Differences Between Iphonese3 And Iphone11: With A Price Difference Of 400 Yuan, Which Model Is More Worth Buying?

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The national version of Apple’s new iPhone SE3 will be available for only 3499 yuan at the company’s 2022 Spring Festival launch. Although the iPhoneSE2 is two hundred yuan more expensive than the iPhoneSE2 two years ago, the new A15 bionic chip, which also supports the 5G network, is undoubtedly the “annual true flavor of the phone.” Despite the fact that the iPhone 11 is only about 400 yuan more expensive than the iPhone SE3, which was released two years ago, the function is still very comprehensive.
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a Price disparity

Many people think the $3499 iPhoneSE3 is a good deal; the storage capacity is 64GB, but the A15 bionic chip and iPhone13-like performance are impressive. You should know that the iPhone 13 starts at 5999 yuan, while the iPhone 11 starts at 3799 yuan. Both phones have 64GB of storage, and the price difference between the iPhone SE3 and the iPhone 13 is only 400 yuan, which is a very small difference.

2nd Differences in screens

The iPhoneSE3 body appearance and iPhoneSE2 likeness are the design choices for the iPhone8, and the screen is a 4.7-inch Retina HD screen with a resolution of 1334 * 740 and a pixel density of 326ppi. The screen on the iPhone 11 is slightly larger, with a resolution of 1792 * 828 pixels and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. In addition to a slightly larger screen, the iPhone11 has a resolution that isn’t much higher than the iPhoneSE3.

three Comparison of processors

The iPhone13 has an A15 processor, while the iPhone11 has an A13 processor. In terms of multi-core performance, the A15 is a notch higher than the A13. Furthermore, the A15 bionic chip has 16 network nerve cores, whereas the A13 only has 8 network nerve cores. So, in terms of video recording and shooting, the A15’s advantages can be seen as long as the AI computing performance is used. The A13’s shortcomings will be fully exposed in the CPU and GPU performance competition. But, on the other hand, can users really feel the difference?

a) a comparison of lenses

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The iPhone11 has two rear lenses, one more than the iPhoneSE3 group of ultra-wide angle lenses. Furthermore, iPhone11 has a night mode, whereas iPhoneSE3 does not, demonstrating Apple’s stinginess. However, because the iPhoneSE3 has an A15 bionic chip, the smart HD4 shooting effect will be superior to that of the iPhone11.

In terms of the front lens, the iPhone11 has a TrueDepth frame with 12 million pixels, whereas the iPhoneSE3 has a very old front lens with only 7 million pixels, which does not support Apple’s own emoji function. Because the front lens on the iPhone SE3 is only 7 million pixels, it does not support 1080P video recording or video calling.

Face recognition in 5.3 dimensions and fingerprint unlock

The iPhone SE3 has a traditional fingerprint unlock system, whereas the iPhone 11 has a 3D face unlock system. Both features have their own benefits, but it’s embarrassing that iOS 15.4 doesn’t allow you to unlock the 3D face recognition feature by wearing a mask.

(6) Support for the network

The iPhone SE3 can connect to a 5G network, whereas the iPhone 11 can only connect to a 4G network. iPhone11 is a bit behind in the current era of 5G, which is about to be fully covered. WIFI, on the other hand, is the same; it all depends on the needs of the user.

a. Life of the battery

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According to the most recent Apple official give life results, the iPhoneSE3 can play continuous video for 15 hours, while the iPhone11 can only play continuous video for 17 hours. In terms of streaming media, the iPhoneSE3 and iPhone11 both have a battery life of 10 hours. In fact, the iPhoneSE3 battery capacity is not as good as the iPhone11’s, but the battery life is still inferior due to the A15 chip’s low-power performance.
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To summarize, the iPhone11 is more cost-effective, but I recommend the iPhoneSE3 instead. From a functional standpoint, don’t overlook the iPhoneSE3, which, in addition to being less expensive than the iPhone11, is also equipped with the A15 bionic chip.
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The $3499 iPhoneSE3 is definitely for you if you just want a convenient and good model with simple features. If you have a greater need for shooting and overall performance, the iPhone 11 is the more cost-effective option.