European Air Standards Have Become A “thing Of The Past” Philips Air Purifier Ac3858 In-depth Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Foreword In recent years, the outdoor air has improved to the human eye following the “haze disaster.” The freshness of the outdoor air, however, does not imply that the indoor air is healthy. Indoors, formaldehyde has been present for a long time and cannot be avoided. When we have a few days of haze, we want to close the doors and windows to avoid pollution, but viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other invisible killers are more dangerous than the haze. Do you want to go to Europe to experience “drunken oxygen”? And Europe has corresponding indoor air standards [i], if air purifier manufacturers can meet this standard, then breathing European grade good air at home can be achieved.Philips Air Purifier AC3858 As the leader in the air purifier industry, Philips is not satisfied with simply meeting European standards, recently officially released the Philips Air Purifier AC3858, which is a new air purifier with a new theory of air purification, the purificatio Another European standard specifies a standard PM2.5 concentration of 25g/m3 in a 1m3 indoor area, whereas Philips air purifiers can reduce the indoor PM2.5 concentration to 10g/m3, which is 2.5 times better than the European standard.

In a nutshell, it makes your home’s air better than European indoor air and redefines the standard of good air for you. PM2.5 test

For the PM2.5 test, we chose a bedroom environment with a floor height of 2.8m and an area of 20 square meters, which is also very much in line with people’s real-life experiences. The particulate matter produced by the cigarette after burning can quickly disperse the entire room, and the diameter of the cigarette particles is close to PM2.5. After about 5 minutes of smoking, the test air quality instruments show PM2.5 at this time has been in the explosive situation, reaching 860g / m3. Of course, in everyday life, there may not be such a severe environment, but we are this time to increase the difficulty of the test.

According to the national air quality PM2.5 index level standard, PM2.5 concentration value above 250g /m3 is classified as serious pollution, 0-35g /m3 is classified as excellent.

After about 5 minutes, the Philips Air Purifier AC3858 successfully reduced the PM2.5 concentration from a maximum of 860 g /m3 to 9 g /m3, which is lower than the European standard of 25 g /m3. Formaldehyde test Test site: 20 bedroom (floor height 2.8m) Test instrument: Bronton BR-V6E air detector Pollution source: Paint, latex paint Home decoration or newly purchased furniture contains formaldehyde, and even some The use of paint, which can directly emit a significant amount of formaldehyde pollution sources, increases the difficulty of our test.

We started with paint on multiple small wooden boards placed in various corners of the room, which immediately gave off a pungent smell. Soon after, the gaseous pollutant indicator of the Philips Air Purifier AC3858 was raised to L4, at which point the color was shown to be red. The study revealed (see endnote for the study) that formaldehyde levels in new rooms just after moving in (1-2 months) can typically reach 0.28 mg/m3, exceeding the national standard of 0.10 mg/m3.

The formaldehyde level gradually decreases over time, but 0.08 mg/m3 is still present after 3-4 years of residence. [ii] When we began the actual test, we activated the power speed mode, and after 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the machine’s indicator of gaseous pollutants returned to normal L1, and the numerical indicator of formaldehyde quickly dropped from the highest 5.00 mg/m3 to 0.01 mg/m3. This directly demonstrates that the Philips air purifier AC3858 purifies formaldehyde ten times better than the European standard.

Allergen test Test site: 20 bedrooms (floor height 2.8m) Test instrument: Bronton BR-V6E air detector, Philips air purifier AC3858

The test environment was still a bedroom with a floor height of 2.8m and an area of 20, and the Philips air purifier AC3858 was placed in the center of the room for testing. The best way to create allergens is to collect the pillows and frantically pat them, full of dust in the light. At this point, the allergen indicator of the Philips Air Purifier AC3858 quickly climbed from “5” to “10” within 2 minutes, and the color changed from blue to red.

The air purifier was then switched on to the powerful speed mode, and after 5 minutes, the allergen value of the Philips Air Purifier AC3858 showed an allergen value of “1,” indicating a very good overall performance in purifying allergens.

Partners who are familiar with Philips air purifiers should be aware that Philips air purifiers are equipped with professional-grade sensors that can accurately monitor indoor air conditions in real time, allowing users to see subtle changes in indoor air quality at a glance. The sensor is located at the back cover handle of the air purifier This time Philips air purifier AC3858 in the top position of the body to see the optimized upgrade full-screen digital display,

Furthermore, we can upgrade the system online for Philips air purifier AC3858 through the application, and I believe that in the future, Philips will add more new features for this product to perfect. Not to settle for a light luxury appearance to create elite quality Because the pursuit of luxury life, the appearance of the air purifier design must have high requirements, and perhaps the traditional design is difficult to meet this segment of the population.

The filter part employs a nano-grade HEPA main filter ring, which has a more dense organization, higher filtration efficiency, and longer service life characteristics. The Philips Air Purifier AC3858 features a 360° circulation system with Vitashield IPS micro-shield purification technology, which can comprehensively purify and remove up to 99 types of pollutants, including formaldehyde, dust and pathogenic bacteria, animal dander, and so on[iii], and purify particles as We also performed a noise test on the Philips air purifier AC3858, and the noise level in our test environment is currently 28dB, which is roughly the quiet level of our daily lives. When the air purifier sleep mode is activated, the decibel meter noise value rises to 31.1dB, which is slightly higher but still represents a quiet environment.

Following that, the air purifier auto mode was activated, possibly because the ambient air quality was better at the time, and the decibel level was 36.7dB, which was still within an acceptable range overall. Finally, when the Power Speed mode was activated, the noise reached 57.5dB and the ambient sound was significantly increased. However, given our upcoming purification test, it is possible to achieve such an efficient purification effect, so this value is also acceptable.

Summary: the strength of high value If I were to summarize this air purifier, I believe it would be most appropriate to call it a “high value powerhouse.” The appearance of the light luxury style with the home environment highlights the unique aesthetics of elites, while combining with strong performance. And in the actual test, it was discovered that Philips air purifier AC3858 in the purification of indoor air, PM2.5 purification concentration is 2.5 times better than the European standard, formaldehyde purification concentration is also 10 times better than the European standard, redefine the new standard of good air.

Preventing and controlling formaldehyde pollution in new homes [A]

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