Embrace Cool New Species Enjoy Fashionable New Life Vidda V3f-pro Music Tv Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Young people want to live a cool life and are eager to learn new things, influencing the direction and trend of the times. According%20to%20BCG%27s%20%22New%20Trends%20in%20China%20Consumption%22%20report,%20%22the%20new%20consumption%20habits%20of%20young%20people%22,%20%22the%20rising%20affluent%20group%22%20and%20%22the%20opening%20of%20all This time, Vidda has made a strong move by collaborating with Kugou to create a “new species” V3F-PRO music TV, a Kugou co-branded music TV that is a breakthrough in terms of design, content quantity, hardware configuration, and software algorithm, meeting our dual needs for fashion trends and audio and video experiences. As a new home appliance tailored for young people, the Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has a design that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts and has received both the German IF Design Award and the International CMF Design Award, with every detail being finely handled.

The Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has a simple and refreshing design style, and the full-screen brings a wide display space. Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has a 55-inch version in addition to the 65-inch version that was released this time.

According to available data, the 55-inch model is the most popular among consumers, while the 65-inch model is the fastest growing in the market.

The bottom of the TV’s body is designed like an echo wall, with a youthful and energetic cardamom green injection molded front sound grille and a full row of dense sound holes signaling the TV’s strong audio output. The refined hemispherical polished metal steel bar suspension base of the Vidda V3F-PRO music TV is also eye-catching. Although it has simple lines, it can support a large 65-inch screen, just like today’s young people, and can withstand the heavy test of life and work.

In terms of interface, Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has a network port, USB port, HDMI port, audio/video input port, digital audio output (coaxial) port, and ANT 75 cable/antenna input port, so users can connect to game consoles, audio equipment, cable TV, etc. In addition to the TV itself, Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV’s remote control design is very unique, with a hollow design at the bottom, which is more fresh and artistic than the traditional remote control, and can be hung and placed if there is a hook design next to the living room sofa.

Music is a fashion trend as well as a universal way of life that can provide a steady source of positive energy. Unlike traditional TVs, Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV focuses on “music” fighting power, with both external and internal strengths, allowing us to experience the endless charm of music on the big screen. Externally, the Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV’s sound system is very powerful, equipped with 4*18W full-range speakers and 2*18W high-frequency speakers, with a total speaker power of 108W, the powerful output performance can cope with various styles of music playback At the same time, this audio system has a 2.0L large sound cavity, which greatly improves the loudness and low frequency quality, allowing the sound to burst out more directly to the heart of the pleasant sound.

WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.0 are also included to meet everyone’s “wireless” music pleasure. We tested the sound quality of Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV with lossless music files in order to experience it more intuitively, and the sound quality of Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV is quite excellent, with a high and surging audio part in the middle and high, and a thick and powerful bass without a sense of suppression. Furthermore, the sound of mechanical objects colliding with each other, as well as other detailed elements in the song, are fully preserved, and we can deeply feel the song’s fervent but somewhat sad emotions.

The Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV employs an innovative front-emitting sound design, which allows music to enter like waves, naturally avoiding the loss of sound reflection and thus making the actual sound quality more original. When discussing the inner strength of Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV, we must mention Kugou, China’s first music website, which was founded in 2004 and has accumulated a deep understanding of the sound presentation effect during its continuous evolution and gr

Vidda V3F-PRO music TV includes a built-in JUUI exclusive music channel with a waterfall design that caters to our young people’s aesthetic and usage habits, as well as new songs and albums, the hottest music videos, music radio, movie soundtracks, and other sections that cover various music attributes. We can grasp them first, whether it’s the classic old songs or the hot new songs, so that we can always grasp the pulse of fashion and be at the forefront of the trend. With the popularity of “online karaoke,” Vidda V3F-PRO music TV fully exploits the advantages of a large screen, transforming the living room into an exclusive karaoke field, where we can enjoy our singing in a more private space. The “embarrassing history” of being unable to find songs is now a thing of the past for the young crowd, and Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has captured our hearts in other ways as well.

Many people will go to the gym after work to stretch, but it’s not realistic to go every day, so Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has thoughtfully included a fitness channel with popular workout videos such as Cheng Doyen workout, easy fat loss exercises and

What excites us even more is that Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV includes a unique “Follow the Link” function. We can visually see the difference between our own movements and those of the coach thanks to the standard wide-view 1080P auto-lift camera, and the built-in AI system will provide us with real-time movement suggestions as well as cheer us on. The built-in AI system will make real-time action suggestions as well as cheer us on. We also discovered that the Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has a built-in punch card function, allowing us to track our daily efforts.

The Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV is not only our personal trainer, but also a great social system for the big screen. Although our friends and family are unable to meet at any time, we can hold a “tea party” via 6-way video call. For many people, watching a movie after work is a very good way to cultivate the body and mind.

Hisense’s superior picture quality tuning technology is fully demonstrated by Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV’s powerful hardware and software configuration.

The TV has a 3840*2160 screen resolution, which allows for the visualization of subtle elements, such as the skin texture and hair of the people in the test movie screen shots. The Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV’s colors are also pleasing, as the TV has a 130 percent REC BT.709 color gamut, which is a 30 percent increase in color compared to ordinary TV products. The blue sky, reflections on the car, and mottled oil on the ground were all visible in the actual test, and the true color rendering was evocative.

The Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV brilliantly brings out these fast-moving images in movies and TV movies that frequently feature intense fights or battle scenes. The TV includes MEMC motion compensation technology, which can make up frames for video content in real time. In the actual movie test, the picture rendering was very smooth, and each frame was as clear as a still, with no dragging or lagging at all, bringing us a smooth viewing experience.

At the same time, the 100-watt speakers of Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV also demonstrated their power, not only bringing us an excellent experience of being in the “emperor’s seat” with an accurate sense of sound orientation, but also various scenes of violent explosions that followed each other

It should be noted that the Vidda V3F-PRO music TV not only supports dual Dolby DTS decoding, which is very important to movie fans, but also incorporates dbx-tv technology, which is tuned by Les Tyler, the founder of dbx-tv, and Tim Brault, an expert in TV audio calibration, and has the triple excellent features of total splendor, total constant sound, and total surround sound.

With the help of this technology, the Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV’s 100-watt speakers are an added bonus. It must be said that Vidda V3F-PRO Music TV has firmly grasped our “pain point” of using TV, which is not only a TV that can watch movies and programs, but also a large-screen music platform with full professionalism, so that listening to songs, K songs, and enjoying music videos can bring a good experience. The addition of a wide-view 1080P auto-lift camera gives this TV more intelligent attributes and expands the skill tree, making it an all-around TV with audio and video experience, fitness functions, and social attributes, which I believe will bring the Young family a more energetic life.