Extra! Here Comes The Review Of The High Value And Super Informative Granz National Enamel Pot

There is a class of people who can cook very elegantly, and their food is also exquisite; I believe that good cookware should be credited. The majority of pots and pans are black, but to differentiate between various types, pans, casseroles, iron pans, and so on, relatively single function, usually have to cook several pots and pans, laborious and laborious The high value, super powerful enamel pot, is a cast iron pot but also suitable for stewing, the traditional hand-poured polishing process makes the body of the pot super durable, gathered the hearts of a number of food lovers. Grants enamel pots follow the traditional hand pouring and polishing process, each enamel pot has a specially made mold, the 1340 degrees of iron slurry injection, solidification and cooling and then brea In addition to the value of the face can be beaten, Grandis enamel pot strength to stand up to the knock, after multi-dimensional quality testing, resistance to decay hit, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature switching aspects have excellent performance.

Grants enamel pot, there are two colors, red and orange, which I use, bright colors make the kitchen more bright and warm, the high value of the enamel pot can be directly on the table, becoming a striking role on the dining table The rounded handle is easy to grip, and the connection has been purposefully reinforced to increase durability. The thickened pot bottom is more robust and durable, and it performs well in terms of heat storage.

To demonstrate the quality, the pot knob design is made of stainless steel. The lid is designed in a teardrop shape with dense condensation points to firmly lock the water vapor inside the pot and make the ingredients more flavorful.

Because of their high value, enamel pots and pans are frequently featured in many classic western food movies and TV shows, and their durable quality makes them known as “grandmother pots” that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Chen’s colorful enamel protects the pan’s body from wear and tear as well as rust. Bright surface enamel layer, reinforced base enamel layer, firm penetration layer, cast iron base material layer, firm penetration layer, reinforced base enamel layer, pore surface enamel layer, 7-layer enamel process is more durable and food oxidation resistant. The galanz logo is embossed on the lid, and the enamel pan can be used on a variety of stoves, including gas and induction, making it more adaptable to the kitchen environment.

240mm * 210mm specifications, capacity is also large, for the family use of more people are not afraid. Heritage of a hundred years of casting process, the pot body in one piece, heavy cast iron lid, using high-quality heavy iron, the food moisture and delicious firmly locked; integrated handl The enamel porcelain bottom of the pot will not scratch the stove top or table, and it is multifunctional for steaming, frying, stewing, stir-frying, boiling, and mixing.

Frying is not easily stuck, so using imported enamel coating, forming fine pores, fine pores to absorb oil stains, and playing a physical non-stick is me effect. Even heat conduction, medium and low heat cooking, locking heat insulation Thick cast iron cookware with continuous heat preservation and high value can be placed directly on the table. When the ingredients are evenly heated, they all taste the same and fully release the delicious flavors.

To reduce cooking time, use uniform heat conduction and low and medium heat cooking.

When the heat rises to the top of the pot, it condenses into water droplets and drips down, preserving the original flavor of the ingredients. Pour water or ice on the over cover, steam rises after the bottom is heated, turns into water vapor when it is cold, water vapor sinks, wraps the ingredients, and steams the cycle. What we must understand before using the product in addition to the various functions, there are product features in the advantages and disadvantages must also know. This is especially true when it comes to frying meat.

It has a high emissivity, 0.64 for cast iron pans, so the food can be fully heated. Good sealing performance: the cast iron lid is very heavy, creating a relatively airtight circulation system inside the pot, so the cast iron pot can produce similar effects to a pressure cooker, such as stewing ingredients are easy to taste crispy, less water loss; locking moisture in the cooking process, the water vapor in the enamel pot is difficult to “slip out”, cond It can be used for everyday stewing, but many gourmet cooks prefer to use enamel pans to make bread and other pastries. The finished bread is soft and sweet, so imagine drooling over it right out of the oven!

Sturdy and long-lasting: Before a fine enamel pan can be found in our kitchens, it must go through 9 major and 113 minor processes. Oil will form an oil film on the surface of the cast iron pan with long use and maintenance, so the longer it is used, the better the cast iron pan’s anti-adhesive properties are maintained properly enamel pans can be used for more than 100 years and can be passed down from generation to generation, saying that it can be passed down from generation to generation is by no means an exaggeration Due to the fine manufacturing process, large supply, and brand premium, the current market price of international brand enamel pots and pans is often thousands of dollars, discouraging many consumers. Maintaining the business goal of “efforts to move customers,” Galanz App will be on line “National Enamel Pot,” with affordable prices and quality comparable to major brands, so that more consumers who love enamel pots and pans can experience the joy of cooking with good pots and pans.

The pleasure of cooking. The weight of the pot world: an enamel pot four or five kilograms is normal, but if full of food, it is very likely to reach more than seven or eight kilograms, and even a strong adult man in the cooking time will find it difficult to lift a cast iron pot. A woman who frequently cooks should pay closer attention to the use of enamel pots and pans, and be extra cautious when putting them down.

For uncoated cast iron and black enamel cast iron pans, the first thing to do is open the pan. The first step is to remove the pan from the oven: 1 Wash it by rinsing it with hot water and blotting it dry with a clean rag. 2nd Wipe a thin layer of cooking oil inside the pan and inside the lid, coating every corner, especially the convex ribbing on the lid’s edge.

