Electricity Distance Is No Longer A Problem The Bull Mini Bobbin Experience Review

Foreword Whether it’s the iPhone XS Max or the computer that we use every day for work and entertainment, any digital home appliance is inextricably linked to electricity, and the socket is the best manager of this “electricity.” Now that the third edition of the new national standard for sockets has been fully popularized, socket manufacturers led by Bull have essentially updated their own sockets to meet the new national standard for safety sockets.Bulls mini cord tray (GN-802) The new national standard in the safety of the improvement is obvious to all, but in some special use scenarios we will be because the socket power cord is not long enough to cause trouble. We all know that the power cord of the vacuum cleaner plus the power cord of the socket is only about 5 meters long, but this is still insufficient for cleaning the room. At this point, the only option is to use another socket splicing, but there are hidden dangers in safety.

To address such issues, the Bull launched a new socket product – the Bull mini line tray (GN-802), so this socket in use can ultimately bring us the experience of upgrading? Today I will bring you an experience review of the Bull mini cable tray (GN-802).

Appearance: compact and easy to use In our opinion, power cord tray products are more bulky, but the product size of the Bull mini cable tray (GN-802) is only 204x144x122.5mm, which can be compared to the size of the iPhone XS Max on the left, such a compact size can meet most of the home environment. The 10-meter-long power cord coiled on the center bearing is built into the Bull mini bobbin (GN-802), and

Bull for each socket in the thoughtful design of anti-shock protection door, which for users to greatly enhance the safety of electricity, to solve the hidden danger of electric shock caused by accidental touch, in the front with 2 10A five-hole jack and 1 10A two-hole jack, can fully meet the daily vacuum cleaner, electric car charging and other use scenarios. And each plug sleeve is designed in one piece, so even if it is used for a long time, it will not easily loosen. In addition, there is a power switch and indicator on the front, in the normal use of the state, the indicator is red always on, when not in use, there is no light display, so we always know the current operating status of the cable tray.

Furthermore, the blue part in the middle is cleverly designed with a hidden handle, which allows users to store the power cord and simply reel it in like a fishing rod. Under the hidden handle, there is a red button, which users familiar with the socket should know is used to reset the button after overheating protection. The ability to store a 10-meter power cord in a cable tray the size of an iPhone XS Max demonstrates the maturity and dedication of Bull’s product structural design.

To improve the safety of electricity, the new version of the national standard for bobbins, GB/T 19637-2017-Electrical Accessories Cable Reels for Household and Similar Uses, has been officially implemented since February 1, 2018. The Bull Mini Cable Reel (GN-802) complies with the new version of the national standard for cable reels, which includes new requirements for protection doors, cables, and leakage protection functions. The power cord is designed with a thickened copper wire of 3x10mm2, bringing better conductivity and reduced heat generation, while the safer and wear-resistant PVC material is used at the power cord’s outer skin for a longer service life and greater peace of mind for users.

The design of the jack’s anti-touch protection door improves the safety factor of the Bull mini bobbin (GN-802). It prevents dust from entering and also ensures that users are not electrocuted if they accidentally touch the jack, and when opening the anti-touch protection door, both poles must be inserted at the same time to open it. Bull mini cable tray (GN-802) also supports overheating protection function, when sensing the working temperature is too high, it will carry out high temperature warning and automatically cut off the power, after cutting off we simply need to touch

The most important feature of line tray products is their lightness; a convenient mobile line tray can greatly improve the user’s feeling. The second is to be able to meet the needs of a diverse family’s electricity. I simulate the scene in the use of vacuum cleaners, the author of this vacuum cleaner power cord is only 3 meters, cleaning a small area or can, but once you want to clean a larger area, you need the bull mini cable tray (GN-802) to help.

Of course, in addition to the use of vacuum cleaners, it can be used, as the author usually light when you need to move the constant light to a place far from the socket, with the Bull mini cable tray (GN-802) can be used without regard to distance, the constant light will be pulled down every corner of the company can take pictures.