Direxion Helps You Refuse Subhealth Master Master Chair (massage Version) Needle Does Not Poke

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]These days, with the increasing intensity and pressure of people’s work, we each spend far more than 8 hours at work, especially sitting in the workers’ offices, with frequent overtime, so that the time of ambulatory work is a significant increase. It is not an exaggeration to say that the chair is almost our second “bed” for modern office workers. It is reported that prolonged sedentary will cause a great burden on the human cervical spine, lumbar spine, spine, seemingly smaller problems are everywhere endangering your health, which in the long run will cause stiffness and pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, lumbar disc protrusion, poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, and a series of problems. Compared to their own gaming chairs, the series does not use the eye-catching appearance design, but choose a style more in line with the home and office environment, while slightly lighter luxury modeling, so that the overall product is full of a sense of calm atmosphere.

This time to the station is a different version of the product: Direxion DXRACER Master Chair (massage version), which is based on the standard model but adds the function of electric massage and one-touch heating.

In many ways, the Master Master chair (massage version) and its siblings are not identical. It still uses the racing chair’s special skeleton, all-steel skeleton, which can not only provide reliable support and stability, but also to provide protection for its own quality, and, of course, the official commitment to a lifetime warranty to protect the product. Master chair (massage version) adopts a humanized safety tray certified by BIFMA standard, to ensure safety while also making its control more comfortable, can quickly adjust the lift, and switch 15 ° getaway function.

Seat back and seat fabric, the use of racing chairs special microfiber leather, which has excellent wear resistance and tensile strength, and compared to traditional leather in the feel is also more comfortable. Speaking of “microfiber leather,” its full name is “microfiber-reinforced leather,” is the highest technology content of artificial leather, as a new type of leather, microfiber leather has the advantages of wear resistance, cold resistance, and abrasion resistance.

At the same time, it passed the SGS international testing certification, indicating that it is fully compliant with internationally recognized standards.

The Master chair (massage version) also employs the BIFMA-certified, SGS four-star air rod, which significantly improves the protection factor. The chair feet are very cost-effective nylon feet with 60mm rollers, so the seat has a higher load-bearing, stick to the ground more stable at the same time, and the movement is also more smooth. Master Master chair (massage version) can be found in the accessories only more remote control and power adapter, the rest are consistent with the standard model.

Users can install and debug using the included instructions and installation tools. If you are installing this type of seat for the first time, you only need to pay attention to the following points.

1. When installing the backrest, it is recommended that the left and right cross diagonal positioning screws be used, as this method can play a fast fixing role.

2, the bottom butterfly tray in the installation should not be installed backwards, which can be judged by the cushion below the existing adjustment lever, and keep the same direction with it is the correct installation. 3, do not forget to install the headrest frame on the limit device, which can ensure that when you adjust the headrest, you will not accidentally pull it out. Of course, if you want to remove the headrest, simply pull it out.

4, remember to plug the connecting cable, as well as the remote control interface, into the back of the chair and the cushion. Master Master chair (massage version) installation is finished! Master Master chair (massage version) after assembly is finished, we come to the actual experience of this product.

180-centimeter-tall people can sit comfortably in the seat thanks to the large and comfortable backrest and cushion. The two wings of the perfectly wrapped upper and lower torso into the seat “arms.”

The headrest has an innovative 6-speed adjustable track design that can be raised and lowered by 6cm to set the right height for people of different heights, providing the best head support and allowing the cervical spine to be fully relaxed. It is worth noting that users can change the ordinary headrest to a Bluetooth music headrest based on their own requirements. With careful observation, many people will become accustomed to the lumbar back cushion pillow, which is actually because they sit in the chair, in the lumbar position does not give to the brace. Master chair (massage version) in the back part of the chair references the concept of ergonomics, for the user in the lumbar position set up a hidden waist adjustment, can be adjusted to the most comfortable degree through the knob on the side of the back of the chair, to avoid the embarrassing situation of the waist hanging without support, and users can quickly switch between work mode, entertainment mode, rest mode by adjusting the angle of the backrest.

The master chair (massage version) supports backrest adjustment in the range of 90 ° to 155 °, recommended when working at 90 ° to 100 °, entertainment recommended at 100 ° to 120 °, rest 120 ° to 155 ° is the best, and it also supports 15° getaway angle under the reclining angle, just pull the bottom adjustment lever outward, you can instantly transform the seat into a rocking chair, providing users with a super comfortable way to rest. It’s also worth noting that the tray’s bottom has a getaway strength adjustment knob that can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.

The armrests of the Master Master Chair (massage version) are wide and soft, with a leather wrapped sponge design and a 3D multi-adjustment function, making the armrests both comfortable and practical. As a structured modular design of the Master chair (massage version), it can support with such as: multi-functional bracket, shelf, cup holder, and other accessories; front and back translation to fit the arm position of sitting and lying down; armrest surface left and right 15 ° rotation, can meet the office typing and leisure and entertainment free switch. Furthermore, it supports the replacement of mesh cushions, allowing users to enjoy the cool experience of the seat in the summer.

When compared to its sister products, the most notable feature of the Master Master chair (massage version) is the massage and cushion heating function. The remote control is simple and easy to use, open the electric switch can be freely switched through the button 1 to 5 a total of five different modes, the five modes are rotating massage back, waist, buttocks, legs, the difference is that different parts of the massage rotation interval time, can be adjusted acc Of course, you can also directly click on the specific parts of the button below for individual massage. Strength control is divided into 1 to 3 grades for a total of three adjustable strength, with the larger the number indicating the stronger the strength.

A small test allows us to feel the difference in the strength of each file. 1 grade strength

2-speed strength 3-speed strength When we press the heating button, we can clearly feel the heat emanating from the cushion. Especially in the southern winter’s cold indoor environment, the one-touch heating function is extremely useful. When combined with the massage function, it is very conducive to the blood circulation of the hips and legs, while warming also provides health protection.

The same test is run to determine the actual performance of the heating mode. When the heating mode was not turned on, the surface temperature of the cushion was 13.1°C, but after a short period of time, the temperature reached 28.6 °C. If you add your own body temperature, this temperature value will be higher, so Master Master Chair (massage version) is truly a gospel for those who are afraid of the cold.

It is also worth noting that when the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, the heating function will automatically stop to avoid overheating, which causes discomfort to the human body. There are many seat brands on the market, and in order to meet the preferences of consumers in pursuit of appearance, have focused their research and development on the face of the chair, resulting in many chairs in vain, many designs and unreasonable, resulting in users if they sit for a long time, but will produce irreversible damage to health.

And the Master Master chair (massage version) appeared to completely demolish the situation.

To be honest, during the test of the Master Master Chair (massage version), many colleagues involved in the test are reluctant to get up. This is due to Direxion DXRACER always incorporating an ergonomic concept into the product, so that each product can hit the user pain points, to meet the diverse needs of daily office, entertainment, and leisure, and this time to ensure the safety quality and product quality at the same time, the Master chair added massage and heating function, in addition to modern workers to improve office efficiency, but also their health escort.