Easy To Create High-end Villa Living Room Theater! Benq I960l Laser Tv Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] In recent years, the home theater customization industry has grown rapidly, with demand for villa, large flat high-quality theater users steadily increasing year after year. The laser TV, as the core of the large-screen display, has become the center of attention for these high-quality theater users, while the living room is extremely important for villa and large flat users. How should the living room be set up to reflect the owner’s quality of life? Building a home theater system in the living room has become a popular option for many users. The emergence of laser TV is a good solution for users who can’t decide between a large LCD TV and a fixed projector.

The main character of today’s review is the BenQ i960L laser TV, an outstanding product that can be said to make every user who wants to build a home theater shine. True Color Superb Picture Quality The color of the display device is an important factor affecting the viewing effect, and BenQ has insisted on color accuracy since the establishment of the color lab. DCI-P3 is the current digital cinema industry color gamut standard, with a color space coverage 1.26 times wider than Rec.709 in the HD era, allowing for more realistic and accurate reproduction of film content.

Users can enjoy picture quality performance at home that is comparable to that of theaters with the help of this technology.

Color is the most important aspect of picture performance, and users require realistic restored color, as well as clear and delicate picture. We can see from the screen shot that this laser TV enhances the color of the image by intensifying the processing of the middle tone. The colors in the image are vivid but not over-saturated, the transition is natural, the distinction is obvious, no color overflow is found, and the original colors of the movie can be accurately restored.

Furthermore, to achieve a higher quality picture effect, this machine is equipped with BenQ’s exclusive CinemaMaster Video image enhancement technology, which includes features such as pixel enhancement, skin tone restoration, color enhancement, and 4K motion compendium. Because the screen is large enough, it gives the impression that the entire face is right in front of you, which is quite powerful. The overall color temperature is warm, similar to that of a movie theater, and will be more pleasing to the eyes.

The BenQ i960L is equipped with exclusive HDR technology and supports both HDR10 and HLG formats. The HDR10 standard was used to create the film “Billy Lynn’s halftime show.” The high dynamic range is one of the main characteristics of HDR images, and the perfect presentation of HDR images necessitates a display device with high brightness performance. The scene in the above screen shot of the halftime performance moment is very colorful, character skin tone restoration is more accurate, and light and dark transition is more natural.

The separation between the main character Billy Lynn and the distant background is very high, with clear layers and an excellent sense of three-dimensionality.

The sun shines vertically in the above image of the state of preparation at noon, and you can see that the faces and walls show an extremely realistic sense of the hot sun, and you can feel the scorching heat of the scene. The details of machine guns, helmets, and bulletproof vests are very clear in the darker parts, and the contrast between light and dark in the overall picture is quite strong. We watched a clip of “Nezha’s Magic Boy Descending” online, which had both high light parts and was filled with dark night scenes.

The dynamic range of the BenQ Laser TV was extremely wide, with bright highlights that were not overexposed and dark details that were well preserved. With a 4K resolution of 3840*2160, ANSI brightness of 3000 lumens, plus the gain effect of the screen, and a contrast ratio of 500000:1, this product is worthy of the name Laser TV.

We tested it by playing a 4K HD video, the picture performance of BenQ i960L laser TV is really clear and smooth, the detail part is also presented to the fullest, in addition th

All of the above screen shots were taken in a normally bright living room environment, and the picture was not significantly affected, resulting in a consistent visual experience even when the lights were turned off. The picture performance is basically comparable to those high-end large-screen LCD TVs on the market, and while the price is less than half, the cost performance can be seen as very high. Intelligent experience Contracted entertainment BenQ i960L laser TV is equipped with Android system, configured with 3GB running memory and 16GB body storage, has a library of MangoTV content resources, and supports voice remote control.

The board bar at the top is for boutique, video, games, apps, management, and my apps. The middle section displays the main application content, Galaxy Kiwi, Cloud Audition Aurora, and CIBN Cool Meow Movie, allowing you to watch popular movies and TV shows on your laser TV. There are also resources for education and fitness, so the whole family can have a good time.

This laser TV also supports mobile device casting function, whether it is Android, Apple phone, Mac and Windows PC, it can be easily connected to it, and then easily play various resources, and users can easily complete all settings with the remote control. Stylish Design C-suite BenQ i960L Laser TV includes a stylish and lightweight main unit and a 100 light-reflective screen.

The appearance is a combination of metal and fabric design, with a very artistic overall visual effect; placed in the living room, it also reflects the C-suite temperament. The difference between traditional projectors can be seen in the appearance and design alone; regardless of material, craftsmanship, or design sense, the BenQ i960L laser TV is more like conforming to the design language of television rather than projection. The 500*388*157mm size and 9.9KG weight is very light compared to the same size LCD TV that weighs more than 100 pounds.

This laser TV is specially designed with a motorized sliding door that opens and closes in 9 seconds, which not only provides better visual effects, but also better protection for the lens. After opening the sliding door, there is the lens, which is placed in the middle of the host and appears very low-profile; the two sides are cooling ducts, concave beveled grille is very design sense, and can effectively prevent dust accumulation.

The two USB ports on the side are also very user-friendly, allowing users to plug and unplug their storage devices to watch movies whenever they want, rather than having to plug them in blindly on the back.

The back of the unit is outfitted with two HDMI 2.0 ports, one USB port, one VGA port, one network cable jack, and one SPDIF port, which can basically meet the user’s daily use needs. The design of the remote control is also eye-catching, with a simple white color to match the body and an easy-to-use button layout. The remote control also has a microphone and supports voice control, and the screen is quite large in comparison to the TV.

It is a passive design that does not require any power and is light enough to be hung on a wall or shelf. This light-resistant giant screen can effectively improve the overall brightness and contrast of the screen, and can be viewed normally indoors during the day.

To allow users to easily adjust the screen size, the bottom of the body is also specially designed to position the structural ruler, and the user can easily adjust the screen size after ensuring the vertical distance between the body and the curtain. Even after the user has moved the machine’s position, it can still be adjusted to the exact position using the positioning structure ruler.

In terms of sound, BenQ i960L Laser TV employs professional audio (5W*2) that has been meticulously tuned by the treVolo Golden Ear team, with 5 scene sound modes, namely: theater mode, music mode, sports mode, game mode, and standard mode. Content, equipped with an intelligent Android system, with a large number of film and television drama resources, and 4K high-quality blockbuster movies that you want to see The i960L laser TV paved the way for laser TV to become more popular in homes.