Deerclick Smart Fingerprint Lock Classic 2s Review: Close The Door Automatically Lock Security And Peace Of Mind

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] With the evolution and development of IoT, AI, 5G, and cloud computing technologies, smart home has finally moved from concept to reality, and everyone from home appliance manufacturers to start-ups to internet behemoths have staked their bets on this new continent. Microsoft’s commercial “Microsoft Smart Home” at the end of the last century demonstrated the imagination of smart home and smart door lock application at the time – the owner opened the door lock by facial recognition in front of the door. So, after more than a decade of development and upgrading, people’s lives are inextricably linked to door locks, which have finally reached thousands of households.

It is understood that the current entry into the field of intelligent door locks has more than a thousand companies, intelligent door locks with more security than ordinary door locks, more convenient, and many other advantages, have become the first choice of consumers. During this year’s 618 e-commerce shopping festival, sales of smart door locks in the e-commerce channel to grow explosively.

Among them, the deer guest intelligent door lock has total sales of 126 million in the entire channel, and several major e-commerce platforms have softened their stance on a variety of champions. Why are consumers willing to pay for the deer intelligent door lock? This frequently has to do with the product quality, safety performance, and other factors.

Bestbuy618 recently had the honor of ushering in the latest intelligent door lock product Deer Classic 2S. Lucer Classic 2S has four major security innovations, reducing home security risks and providing users with a greater sense of security. First, Classic 2S fully automatic locking, the user will automatically lock the door lock after closing the door; second, in the majority of core components, this product uses a straight C-class lock core, the highest security standards in the industry, even if the panel is damaged still cannot reach the clutch and open the lock, security is more secure; third, Classic 2S in the material has also been upgraded, the use of violence-resistant Impact of the zinc alloy panel, the security is more secure;

Bestbuy618 review team from the perspective of consumer demand and use, the deer Classic 2S appearance function, unlocking mode, APP operation, and security performance of the new smart door lock four aspects of the detailed review experience, hope to provide some useful help and reference for consumers in the purchase. A, the appearance of the function It has a linear design, one IML on the front panel, is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and exudes a sense of hard technology. Obsidian black adds mystery to give people a sense of security. The entire door lock is as sophisticated as a “gentleman.”

Deer Classic 2S packaging display Deer Classic 2S lock body and accessories show Deer Classic 2S is not only the appearance of more “substance,” but it uses a straight C-class lock core, which can resist technical unlocking for a long time. Clutch built-in cast stainless steel electronic lock body, with ultra-thin zinc alloy panel, intelligent door lock security performance is not only guaranteed, but also more resistant to some, from all aspects of all dimensions to protect the user’s home security.

Deer Classic 2S is simple to set up. Deer Classic 2S front display Deer Classic 2S detail display

The DeerCraft Classic 2S key display comes with the front panel, rear panel, lock body, opening diagram, accessory kit, certificate of conformity, three packages of certificates, instructions, and eight dry batteries. 5th Close-up of the lock body latch position, which is installed in the standard lock frame effect, among the accessories in the kit does not need to be used completely, because there are some accessories to adapt to different thicknesses of the door, such as two lengths of the lock cylinder.

Deer Classic 2S employs a one-piece handle design with a double bearing structure; official data show that the door handle can last ten years without sagging after 100,000 times down test. The door handle has a fingerprint identification area, making it easy for users to open the lock by pressing their fingerprint. The front panel has a keyhole under the lock handle, and the bottom of the front panel has a USB charging port, an emergency restart button, and a speaker hole for emergencies.

Deer Classic 2S back details display

The design of the back panel is also very minimalist, so it will not stand out in the home. The upper area houses the battery compartment, which has function keys and a repeat build downwards, the middle houses the anti-cat-eye pull button, and the lower house the anti-lock button. After the anti-lock, the door cannot be opened from the outside in any way. Deer Classic 2S solid workmanship, whether the panel material or door handle down on the operation of a heavy sense of quality.