Declared Face Capped Dyson Lightcyle Morph™ Lighting Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]From 2013 to the present, Dyson has been present in China for the eighth consecutive year. From vacuum cleaners to bladeless fans, purifiers, humidifiers, and sweeping robots, to the Netflix Supersonic hair dryer and curling iron, almost every aspect of life is covered. 18 years Dyson in China officially released its first lighting product Lightcycle, 3990 yuan of listing pricing (table lamp models, floor lamps to close to 6000 yuan), and to very Dyson industrial design style The price is expensive, but still popular. Dyson released its second lighting series, Dyson Lightcyle MorphTM, at the beginning of 2020.

Based on the initial product generation, the functions were enhanced based on user scenarios and habits. According to Dyson chief engineer Mike Dyson, the average person spends 83 percent of their time indoors, and the Dyson Lightcyle MorphTM uses daylight as inspiration to change lighting functions based on different needs, providing ideal lighting for all-day use.

I believe that: 1 is an excellent lighting device. whether to achieve eye-level lighting brightness 2 whether to have a high enough color rendering index (restore close to natural color, the higher the index the better) 3 whether to support stepless dimming and color temperature, as well as an adjustable range 4 humane, intelligent features of experience use 5 length of use and life. First and foremost, the new Dyson Lightcyle MorphTM uses 4 lights in 1 technology, in daily life, task lighting, reflective lighting, display lighting, ambient lighting application scenarios more, Dyson Lightcyle MorphTM new 3-point rotational positioning design, lamp head, lamp arm, and lamp column can be independently rotated 360 °, to achieve free application.

When compared to the previous Lightcycle XY axis design, this is more adaptable and comfortable to use.

Apparently Dyson recognized that the design of the first generation of Lightcycle is too steel straight industrial style, in the Lightcycle MorphTM styling design is softer and more unisex, after all, the family’s consumer decisions are primarily in the female, access to the hearts of female consumers this point in the Supersonic products can be seen. Dyson Lightcycle MorphTM can provide up to 1000lx (lux) of powerful lighting, as well as consistent access to high-quality lighting.

Reverse lighting provides a soft background light and adds a sense of layering to the interior space by rotating the head upward or towards the wall. The head can also be directed toward paintings, artwork, and decorative details that need to be illuminated to simulate an exhibition display. In fact, I prefer the ambient lighting. The Dyson Lightcycle MorphTM follows the design of the Lightcycle, with a heptagonal reflective wall separated by a layer of PMMA soft film that evenly mixes and focuses the light to create a single light source, providing a relaxing glow in the soothing night.

When LED modules operate at up to 1000 lux for extended periods of time, the amount of heat produced is mind-boggling. The main cause of LED light fade and color degradation is poor heat dissipation. Dyson Lightcycle MorphTM introduces the vacuum-sealed copper tube, which is commonly used in satellites to transfer heat generated by LEDs.

The vacuum-sealed copper tube is connected to the LED by a highly efficient heat conductor that moves the heat away from the LED, the liquid inside the heat pipe vaporizes when heated and radiates the heat along the copper tube as it re-liquefies, the liquid then reenters the heat source by capillary action, ensuring lighting quality for up to 60 years. Dyson’s daylight algorithm is its unique function based on big data analysis, collecting more than 1 million times the environmental daylight data through time, date, and GPS positioning information aggregated to adjust the color temperature and brightness that suits your current location, the current date and time, and the most suitable for your environment lighting. Not only that, but thoughtful Dyson can also be based on your year of birth, fine-tuning the required light level based on your age, as pupils shrink with age, older people require more light than young people to meet the common needs of the same scene.

The actual use of the Dyson Link App can result in a more robust adjustment function. Not only are there pre-programmed work, precision, relaxation, and other application modes that can be switched with a single click, but you can also manually adjust the color temperature and brightness value to your liking, with accuracy to 1 unit. Color temperatures supported range from 2700K to 6500K (1800K-3400K in magnetic docking ambient lighting mode). Finally, Dyson Lightcycle MorphTM color rendering, also known as color rendering, is the same environment, LED lighting under the object color, restore closer to the true color visible to the human eye under the sun.

Generally, the higher the color rendering, the better the child’s color perception. According to official data, this product’s color rendering index CRI reached 90 or higher, meeting the highest international standard 1A level.

Of course, if you like this floor lamp, you must pay 5990 yuan for it and be willing to accept 6 kg of really heavy weight for the same performance and a shortened lamp column lamp only 3990 yuan, 3.5 kg, which is still a lot of aluminum – polycarbonate composite material after the weight, visible with full material. Although the price is very Dyson, the quality has retained Dyson’s usual technology style, which is fashionable and absolutely good. There is no shortage of LED lighting products on the market with comparable performance, but the price of this Dyson can easily outperform similar products. Isn’t it a little heartening?