Entry-level Players Must Have! Leiper Vt30 Phantom Rgb Gaming Mouse Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]With NVIDIA fully distributing RTX 30 series graphics cards, rumors of early December and a price of around 3,000 yuan RTX 3060Ti listed, players’ enthusiasm for the game skyrocketed. However, NVIDIA’s new generation of RTX 30 graphics cards continue to be out of stock, giving players a headache, but the mouse, especially the “national” Leiper, does not exist out of stock. Leiper recently prepared a new VT30 illusion RGB gaming mouse for gamers, using the right-hand ergonomic design, support the illusion RGB backlight, custom buttons, and other features.

The original phase PMW3327 gaming grade optical sensor, with a DPI of up to 6200, is designed to improve mouse gaming performance even further. So, how does the Leiper VT30 Illusion RGB gaming mouse perform in real-world testing?

The Leiper VT30 Phantom RGB Gaming Mouse has an ergonomic design that is more suitable for right-handed gamers, with a wide left flank that provides sufficient support for the thumb, and the wave streamline top cover fits the palm of the hand, and the symmetrical, sharp shape better fits the gaming environment, bringing users a comfortable experience and further enhancing the feel of the mouse.

The top cover of the Leiper VT30 Phantom RGB Gaming Mouse is frosted, providing a delicate, comfortable grip. The mouse’s left and right skirts are designed with a concave design, and the hole-like texture of the one-time injection molding not only provides good anti-slip performance, but also a more breathable effect.

The three circumferences of the Leiper VT30 illusion RGB gaming mouse are 139 72.4 41.6mm, weighing approximately 104 grams, a more slender mouse in the game can live better control, further enhancing the use of experience. Although the mouse is large, the weight of 104 grams is suitable for gamers, as it is neither too light to affect stability nor too bulky.

Mouse left and right buttons separate design, independent mechanism can improve mouse stability during use, reduce interference brought by hitting the left and right buttons in succession, and improve button resilience. The surface of the left and right buttons has the same frosted texture as the back, enhancing the mouse’s unity. The mouse wheel is located in the middle of the left and right buttons, and the “CPI ” and “CPI-” buttons are located behind the wheel. The left side of the mouse has forward/backward buttons, and the bottom has a “fire button”; players can press and hold the fire button, click “CPI “, “CPI-” to switch between “CPI ” and “CPI-” Leiper VT30 Illusion RGB Gaming Mouse The bottom of the mouse uses five large size foot pads to make the mouse move more stable and smoothly, surrounding the sensor foot pads to reduce dust and other foreign objects into, enhance the mouse’s stability.

Leiper has a mode switch button at the bottom of the mouse, which users can use to quickly switch between gaming mode and office mode. It should be noted that the custom button function only works in game mode; it does not work in office mode.

The original phase PMW3327 gaming-grade optical sensor with up to 6200 DPI, 220 IPS maximum tracking speed, 20G maximum acceleration, and 1000MHz return rate is used as the core part of the optical mouse in the Leiper VT30 Phantom RGB gaming mouse, bringing more accurate positioning. Under Leiper’s careful tuning, the mouse main button’s micro-movement has an ultra-long life of 30 million times, with clear feedback, rapid rebound, and a clear sense of paragraph. Leiper for the mouse built-in 800, 1200, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 6200 a total of seven DPI, the user can also be provided through the official driver software to adjust the DPI, pointer speed, USB report rate, and scroll wheel speed. Furthermore, when users switch between gears, the scroll wheel section will display the response color to indicate which gear the DPI is in.

The first to seventh DPI values are represented by red, green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow, and white, respectively.

Leiper VT30 Illusion RGB Gaming Mouse RGB lighting part, Leiper VT illusion RGB gaming mouse scroll wheel, “V” Logo and the mouse tail set three RGB lighting area, about 16.8 million colors to bring fine color performance, users can also customize the lighting effect through the supporting driver I chose the most popular first-person shooter “Jedi survivalStimulation battlefield” and LOL as the test games to assess mouse positioning accuracy and stability.

The Leiper VT30 Illusion RGB Gaming Mouse moves precisely in actual gaming experience, and the excellent stability also makes the mouse perform better in shooting games; the left and right buttons are moderately strong, clean, and rebound quickly, even if the intense clicking operation is stable, and the moderately damped middle button scroll wheel is more stable when switching the aiming mode. The multi-speed DPI quick switch function allows gamers to easily switch between gaming and office mode, and the new fire key not only improves the gaming experience but also makes switching lighting modes easier.

Leiper VT30 Phantom RGB Gaming Mouse At the moment, the Leiper VT30 Illusion RGB gaming mouse has been listed, the official pricing is a very affordable 149 yuan, need to be interested in the major e-commerce platform to purchase.