Double The Evolution Brings Double The Pleasure With The Immersive Experience Of Iqoo Neo5s

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] The iQOO Neo5 release listing appears to be yesterday, with strong performance configuration and excellent appearance design to attract consumers’ attention, the launch full of dry goods is still fresh in people’s minds until now. Of course, there is no shortage of new products to end the year since the early spring goodies. On December 20, iQOO officially launched a new member of the Neo family – iQOO Neo5S, a strong dual-core that brings double the joy that most people do not experience.

Next, let’s open an iQOO Neo5S immersive hands-on experience. The iQOO Neo5S is a combination of strong performance and a stylish body, available in three colorways: Night Space, Sunset Canyon, and Orange Leap.

All three colorways are made of AG frosted glass with a higher haze, which has a stronger frosted texture and a smoother touch, and is also less prone to fingerprinting. bestbuy618 got its hands on the mysteriously deep Night Space colorway, weighing only 196g, easy to hold in your hand, the rounded frame fits well with your hand and has a good grip. The back cover has a unique matrix camera design with a metallic camera module, precision machining process, and extreme matte sandblasting oxidation process, which makes the back cover visually cleaner; the glossy texture of the cloud step contrasts with the frosted texture of the back cover to form a light and matte, with a sense of hierarchy and design.

On the front, the iQOO Neo5S has a 6.62-inch AMOLED straight screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080, can intelligently adjust the refresh rate, up to 120Hz refresh rate support, the screen compared to the traditional 60Hz the biggest role is to demonstrate a more fluid UI animation, so that the system in the view more smooth and smooth. The screen also supports international HDR10 certification, which is excellent for both control and picture quality presentation, making us especially excited about its gaming performance. As the game’s characters continue to develop, a pile of resources out of a good suit, the late kill will also become easy. However, if the “role” is the phone, the beginning of the experience is frequently limited to the upper limit.

The iQOO Neo5S is a new interpretation of “tough dual-core, hot and cool to play,” and it continues the iQOO brand of raw and tough.

The iQOO Neo5S is powered by a powerful dual-core Snapdragon 888 flagship processor and a one-of-a-kind graphics chip Pro. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform using a 5nm process, A78 architecture, CPU performance increased by 25%, GPU performance increased by 35%, performance The iQOO Neo5S is an excellent performance experience with the LPDDR5 UFS 3.1 “performance triangle.” According to AnTuTu run data, Snapdragon 888 has over 860,000 points, which will provide iQOO Neo5S surging power. The iQOO Neo5S will be equipped with a newly upgraded Solo chip Pro. In general, the processor bears a heavy rendering task in high-load scenarios; the higher the quality and frame rate of the game screen, the greater the challenge for the chip, along with the possibility of heat, power consumption, game frame drops, and other issues.

The Solo Chip Pro is a unique graphics chip that can help the SoC share some of the pressure, while maintaining a high frame rate, the SoC needs to take on less rendering, and also to achieve power consumption control. With the addition of the Solo Chip Pro, iQOO Neo5S brings unique MEMC motion calculation and compensation technology, and the GPU high load rendering screen work is partially shared by the Solo Chip. With the power of the Solo Chip Pro, the iQOO Neo5S can interpolate the screen for some games.

For example, in the game “King of Honor,” the device can maintain more than 120 minutes of continuous stable output while running a full 120 fps screen, resulting in a more smooth and silky experience. The addition of the Solo Chip Pro allows the iQOO Neo5S to gain even more performance improvements while fully ushering in the era of high frame rate and low power consumption.

In addition to “Honor of Kings,” it will support the native high frame rate mode of popular head games like “Skyward Sword,” “Ace Attorney,” “Naruto,” “QQ Speed,” and others. It is also worth noting that the iQOO Neo5S supports VRS variable resolution rendering technology, which can provide players with a stable and immersive gaming experience.

The iQOO Neo5S is an innovative solution to the problem of heat dissipation, increasing the overall thermal conductivity of the phone by up to 200 percent, not only effectively reducing the game caused by heat drop, lagging phenomenon, but also improving the body temperature caused by the poor grip, which is an important help for hand gamers to hack on the score.

Furthermore, in the game and video experience, iQOO Neo5S from the audio source, transmission, playback, and listening to the four dimensions, the formation of the entire chain of sound quality improvement, the optimization of the entire chain to make audio quality more high fidelity, whether headphones or external scenes can get a better sense of hearing, for example, in the need to hear the sound of FPS games, without headphones can also clearly distinguish the enemy’s orien And, based on the characteristics of the human ear and different people’s preferences for customized listening optimization, to bring more immersive audio and visual effects, to assist super gamers to enjoy the exclusive high frame rate game experience immersive listening experience, it is easy to see that under the escort of strong cooling capacity, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor and the newly upgraded Solo Chip Pro brings strong performance and high frame rate. It can be charged in 37 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about your phone’s battery life or charging too slowly, and you can solve your anxiety quickly. 20 minutes to 70%, fast and not hot, 37 minutes to complete charging, no need to worry about phone battery life

The iQOO Neo5S features a classic Sony IMX598 48 megapixel OIS main camera, a 13 megapixel 120° ultra wide angle lens, and a 2 megapixel black and white lens in the rear triple camera module. The iQOO Neo5S main camera is excellent in low-light conditions, rich in detail, and has a bright picture thanks to Vivo’s excellent color tuning; white balance restoration is close to human eye perception, and highlight details can be significantly retained.

In low light conditions, iQOO Neo5S has the support of OIS optical stabilization technology and Super Night View algorithm, which automatically adjusts to reduce image blur caused by hand shake, in low brightness, sports and long exposure scenes, are able to shoot clearer pictures; ultra-wide angle has details lost, but the overall picture of the color is bright and pleasant, belonging to a very durable type; 2 million macro The camera’s details Furthermore, when users have travel information, such as airline reservations, the system will extract important information from the lock screen, and users can still control a number of third-party music apps (including mainstream platforms such as NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Himalaya) directly from the Atomic component on the desktop. Sliding left in the morpher reveals that the system style column can already accept wallpaper-based colors, which will be applied to the system’s drop-down icons and settings icons.

On native Android, users can turn off the full limit of camera and recording with a single click, causing all apps that intend to monitor users’ privacy to become “blind,” but Vivo directly built in an atomic privacy system, to which users can add apps, pictures, videos, and other files, and the content added to the privacy system will no longer be displayed in the normal system, achieving complete isolation and protection. Furthermore, the privacy system will perform owner recognition, i.e. Overall, Vivo OriginOS Ocean’s extremely avant-garde design keeps OriginOS unique in the mobile market, and the desktop launcher designed for all users reduces the learning cost of using it.

In terms of functionality, Vivo has its own more thoughtful features, such as a privacy system that can truly touch users’ pain points.

This year, many manufacturers launched many new machines, but let people regret that many smartphones only specialize in one aspect, can completely take into account all aspects but very few, but iQOO Neo5S did, iQOO Neo5S continue the strong performance gene, the birth of dual-core and evolution is committed to providing users with excellent performance experience, and provide exclusive game optimization, which also makes it in many end of the year This makes iQOO Neo5S The flagship fast charging experience, imaging, and system aspects all receive significant upgrades, ushering in a new generation of performance flagships. At the same time, in terms of overall strength, the iQOO Neo5S is an excellent choice.