Dark Cuisine Or Michelin Delicacy? Open Tokit Thermal Oven Youth Edition Food Tour

A warm life What is a warm life? It’s not just a matter of taking it easy, it’s about eating in a nice environment, it’s about living with a ritualistic attitude, it’s about every little thing in life that makes you feel at home, it’s about living a warm life. In fact, in Shanghai, such a place where every inch of land is gold, want to live with temperature is not an easy thing, take the cooking thing, whether it is Tokit intelligent thermal oven youth version is a, a glance to be able to hit the thermal oven, after all, the face of the control, the face is not off, will not consider it at all, and it in the end how it? Is cooking out of Michelin delicious, or dark cuisine? In fact, the author is more anxious than you!

Black is a pleasing color that always gives a sense of visual comfort, especially for modern people, and will make you like it at a glance. TOKIT Smart Thermal Oven Youth Edition has a compact body with a black body color and a base with a contrasting white color, creating a visual impact and increasing the user’s goodwill. The front of the machine is the operation panel, which consists of knobs, buttons, and an invisible OLED interactive screen, making it simple to operate and a good design for lazy people who can’t cook.

The core component of the TOKIT Smart Thermal Oven Youth Edition is a round button that can be pressed in the middle of the thermal oven: the temperature sensor, which can be in contact with the bottom of the pot to measure the temperature. Of course, it also plays a role in early warning; if the thermal oven is in the empty burn state, safety is also guaranteed; after all, electrical accidents do occur occasionally, and I believe that for this point, we must be more concerned. For the safety of the design, in addition to the temperature sensor probe, there is a silicone ring around the panel, used to fix the heating area of the soup pot, but also to avoid user burns.

TOKIT Smart Thermal Oven Youth Edition uses infinite fire adjustment, 0-99 levels of fire can be precisely adjusted, “hot pot”, “steam”, “soup porridge”, “stir-fry”, “frying” five modes for users to choose, of course, you can also adjust their own time and temperature to meet the cooking of different cuisines, as in the Internet industry, “groping” ten years of the author, fo When the author’s WiFi is connected using 5G WiFi, the connection fails immediately, but when switched to 2.4G, the connection is successful, so users must make a distinction when connecting.

Users can achieve custom cooking, fire, and time adjustment through the app, while the working state can also be controlled in real time through the app, even if you are not around the machine will not be dangerous. Of course, the most important thing to highlight, after all, this function is the key to the transformation from a dark cook to a Michelin chef: intelligent food recipes. TOKIT app has many built-in recipes, you just need to find the dishes you need, the app will be the whole video playback operation, and the playback process will automatically adjust the fire and temperature according to the recipe, you just need to follow the requirements of the corresponding food and seasonings, the rest will be left to it to complete!

The key to cooking is temperature control; whether it is a gas stove, induction cooktop, induction cooker, or thermal oven, if the temperature cannot be precisely controlled, it has no meaningful existence. In order to test whether its temperature is as expected, we conducted a custom control, setting the temperature to 80 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes and 10 levels of fire for testing.

With a ta, the baby can also “feast” As a baby daddy, I have always wanted to be able to quickly cook a bowl of dumplings or a bowl of noodles for the child every morning, but the gas stove is very slow, so for this steam test, I want to try its “lazy man boiled dumplings” dishes. I selected the “lazy man boiled dumplings” recipe through the app, clicked “Cook Now”, TOKIT Smart Ther The recipe, which provides five steps of operation, each with a video demonstration, is indeed worthy of the title of “lazy man,” as the hot dumplings came out of the oven after about 6 minutes of cooking.

Comments: Cooking according to the video is very simple, so I believe that even the more difficult dishes will be simple if you just follow the tips and video operation. Furthermore, the heating noise during the cooking process is relatively low, there is no sticky pot phenomenon, and there is no uneven heating, which I need to give a good review. Life with temperature, only because ta TOKIT Smart Thermal Oven Youth Edition’s compactness and value is the key to the author’s interest in it, users often choose through the first glance without understanding the performance of the product, this product Obsidian black crystal panel of high value really gi Furthermore, its intelligent temperature control design, the new external temperature sensor to enhance temperature control, to provide the best cooking temperature for the ingredients, but also to make the delicious can be at hand.

Of course, I believe the dark cooks love the app control and recipe system, after all, just follow the do to get a delicious, even if you are lazy people, but also think you must try it!

Of course, if you have to pick some thorns from it, I still believe the black panel fingerprint residue is more serious, I need to wipe every time I press when taking pictures, for OCD will have some impact, but for daily use will not cause problems, cleaning up is also relatively easy. As a result, if you want to get a delicious meal and improve your quality of life, the TOKIT Smart Thermal Oven Youth Edition is a good option.