Enjoy The Flagship Luxury Quality Toshiba N502 Memory Card Review

[Bestbuy618 digital channel] buy SD memory card, which aspect is more important: capacity size, read and write speed, storage security, or product selling price? If you ask me how to choose, I will tell you that only children choose, adults all! All! To! With the rapid development of digital products now, the requirements for memory cards have increased accordingly. Consider photography: in the past, when purchasing SD cards, one only needed to consider the security of storage and everything was fine – after all, lost photos are not a trivial matter. As for the ability to carry more than one SD card to compensate for it, read and write as long as the machine does not card on the line, the price is not too high (as there is also photography poor three generations of the saying).

But now that 4K photos are commonplace and 8K videos have arrived, the demands for storage media speak for themselves. If you haven’t yet updated the memory card in your hands, believe me when I say that shooting with the latest camera can easily “explode” your old card in a few seconds after pressing the shutter. Not long ago, the Tianji Review’s digital test room received a heavyweight medium format camera, with a JPG format photo that can reach more than 20 megabytes of storage space, not to mention the high demand for continuous shooting and video reading and writing mask>. When I was stumped, the Toshiba EXCERIA PRO N502 SDHC/SDXC UHS-II card (the name is long and slow, hereinafter referred to as N502) happened to come to This is why people often say that the order of appearance of each person you meet in your life is very important, and Toshiba N502 is the right person at the right time for me right now.

This SD card’s model number is N502, and it is part of Toshiba’s flagship Extreme Ultra series. The N502 is packaged in a minimalist paper package, with black and gold running throughout the cover, allowing people to intuitively feel the simple yet stunning aura of the flagship memory card. The N502 is a 64GB version, which can fully meet the daily shooting needs of ordinary users in terms of storage capacity, while the series has four storage capacity versions, namely 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Professional photographers can purchase large-capacity versions to meet the storage requirements of large files.

We can also see from the package that this card has a maximum read speed of 270MB/s and a maximum write speed of 260MB/s. It has achieved the V90 video speed rating and can support 8K video recording. It is worth noting that these values will vary depending on the device and document specifications, which will be tested later in the review.

Toshiba has thoughtfully included a plastic card case after opening the package, in addition to the N502 memory card itself. Furthermore, the card includes a year of free data recovery software, which requires only a few simple steps to activate in order to protect the safety of stored data.

The N502 is mostly black, with the gold decoration on the label standing out, displaying the flagship memory card style to the fullest. The back of the memory card can clearly see the double rows of metal contacts, and its interface standard is UHS-II and is backward compatible with UHS-I specifications, but its maximum read and write speed is reduced to 95MB/s, so choosing shooting equipment with UHS-II specifications will maximize the high-speed performance.

The official website also lists some of the shooting equipment. Because the N502 has a UHS-II high-speed interface, it can provide a faster transmission channel, so when the camera buffer is full and photos are written from the camera cache to the SD card, it is about 2.5 times faster than the old UHS-I memory card. In addition, the read side relies on the UHS-II standard N502 read speed of up to 270MB / s, which significantly improves the efficiency of device transfer. How does it work in practice?

The data presented above was tested with a card reader that met UHS-II specifications. The N502’s write peak reached 255MB/s and read peak exceeded 270MB/s in the first test software ATTO Disk Benchmark. The peak write value of the N502 in the second test software CrystalDiskMark is 241MB/s, and the peak read value is 275MB/s. As a result, it is not difficult to conclude that the official read value of N502 is very reliable and can indeed reach the nominal 270MB/s, whereas the write value may vary slightly due to different test devices, but it has no bearing on the user’s daily needs.

It has no effect on the user’s daily shooting needs. Because the UHS-II card reader is not widely used, I chose to run the same test in the UHS-I specification card reader to see if the N502 can also achieve the nominal value of 95MB/s.

The N502 does not disappoint in terms of UHS-I performance; its read speed exceeds 95MB/s, and its write speed is close to the nominal value. As a result, even if the card reader in use does not currently support UHS-II specifications, users can still enjoy the N502’s smooth transfer experience. The N502’s high read/write speed enables it to easily handle the needs of professional photography.

The N502 can continue to function normally even after 0.1Gy X-rays, which is primarily used for X-ray scanning of equipment during security checks, so users do not need to remove the card to pass the security check. Furthermore, the N502 can operate normally in temperatures ranging from -25 to 80 °C and humidity levels ranging from 30 to 80 percent RH (non-condensing), allowing it to deal with a wide range of uncertain environmental factors in outdoor shooting.

In conclusion, because today’s shooting equipment is updated, storage devices must also continue to push the new. Imagine if the shooting process was hampered by constant card cache and forced equipment bricking, not only reducing efficiency but also missing the fleeting moment of shooting. As a result, the current stage of storage media is not only to provide users with ample capacity space, but also to provide us with solid shooting security and to fully exploit the best performance of each camera, allowing the shooter to focus more on the creation of works.

The Toshiba N502 is a memory card designed to meet the needs of all photographers, with efficient read and write rates, large storage capacity, and reliable data security. It is a worthy flagship product, and in terms of price, it is also extremely cost-effective; Toshiba’s quality in products in the same price range is quite outstanding. So, if you’re looking for a good and reasonably priced memory card in the near future, the Toshiba N502 is an excellent choice.