Designer In-depth Experience Tells You: Why Choose A Designer Pc

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] On July 22, Intel launched the “Creative Design PC” category and collaborated with 20 OEMs to develop more than 100 products; designers have access to exclusive “productivity tools.” Prior to the release of the creative design PC, purchasing a PC was a difficult task for designers who did not understand the computer configuration parameters. With the emergence of the creative design PC category, a large number of special PCs for designers have emerged in the market, from appearance to configuration to meet the needs of designers, bringing a more efficient creative experience. According to designers, the release of creative design PCs provides them with a clearer scope and target for purchasing equipment, allowing them to directly select their own productivity tools based on their needs, with key information that designers can “read,” such as how much performance improvement the designer PC brings in terms of image and video processing; how much performance improvement is brought by using the designer PC; and how much performance improvement is brought by using the designer PC. How much performance improvement; using the designer PC color display than other categories of products more accurate…

Mechanic released the “Machcreator” creator series for creative design people, including notebooks and desktops, as one of the first manufacturers to launch an innovative design PC. Bestbuy618 invited professional designers to experience the latest Machcreator-M designer book, as seen in the video below, to better understand the needs of creative designers for PC and the criteria for purchasing PC.

Thin, portable, and high value As described in the video, the designer crowd has high expectations for the value of the PC, and as the work environment has expanded from the company, studio, to travel out and other mobile office scenarios, the need for notebooks with strong performance at the same time, but also enough portable, has increased. As a result, the Mechanic Machcreator-M creator design book with minimalist design concept has been welcomed by the designer crowd. The appearance is understated and introverted, and it can be integrated into a variety of use environments, such as the office, coffee shops, and airports, without making people feel abrupt, and it complements the image of the creative designer.

On the other hand, the mechanic creator design book is as thin as 18.2mm, light as 1.7kg, no need for a duffel bag, using the girl’s favorite handbag, satchel can easily be included in the computer, whether out to meet customers to touch the program, or traveling to carry can further reduce the burden. At the same time, thanks to the magnesium alloy material, the strength and reliability of the body are also guaranteed, without fear of daily bumps, eliminating worries. What you see on the screen is what you get Designer users not only pay attention to the value, but also very sensitive to “color,” otherwise how to create a colorful black?

As a result, the Mechanic Creators design book includes a 100 percentsRGB professional display with factory color calibration, which improves color accuracy and ensures that what you see is what you get during the design process. At the same time, this 1080P resolution 15.6-inch screen supports 178 ° wide viewing angle, and narrow bezel design, further enhancing visual perception, immersion, and allowing designers to create a more focused, immersive sense. The “What You See Is What You Get” display is an important reason for designers to choose a creative design PC, but there is one more point of concern: scalability! Unlike many thin and light laptops, the mechanic creator design book has a wealth of interfaces in the pursuit of thin and light portable at the same time, so scalability is very strong.

With a full range of interfaces, the mechanic creator design book can be connected to a variety of peripherals at the same time, and support three 4K resolution monitors to achieve three-screen interconnection on the left and right sides of the body and the rear end, with a number of USB interfaces and a network interface, two mini DP, and an HDMI interface. As a result, designers can expand the material, software tools, and other commonly used windows one by one, making them easier to view and operate, in order to avoid frequent switching on a single screen, which reduces efficiency. It is worth noting that, because the video expansion interface of the mechanic creator design book is located at the back of the body, connecting multiple monitors will not cause desktop clutter due to the cable.

High efficiency and reliability with strong performance Prior to the emergence of creative design PC, designer users purchasing equipment could be broadly referred to as “high-performance” PC, because whether it is graphic design, film and television post-production, or architectural modeling, all require strong performance support, which is also the common point of all designer PC. The Mechanic Machcreator-M creator is no exception, and its excellent configuration provides additional peace of mind for creative designers. The Machcreator-M is equipped with a ninth-generation Intel Core i7 9750H processor with a 2.6GHz TDP of 45W, 6 cores and 12 threads, and 12MB of Level 3 cache, providing a 28 percent overall performance increase over the i7 8750H.

In 4K video editing, laptops equipped with the i7 9750H outperform enthusiast laptops from three years ago by 54%. Furthermore, Intel is collaborating with Adobe and other software and game developers to complete in-depth optimization of software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other popular designer applications.

The graphics card, the mechanic creator design book with 6GB GDDR6 memory NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, memory frequency equivalent 14000MHz, memory bandwidth 336GB / s, is significantly improved over the GTX 1060. Although the RTX 2060 and NVIDIA’s newly released GTX 16 series graphics cards both use the Turing (Turing) architecture, as a member of the RTX camp, the RTX 2060 also has a separate ray tracing hardware core (RT Core) and Tensor Core, which can better support real-time ray tracing and DLSS technology. The latest generation of processors and graphics cards are a powerful combination with dual-channel memory and high-capacity SSD storage, enhancing the smoothness of the system and the excellent performance of the Mechanic’s creator design book under high load. For PC hardware, designers frequently hang on the phrase “solid state drive (SSD) is a must!” Solid-state drives read and write efficiency by tens of times, compared to mechanical hard drives.

Because creative design PCs have a specific target audience, manufacturers make adjustments when introducing new products. In terms of product performance, unlike thin and light notebooks and gaming notebooks, designers can easily see the results of the manufacturer’s tests for the software commonly used by designers, allowing designers to more intuitively understand the latest creative design PC to bring efficiency improvements. For example, the mechanic will Machcreator-M creator’s performance is introduced to include the test results of Adobe Lightroom, Autodesk Revit, and other designer-specific software for easy reference, fully taking into account the needs of designers to buy.

Furthermore, considering video and animation rendering applications, which require the computer to run under high load for a long time, the creative design PC also has a reliable design in terms of heat dissipatio The Machcreator-M has a large area cooling grill, four air vents, a large area even thermal plate, and a 360° circular turbo cooling system with “4 3” cooling copper pipes and dual fans that is stable and reliable. After 40 minutes of baking, the average temperature of the CPU and GPU is around 84°C, which is a very good performance for a thin and light high-performance PC. Furthermore, the Machcreator-M has undergone multiple quality tests, including body strength test, system pressure test, high/low temperature test, screen pressure test, drop test, keyboard test, battery test, and so on.

to alleviate designers’ concerns

The answer to the questions “why designers choose creative design PC” and “what makes Machcreator-M creator recognized by designers” has already jumped off the paper. Machcreator-M creator from the outside and inside for designers to “customize” as a creative designer “exclusive and efficient productivity tools”, the body is thin and portable in line with the trend of mobile office, simple appearance in line with the designers’ pursuit of value In terms of productivity, the CPU, GPU, memory, storage, scalability, and heat dissipation are all fully considered for high load requirements to ensure high efficiency, which is critical for designers “racing against time”!

With the introduction of the creative design PC, designers now have a clear option to avoid increasing the cost of purchase in a sea of machines. Furthermore, the Mechanic Machcreator-M creator’s powerful performance and excellent display effect enable it to play in addition to the creative design field; for young trendy designers, the game catching up naturally does not matter, to do a machine in the hands of work and entertainment both!