Cute This Love! Ralemo Pre 5 Multi-mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]As time passes and more and more emphasis is placed on displaying the personality of young people, the product’s requirements naturally rise. Traditional peripheral products lack individuality in terms of design, color scheme, and so on, making it difficult to capture the attention of the new maverick youth. Domestic device manufacturer Leiper, acutely aware of this market gap, launched a new female brand – ralemo – in ChinaJoy 2020, and brought for female users designed Ralemo Air 1 mouse.

Recently, the ralemo brand issued another new product, bringing for users ralemo Pre 5 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard. As can be seen from the ralemo brand and positioning, the ralemo Pre 5 is a mechanical keyboard designed for female users. The keyboard uses pleated origin keycaps in an innovative way, giving the keyboard more personality.

ralemo for the Pre 5 keyboard comes in the same four colors as the Air 1: ice white, delicate pink, sensual blue, and slightly drunk purple.

The keyboard also makes extensive use of round mousse cake elements, allowing round elements to take the place of traditional horizontal and vertical lines. To enhance the feel of the keycaps, the center area of the keycap uses the same slightly concave design as the traditional keyboard, with ABS keycaps and a lightly frosted surface, bringing a certain degree of non-slip and slickness. In contrast to traditional square keycaps, the ralemo Pre 5 has rounded keycaps and a relatively flat keycap top, which requires users to gradually adapt.

The main body of the keyboard features a lot of round design elements, with rounded elements on every edge and corner to make the keyboard look more integrated. The keyboard does not completely “cover” 79 keycaps, but they are left in the right place to provide a simple layout that differs from the traditional. The large keys on the keyboard have a satellite axis, which improves stability, and the left side of the keyboard has a USB Type-C charging port and an on/off key, which provides fast charging and switching functions for the keyboard, extending its battery life. According to the official information provided by Leiper, this keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh battery that takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge and can provide approximately 13 days of battery life.

Although the ralemo Pre 5 is a more office-oriented mechanical keyboard, Leiper is equipped with its own developed office mechanical axis body, which has a lower shaft height and can effectively reduce the height of the keyboard, allowing female users to type without using a hand rest. Axis selection The ralemo Pre 5 has a black axis, a green axis, a tea axis, and a red axis. The four mechanical axis body has a similar feel to the traditional mechanical axis, up to 60 million times the life of a single axis, but also let the user worry less about durability. I received four colorways of the ralemo Pre 5 keyboard, the axis body including the black axis, blue axis, and red axis, the axis body of the tea axis did not come to the review room.

The total stroke of the shaft body is 1.2 0.5mm, with a trigger pressure ranging from 45 10cN to 70 10cN.

The black axis has the highest pressure grams of any traditional mechanical axis, so gaming is unaffected, but the higher pressure grams are prone to fatigue during long text input. The red axis has a combination of silence and lighter pressure grams than the black axis, making the office experience naturally easier, and the noise reduction feature is ideal for daily office use. The green axis is the same as the traditional mechanical axis, with a clear sense of paragraph and crisp tapping sound, in a quiet office environment will be quite clear; additionally, the green axis is the lowest trigger pressure of the four mechanical axes. Although the keyboard only has pure white backlighting, Leiper provides users with a plethora of lighting modes.

Using the FN key and the right Ctrl key combination, the keyboard can be freely switched between ripple, always bright, single dot bright, breathing, starburst, and curve six backlighting modes.

The keyboard’s backlight brightness can be adjusted using the Fn key F1/F2 keys; additionally, the keyboard’s six lighting modes can be switched using the Fn key Control key on the right, which is very convenient to use. Furthermore, the top of the keyboard provides shortcut program keys, allowing you to quickly open the mailbox, switch music tracks, adjust volume, and so on. As a device that supports macOS and Windows, ralemo has placed the keyboard above the Mac, A, Bluetooth, and battery four indicators in order to better display the keyboard mode, connection status, and power situation. When users switch to Mac mode, the “Mac” indicator illuminates, while switching to Windows mode illuminates the “A” indicator; the switch key combination is Fn F12.

When Bluetooth 1, Bluetooth 2, and Bluetooth 3 are selected, the indicators turn red, green, and blue, respectively. The indicator in blue allows the user to identify the keyboard Bluetooth channel.

In addition to the three Bluetooth connection modes mentioned above, the ralemo Pre 5 offers 2.4G wireless connection for the keyboard, wired mode, and switching via the Fn key 4 keys / 5 keys. The ralemo Pre 5’s multi-mode function is quite useful for users who need to switch between multiple devices at the same time. In terms of connectivity stability, the ralemo Pre 5 has a fairly low latency when using 2.4G, and the input response time is quite fast. The response time under Bluetooth connection is also not bad, waking up a hibernating computer system in about 2 seconds, which is very quick.

Furthermore, the keyboard supports wired mode; when the battery is low, it can be connected to the computer charging, but it can also be charged directly with the charger, making it very convenient to use.

The ralemo Pre 5 has a built-in 4000mAh battery that takes about 4 hours to fully charge. When using Bluetooth, the keyboard can provide approximately 10 days of battery life, long brightness mode with maximum brightness, and 8 hours of working time per day, which can extend the battery life of the keyboard if the backlight is turned off. Furthermore, if the keyboard is not used for an extended period of time, the power is turned off via the on/off button on the left side, saving power and resulting in a longer battery life. Although the ralemo Pre 5 is positioned as an office keyboard, Leiper did not deliberately reduce weight for the sake of portability, 773 grams of weight and the bottom four soft feet, to provide a stable grip for the keyboard, to ensure that the keyboard will not have “drift” when using.

Review Summary: As a mechanical keyboard aimed at new women, the ralemo Pre 5 has a unique appearance design that distinguishes it from traditional keyboards, making the keyboard appear more attractive. Female users prefer the four stylish color schemes of ice white, delicate pink, sensual blue, and slightly drunken purple, as well as the rounded overall design. In addition to supporting Windows operating systems, the keyboard includes a macOS keyboard mode, so users of Mac computers and iPads do not have to worry about keyboard compatibility. Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and wired modes are available, allowing the keyboard to connect to five devices at once and achieve rapid switching, improving the efficiency of multi-terminal collaboration.

Leiper independent mechanical axis, black axis, red axis, green axis, tea axis, to meet the user’s needs for key feel, working environment. ralemo Pre 5 multi-mode wireless keyboard has been listed, the official pricing of 499 yuan.

Users interested in this unique design, excellent performance keyboard can go to the e-commerce platform to buy the new product debut hands-on price of 449 yuan.