Data Transfer Performance Upgraded Again Armor Man Exceria™ Extreme Speed™ G2 Ssd Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]Computers have become a necessary productivity tool and entertainment equipment nowadays, whether it’s for daily office or leisure, and the key to affecting computer performance, especially to determine how fast or slow the data transfer, is the hard drive in the computer. SSDs (solid state drives) outperform traditional mechanical hard drives in terms of responsiveness and read/write performance, and are more in line with today’s demand for high-performance computers. The Armor Man EXCERIATM Extreme SpeedTM G2 SSD will provide your computer with a new level of data transfer power; the 1TB capacity version of the EXCERIATM G2 SSD is an upgraded version of the EXCERIA series SSD, which is also suitable for daily office, home use, and cost-effective users.

With NVMe 1.3 technology, the Armored Man EXCERIATM Extreme SpeedTM G2 SSD supports the PCle Gen3X4 protocol and reduces system latency in the I/O path between the SSD and CPU. The Armored Warrior EXCERIA G2 SSD features Armored Warrior BiCS FLASHTM 3D NAND flash memory and a vertically stacked cell structure using original Japanese flash memory particles, forging a strong cornerstone of reliable performance and exceptional read and write performance. The SSD is designed with the current mainstream M.2 2280 length and is very compact with a single-sided design, the entire SSD is very slim and weighs only 6.8g for the 1TB.

It is highly compatible and easily expandable for both notebooks and desktop computers.

Because it is an upgraded version of the EXCERIA series SSDs, its performance and storage capacity have been improved over previous models, with official claims of sequential read speeds of 2100MB/s and sequential write speeds of 1700MB/s. In terms of warranty, the Armored Man EXCERIATM Extreme SpeedTM G2 SSD provides 400TBW (1TB version) and 800TBW (2TB version) endurance, as well as 150W hours of MTBF, with an official 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

AS SSD Benchmark is a German-developed SSD evaluation tool that is the most widely used SSD evaluation software on the market today. It evaluates sequential read/write, 4K alignment, 4KB random read/write, and response time and provides a comprehensive score. The AS SSD Benchmark test yielded read and write performance of 1948.41MB/s and 1660.26MB/s, for a total score of 5102, which is an excellent result. ATTO Disk Benchmark is an easy-to-use disk transfer rate testing software that can be used to test the read and write rates of hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and other removable disks.

The software employs various data test packet sizes, 0.5K, 1.0K, 2.0K, and up to 8192.0KB for read and write testing, respectively, and the data is expressed in the form of histograms after the test is completed. It effectively demonstrates the effect of various file size ratios on disk read and write speeds. The highest write speed of this SSD in the ATTO Disk Benchmark test was 1744.8MB/S, and the read speed was 3434.5MB/S, which is very fast and places it in the top tier of SSDs with such performance.

CrystalDiskMark is a hard drive test tool with a simple and easy-to-use interface for testing the read and write speeds of storage devices at any time. With 567.2MB/s and 473.7MB/s, the overall performance is excellent. HD Tune Pro is a specialized hard drive inspection tool.

The software enables users to perform a variety of tests on their local hard drives in a short period of time. Aids in the faster completion of a thorough hard drive diagnosis.

It can display hard drive model, file benchmark information, good and bad hard drive sectors, health information, disk monitoring, and other data for easier management. This SSD easily achieved a read average of 1685.9MB/s in the HD Tune Pro test, which is sufficient to meet the work needs of office users.

When copying files on a daily basis, the file transfer speed is also very fast, reaching an incredible 1.33GB/s, significantly improving your work efficiency.

Armorama, the world’s second largest flash memory provider, is well-known for its products, technologies, and solutions that set the standard for digital living and working. With faster data read/write performance and powerful durability, the EXCERIATM G2 SSD improves the overall performance of your notebook and PC. The Armor Man EXCERIA G2 NVMe SSD enhances the convenience and efficiency of your new digital life.