Cover The Whole Scene Office Needs! Leiper E9550g Multi-mode Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] Although mechanical keyboards are becoming more popular than expected, their larger size makes them unsuitable for business use. I previously reviewed a number of new multi-mode wireless keyboards from the Leiper Blade series, including the 99-key Leiper E9350G and the 78-key Leiper E9050G, the difference between the two being whether to retain the numeric keypad area; users can select the most appropriate product based on the actual use of the scene. In my opinion, the Leiper E9050G is more portable, suitable for the pursuit of the ultimate compact gamers; and the Leiper E9350G in the laptop close to the size and ultra-thin design, more suitable for travel users.

In addition to the previous 99 keys, 78 key allocation, the product will no longer pursue the “compact,” and the traditional keyboard key design, which can better adapt to the full scene use.

The packaging

The package includes the Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard, 2.4G USB receiver, data cable, and manual. The 110-key key layout differs from traditional keyboards in that Leiper has added six office friendly keys, including shortcut keys for calculator, copy, paste, switch system applications, and open settings, to improve user efficiency. The newly added function keys significantly improve office efficiency when compared to the 99-key Leiper E9350G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard.

The Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard has full-height directional keys, allowing users to have better operational directionality when making directional selections and a better experience in use. The design of the keys, Leiper on the E9550G keyboard key caps on the recessed processing, users can more accurately inform the specific location of the fingers in the keys, bringing better positioning effect, but also can significantly reduce the problem of rapid repositioning.

In terms of color scheme, the Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard comes in two options: black and white, allowing users to select the appropriate color scheme based on their preferences and usage scenarios. Because the Leiper E9550G keyboard focuses primarily on ultra-thin design, the surface is supplemented with a frosted finish to further enhance the feel. To maintain a consistent feel, the top cover of the Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard uses the same frosted finish as the keycaps.

The keyboard’s sides and bottom are made of a one-piece aluminum alloy shell with a delicate frosted feel and chamfered edges to prevent the keyboard from choking during use. To ensure the stability of the process’s use, the bottom 5 rubber pads will not appear under the slide.

The Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard includes a 300mAh battery that can be charged via the USB-C port. The charging port is located in the upper left corner of the keyboard on the middle frame, and there is a key on the left side of the USB-C port. Continuity, the 300mAh battery can achieve a maximum of 96 hours of use, allowing users to use with confidence; additionally, the keyboard supports the charging function, so there is no need to worry about the battery.

Details, Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard with high front and low back tilt design, 5mm at the thinnest and 12.9mm at the thickest to ensure ergonomic use. The weight of the keyboard is only 456g, and it is also very easy to carry.

The popular scissor foot design is used for the keys on the E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard, and the 1.5mm key travel ensures good key feel and input rebound. Users do not need to be concerned about the keyboard’s life, as it has a key life of up to 5 million keystrokes.

In terms of functionality, the Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard supports Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4G wireless connection modes, up to four devices can be connected simultaneously, and quick switching via FN the top left button. Not only that, but the Leiper E9550G keyboard supports both Windows and macOS, which is ideal for cross-platform users. In terms of usability, the Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard has the same key layout as a traditional 104-key keyboard, making it simpler to get started.

The new addition of adding shortcut function keys is very useful in the daily office and other scenarios of copy editing, writing code, one key copy and paste, and one key save function.

Connection stability, the author in 2.4G wireless mode, there is no connection interruption problem, Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard has a very good stability. Switch keyboard mode with a single key to achieve seamless compatibility between Windows and macOS.

The introduction of the Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard expands the options available to enthusiasts who appreciate ultra-thin design. It covers the needs of the entire business office scene, whether it’s the 99-key Leiper E9350G keyboard or the 78-key Leiper E9050G. Currently, the Leiper E9550G multi-mode wireless Bluetooth keyboard has been listed, with an official price of 229 yuan, for purchase on the major e-commerce platform.