upper right corner for a better screen-to-body ratio. The width of the black edges on the top, left, and right sides is basically equal, which looks much more harmonious. The iQOO 3 is a thin and light device with a 6.44-inch screen, 9.16 mm thickness, and 214.5 grams weight.

iQOO 3 does not follow the current flagship mainstream high refresh rate screen, but chose to upgrade the 180Hz screen sampling rate to improve the image follow degree, the actual experience can also be improved. Matte aluminum alloy integrated frame, continue to retain the two pressure-sensitive buttons, in the middle of the grip part to a rounded design, and the back of the phone curved glass soft transition, than the previous generation to a certain extent to improve the feel. The maximum daily brightness of this screen is 500 nits, and the full screen brightness can reach 800 nits in bright light (up to 1200 nits locally), so the user can watch more clearly in the sun.

The screen material is Samsung Super AMOLED, which supports 100 percent DCI-P2 wide color gamut and has HDR10 international standard certification, so you can get a high contrast and brilliant display effect in games and watching HDR sources. In addition, the official offers flowing silver and rally orange to provide users with more options.

The camera area on the back has also been changed to a rectangular arrangement, with only the iQOO brand logo and the 5G logo remaining. Recently, the cell phone circle on the “which vibration motor should be used” topic of heat, but it also reflects that users are more looking forward to the use of linear motor paragraph feeling experience. This is also one of the highlights of iQOO 3, which uses an X-axis linear motor with a very clear vibration. In addition to incoming call vibration and UI multi-scene response vibration, iQOO collaborated with Logitech G series to develop a set of “mechanical keyboard,” using the new vibration unit to simulate the sense of paragraph when the mechanical keyboard strikes.

Through the linear motor of the two-stage vibration, flat touch screen input method can also simulate the effect of the key like green axis, red axis, tea axis, in addition to the sound iQOO 3 When typing, the experience is very spiritual, it even has two passages when the green axis is pressed can be accurately simulated, and different models of shaft vibration experience varies, it feels impossible to stop. The iQOO is also unsurprisingly equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform at its core, as well as a maximum of 12GB of LPDDR5 high-spec memory, and is also the world’s first phone to use UFS3.1 super-fast flash memory, with sequential read The result is also very clear, iQOO 3 before launch to refresh the AnTuTu comprehensive runtime score, more than 610,000 runtime score also makes iQOO 3 is undeniably the current cell phone runtime king.

The combination of UFS3.1 LPDDR5 also dramatically speeds up the speed of the map when gaming, and the special effects can of course be pulled to full capacity with confidence. The new X-axis linear motor iQOO is also optimized for in-game scenarios; for example, shooting “Elite Peace” and killing “King of Honor” will be accompanied by vibration, and the vibration will be intensified with different guns and multiple kills, and the experience is enhanced by the pressure-sensitive buttons on the bezel.

iQOO 3 also includes a hardware-based “Hawk-Eye Display Effect” in the game to improve image quality, which can improve the saturation and sharpness of the screen to get a clearer and more vivid picture, of course, the higher the load on the CPU after opening, but the power consumption does not feel significantly increased.Eagle Eye Effect

When the game character is waiting for resurrection or the game to start, you can use iQOO 3 to switch to other programs to wait without worrying, and the countdown in the game state will be reminded in a small window of time, which is probably the most user-friendly game feature so far. According to iQOO, the 50mm focal length is the most realistic way to restore the moment of shooting and is a gold focal length with small distortion, a wide scene, and rich subject matter. Let’s go through a set of sample photos to understand iQOO’s comprehensive photographic strength.

2xUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide

Main CameraUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUltra Wide AngleUl


Macro50mm portrait The 50mm portrait camera has excellent detail, good control of edge distortion, and high detail sharpness, as well as a film-like color with HDR turned on. Macro photos taken with the 13-megapixel super wide-angle lens are also clear and visible, and the large wide-angle effect is unquestionably more suitable for landscape photography. The bokeh effect is visible around the edges, and the post-production is “impressive.” 13MP front portrait (film filter/normal shooting)

iQOO 3 supports up to 240 fps slow motion 720P video (1080P is 120 fps). iQOO 3 also brings its fastest 55W Super FlashCharge 2.0 super fast flash charging technology, with a 44W charging adapter size difference. iQOO 3 built-in battery 4440mAh, measured under normal conditions 20 minutes can be charged 40 percent, in low battery charging speed can be faster, full 100 percent The total time taken is about 60 minutes.

Continuity, despite this high-performance core, iQOO 3’s battery life is still excellent, as the author’s game backup use, basically three days a charge. Under normal conditions, heavy use of a day is no problem at all, no power state back to blood speed is also super fast. iQOO 3 in fact has many highlights, including built-in AK4377A Hi-Fi chip, 3.5mm headset; powerful 5G performance; support Wi-Fi 6 standard; iQOO UI and Jovi intelligent voice and so on, some of the features and previous products overlap, here will not be long to expand.

Simultaneously, the X-axis linear motor, 50mm camera, and other hardware left us with a deep memory point (secretly wishing for a high refresh rate screen), making the iQOO 3 a flagship phone worthy of today’s users.