Dr. Pole’s Classroom: Is Magsafe Wireless Charging For Iphone 12 A Black Technology Or An Iq Tax?

[Bestbuy618 mobile channel]In terms of improving charging efficiency, the iPhone 12 is a good example of “toothpaste” – from 18W to 20W (due to the removal of the charger and headphones from the package, which must be purchased separately)! Well, Apple. But Apple has also come up with a way to soothe users’ broken hearts – MagSafe wireless charging. In terms of actual experience, this issue of “Dr.” “Pole Classroom” will lead you to the answer.

MagSafe is compatible with existing Qi wireless chargers, but Apple has added magnets to the phone that allow the iPhone 12 series to automatically and precisely align with the MagSafe magnetic charger to avoid the phone not charging properly or reducing charging efficiency due to not being accurately placed in the coil position.

Notably, the iPhone 12 captures magnetic flux via a custom nano-scale crystal panel, and also includes two new sensors – single-turn coil NFC and high-sensitivity magnetometer – that sense magnetic field strength and can react immediately to identify accessories for a better experience of using magnetic accessories. When the iPhone’s lightning port is occupied by headphones, microphones, and other accessories, it can also be charged via MagSafe to avoid the phone running out of power while shooting videos or live streaming. Only during the charging process will a MagSafe charger emit more visible heat; whether this is acceptable depends on the individual; and whether MagSafe will result in various card demagnetization.. We didn’t even try.

However, the iPhone 12 and MagSafe charger magnetism is real. extremely powerful In light of the information available online and Apple’s response, it is prudent to keep your credit and debit cards secure.

MagSafe, which supports magnetic suction, alleviates some of the issues that may arise when wireless charging; however, how efficient is MagSafe’s charging efficiency with a power of 15W? We tested it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the results are as follows. All of the chargers used are official Apple 20W chargers. The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery level increased from 1% to 24% after charging for 30 minutes with MagSafe, while 20W wired charging already charged the phone to 51%. After 2 hours, MagSafe had charged the iPhone 12 Pro Max to 80%, while wired charging had fully charged the phone.

After charging to 80 percent, MagSafe’s charging rate dropped significantly, and charging to 100 percent took a total of 260 minutes. Charging the phone while sleeping appears to be acceptable, but in other scenarios, the speed is likely to cause concern. When the iPhone 12 series was released, Apple also released a series of MagSafe magnetic accessories, including a new generation of official phone cases and MagSafe leather card cases for iPhone (none of which are inexpensive). So, will MagSafe charging efficiency be affected after wearing the official or third-party cases? According to Dr.

Pole’s actual test results have an effect.

Wireless charging via MagSafe for the iPhone 12 Pro Max in three scenarios: charging without a case, charging with an official case, and charging with a third-party MagSafe compatible case (with magnetic effect). The test results are shown in the figure below, and there is no difference in charging efficiency between the three cases during the first 30 minutes of charging. Interestingly, the charging efficiency of the MagSafe compatible third-party case is very close to that of the official case at first, but after the power is increased to 60%, the charging efficiency of the official case is slower; if you need a fast charge, MagSafe is not a wired charging rival at all and is not worth purchasing.

If you want to try out a new wireless charging experience and don’t mind the slow charging speed, you can buy it for $329. If you just want to experience wireless charging, don’t other Qi wireless chargers smell good? If you’re an older iPhone user, unless you want to recharge your faith, the MagSafe charger is even less worth buying. The MagSafe’s key magnetic experience will be lost without the optimized magnet, and you will be unable to enjoy 15W charging efficiency. The actual MagSafe charging iPhone 11 Pro Max test took nearly four hours to increase the power from 1% to 80%…

In short, MagSafe’s adsorption to the iPhone 12 series “snap” and unique animation is very ritualistic as a charger, but excluding these 329 yuan is to pay the IQ tax to Apple, it’s better to use the 20W wired charging that’s not as fast but faster than MagSafe, and there’s not much difference in efficiency between Apple’s new 20W wired charger and the 18W charger that came standard with the previous generation iPhone 11 Pro series You can also save $149 if you have an 18W charger…