3rd Repeat the oiling and drying process a second time. Then remove from the heat, allow the pan to cool naturally, and wipe away any excess oil with a kitchen paper towel. On the inside, new black enamel pans are still rough and raw.

This treatment allows the interior of the enamel pan to breathe like pores and absorb oil, so it is not suitable for starchy foods, but is ideal for meat with a higher oil content. After a while, the roughness of the black enamel pan will fade and it will become more lubricated and nonstick. Clean with as little detergent as possible and dry after each cleaning, then apply vegetable oil to keep the pan in good condition.

Although not as difficult as using an uncoated cast iron pan, the enamel layer on the surface of all enamel cast iron pans, while hard and wear-resistant, is very sensitive to heat and cold, so it must be thoroughly cooled before cleaning. A silicone or wooden spatula is recommended to protect the inner enamel layer from damage.

For the first time, new enamel pots and pans, particularly those with black enamel, are best suited for meat dishes with a higher fat content.

Cast iron pots and pans are sealed on the inside with two or more layers of colored enamel on the outside and white enamel or black matte enamel on the inside. They are more resistant to corrosion, high temperatures, and are suitable for more heat sources than ordinary pots and pans due to the enamel coating, and because the pots and pans are thicker, their sealability and heat retention are better. Typically, white enamel is better for stewing, whereas black enamel is fine for both cooking and stewing; the black enamel I used this time was the latter.

Enamel pots are not picky about heat sources and can be used in induction, ovens, and microwaves. When you use it, you must first preheat it for 5 minutes on low heat/low heat, and then turn it up to high heat.

Furthermore, cast iron heats up and its ability to retain heat necessitates the use of a lower heating temperature, which is probably why everyone says that enamel pans are suitable for low and medium heat. Personally, I don’t think high heat is a big deal, but it is still recommended that low and medium heat be used to save energy and also to better care for the outer body of the pan. During the cooking process, all parts of the pot are hot, so be careful of burns, don’t hold the pot directly with your hands, and use a heat insulation cloth pad or protective gloves.

After cooking, do not leave uncooled pots and pans on the table unprotected. Open the enamel pan for the first time before boiling.

(White enamel does not require opening; black enamel does.) Brush a thin layer of cooking oil on the inside and around the edge of the pot, heat it over low heat for a few minutes, and then wipe away any remaining oil. This step can be repeated 2-3 times; it is preferable to use a small brush rather than a silicone brush to evenly brush the oil brush.

(I’ve used the pot, omitted the opening of the pot this step, directly into the main topic) Super simple corn ribs soup, white novices do not panic at all, in minutes into a gourmet curiosity! Corn and ribs soup Ingredients: corn, ribs, carrots, cooking wine, salt, ginger

1: cut ribs into small pieces, corn and carrots into sections; 2: boil water, boil the ribs into the water, add some cooking wine, blanch off the blood and fish out over cool water rinse and set aside; 3: blanched ribs and cut corn, carrots, ginger into a pot, add clear water to boil; When entertaining guests at home, you always have to show your hand, and a quick and easy signature dish is sure to be popular, so this Coke Chicken Wings must be the code! Cola Chicken Wings Ingredients: 9 chicken wings, Coke 200ML, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, rock sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce, salt

1: Wash the chicken wings and make a few cuts on the back, and use a toothpick to pierce some small eyes on the front for flavor; 2: Add water to the pot and bring to a boil, then blanch the chicken wings, pull them out, and dry the surface water; 3:Pour the chicken wings into the pot and stir-fry evenly to hang on the bone; 4:Pour the chicken wings into the pot and stir-fry evenly to hang on the bone

6: Pour in the cola over high heat, then reduce to low and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. When the soup has thickened, season with salt and chicken seasoning and turn the heat up to high to seal the juice! Stir-fried onion Ingredients: onion 150g, oil, salt, soy sauce, onion, garlic Stir-fried onion recipe. 1: Wash and cut the onion into pieces; 2: start a frying pan, onion, ginger, and garlic into the pot of explosive;

3: onions into the pan stir-fry, add salt, soy sauce stir-fry, stir-fry evenly can be removed from the pan to enjoy! (In order to look a little better can be appropriate to add some carrots and green and red peppers) I do three dishes stew, frying, cooking, stir-fry are used, the actual use of down feel more suitable for meat cooking, in terms of fried taste is good, but the fire should be very careful, It is fine to use a low to medium heat. The ability of cast iron pots to retain heat is one of their distinguishing features. Covering the lid after cooking provides excellent insulation.

Then, gently wipe it down with dishwashing detergent and a general cotton cloth to clean it. Then it can be used on the stovetop; an induction cooker is included with this pot. This pot a pot in hand, basically to meet the various needs of the family, is definitely worth having Oh! To judge whether a product is good or not, the actual use to say after the clear We use the product in a variety of ways, including stewing, cooking, and frying, and I personally believe that this use is still very successful.

To begin with, the price of this Granz enamel pot is really nothing to write home about; however, for people who frequently cook, the price of the cookware is highly favored. The second in the use of its insulation and energy efficiency is also too good to watch the time, let it slowly stew on its own, without too much fear of burn dry problems, performance aspects of the unexpected; but for the frying side, enamel pot is not the best choice, enamel pot or more suitable for “Chinese hard dishes,” it takes time to The meat that takes time to cook is the best option.

Overall, I believe that this high-value enamel pot is still well worth purchasing. If you require it, you can purchase it through the GALANZ App.