Enjoy The One-stop Cleaning Experience Philips S Series Vacuuming Wet Mopping Machine Experience Report

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Introduction As a household appliance, vacuum cleaners should be very familiar to us. When I was a kid, my family used the traditional and bulky plug-in vacuum cleaner, which often woke me up with its noise and single function, and is now essentially an obsolete product; and with the rise of handheld cordless vacuum cleaners in recent years, home cleaning appears to have a new way, but we consumers are greedy for the way to clean, when the cordless vacuum cleaner to solve the difficult to clean and other problems, the ground water stains, dirty fo

The overall design of the Philips S series vacuuming wet mopping machine continues the consistent high quality process design of Philips family products, the first look brings a bright feeling, while the addition of blue elements is to bring a small fresh style, the overall fashionable and atmospheric appearance design is very much in line with the aesthetic needs of young people today.

Two different fiber pads are used in the wet mopping system. When used, the fixed fiber pad has more texture and resistance, and it can efficiently remove stains through porous water as friction with the floor increases; the soft fiber pad has a softer texture and less resistance, making it suitable for delicate hard floors or wooden floors, reducing the risk of scratching. Furthermore, both fiber pads can be hand-washed or machine-washed for cleaning and repeated use to reduce usage costs. The water reservoir holds 0.28 liters of water or detergent and can cover an area of 60M2, essentially filling it with water once to complete most of the cleaning work.

It is worth noting that if we encounter stubborn dirt, we can use Philips’ innovative wet mopping system, which adjusts the water flow in the mop while in use to ensure that the water is evenly distributed on the fiber pad and that the humidity is always maintained at the proper level. When wet mopping, we can flexibly switch between cleaning modes, which is a rare cleaning experience in one go. Wrap-around floor nozzle When cleaning dust in your home, do you need to sweep the vacuum cleaner back and forth because there is too much dust and garbage in some corners?

The Philips S series vacuuming and wet mopping machine with the new wrap-around floor nozzle is designed with a “Z” shaped silicone film at the bottom of the wrap-around floor nozzle, so that garbage can be gathered faster and dust can be sucked in quickly by the middle brush.

For example, when cleaning our home with the Philips S-Series vacuuming and mopping machine, there is no need to repeatedly remove and install the nozzle or interrupt the cleaning; when cleaning the floor, simply insert the wrap-around floor nozzle in front of the extension bar to clean the floor easily; and when cleaning cat shelves, simply place the folding brush nozzle on the extension bar and fasten it to clean the crevices and high places. It is ready for cleaning after inserting the one-of-a-kind handheld turbo nozzle.

Battery life and power Almost all cordless vacuum cleaners have a power display area, but the remaining power is basically judged by the indicator, which I think is not very intuitive. Philips S series vacuum cleaner wet mopping machine is designed to charge display and power remaining display in the LCD display, in use, we can easily grasp the change of power through intuitive figures. Many of these products on the market have a lifespan of 30-40 minutes, and some have a lifespan of only 20 minutes when using some stretched batteries.

According to the official, the Philips S series vacuuming wet mopping machine has a 25.2V high-performance lithium battery that can last 75 minutes in standard wet mopping mode.

After the actual test, when we set the Philips S series vacuuming wet mopping machine to one gear and select the standard wet mopping mode, the endurance reached 77 minutes, exceeding the official standard, which is still a little surprising. A more humane experience Details and humanized treatment is our judgment whether a manufacturer stands in the perspective of consumers to design and develop products, after many days of use down, I found the Philips S se The Philips S series vacuum wet mopping machine’s floor suction nozzle is less than 6 cm thick, allowing it to easily enter the bottom of furniture such as beds, sofas, and closets to clean.

Furthermore, the Philips S series vacuuming and wet mopping machine has been thoughtfully designed with three LED lights, which can easily illuminate dust and trash in the corners for easy removal in low areas. In terms of charging, the Philips S series vacuuming and wet mopping machine is unquestionably one of the more design and technological products among many handheld cordless vacuum cleaners. It has a magnetic charging connector that can be charged by sucking on it, and it can also be hung on the wall for charging. The dust collection box is also simple to disassemble; we simply need to lightly press the button to open the dust collection box to separate it.

The dust collection box employs a triple filtration system, with the eighth generation of hurricane dust technology in use only returning clean air to the motor, ensuring a longer period of high-speed airflow, while the internal filter can be washed, safe, and hygienic. Finally, on the noise front, we discovered after the actual test, that when the noise of the indoor environment is 42dB, even if you turn on the most high-grade operation, the noisier

Summary In the use of Philips S series vacuuming wet mopping machine this time, I first corner of the company dust, home pet hair, and other dust clean up clean, high efficiency of the strong endurance left the author’s impression. Of course, vacuuming wet mopping handheld 3 in 1 design is to make cleaning easier, but I have to say, Philips S series vacuuming wet mopping machine is the most intimate “housekeeper” that I have reviewed. After reading the article, if you feel that your home also needs such an “all-around housekeeper,” you may want to click: https://pro.m.jd.com/mall/active/3vK2D9AwLrk8zXdz5Cv