Cost-effective Audio And Video Entertainment Screen Oppo Smart Tv K9 75-inch Review

At the moment, an increasing number of mobile digital brands are entering the home appliance industry, which can be attributed to the gradual blurring of the boundaries between various forms of audio and video entertainment content, as well as the gradual realization of intelligent interconnection between hardware platforms. Smart TVs and smartphones, for example, are no longer isolated individuals, but rather exist as terminals in the ecology of smart home appliances and homes. The TV has always been the focal point of the living room in the family environment, focusing on providing users with a large screen, high quality, and strong immersion in audio and video entertainment functions.

The new OPPO Smart TV K9 that we are reviewing has increased its screen size on the same model, reaching 75 inches, which is the “super large screen” dividing line, while maintaining the same product’s mature ecological functions, light and smooth system experience, HDR10 quality picture quality performance, and so on, and will provide users with a more immersive experience. The next step is to understand the details of this new large-screen TV through the review. The OPPO Smart TV K9 75 inches appears to use a minimalist full-screen design, due to the screen size to increase the screen ratio to further enhance the overall front screen ratio of 95.24 percent, without the bottom decorative strip reached 98.48 percent, but the bottom of the FOH color decorative strip still pr

The OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch metal bracket features a swallow design on both sides, which is both beautiful and capable of providing solid support performance. However, it should be noted that the bracket left and right support points are widely spaced, which, combined with the large size of 75 inches on the length of the TV cabinet requirements, allows users to wall mount through the back of the standard interface. The next part is the back, which uses a strong sense of unity design, hardware modules are concentrated in the lower part, a variety of interfaces to the left and right is very easy to install and use, and the center fo The OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch uses the same Bluetooth remote control as other products of the same size, with a simple and easy-to-use double column button arrangement, complete with main functions and shortcut functions, and a built-in NFC tag, suitable for cell phones and other devices with ColorOS system for a touch of flash casting. It has a quad-core A73 CPU, Mail G52 GPU architecture, and a 2GB RAM 32GB ROM memory combination, which not only provides strong decoding and playback performance but also ensures smooth system operation.

Other hardware includes 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi, the previously mentioned diverse interfaces, and 10W*2 dual speakers with high-powered cavity speakers that peak at 30W and have a frequency range of 90Hz to 15KHZ to achieve a more open sound field. On top of the excellent screen hardware and SoC hardware, the OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch has also passed the HDR10 professional certification, which supports dynamic metadata processing on top of the general HDR10, which can analyze frame by frame for playback screen and optimize intelligently to enhance the depth and realism of the screen image, presenting a brighter and deeper picture effect. This OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch also has a unique visual image quality engine that has been tuned by the OPPO Blu-ray team and can be customized from dynamic presentation, picture quality clarity, color management, contrast, and other multi-dimensional processing, making the display effect richer and more diverse. MEMC motion compensation, which is necessary for watching movies and games, anti-shake clear dynamic picture processing, super clear processing technology to improve resolution and reduce picture noise, color management functions such as HSY color restoration, FCC preferred color management, color gamut conversion, and so on, dynamic contrast enhancement, GAMMA dark field adjustment, and AI PQ technology are among the features.

There is also an adjustable blue light protection mode that protects the viewer’s eyes by lowering the percentage of harmful blue light band from 415nm-455nm. Because of multiple digital conversions and the varying performance of the display device, the screen shots are only for reference. It should also be noted that when playing pictures from external storage, you must enable 4K mode in the global settings opened by long press menu in order to see the original resolution picture without compression processing.

Color transition We continue to use the color pyramid chart for the color transition test, and it can be seen that the OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch performance is commendable, with the OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch performing well in the bottom of the red-purple-blue area of each color scale.

It is also worth noting that, despite the fact that this TV has a one-piece direct down backlight, the backlight test using the bulb video was able to observe the phenomenon of the backlight turning off in a completely dark field screen, indicating that the dynamic backlight function in the setup works well and enhances the contrast in the dynamic picture. HDR HDR sample 1 HDR sample 2 HDR sample 3 HDR sample 4 HDR sample 5 HDR sample 6 HDR sample 7 HDR sample 8 HDR sample 9 HDR sample 10 HD

HDR Sample 3 HDR test is an important part of this OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch review because it has passed the standard harsh HDR10 certification, indicating that it has the dynamic metadata processing ability of frame-by-frame analysis based on the high dynamic range display capability, which can output more natural color rendering, more realistic reproduction, more vivid contrast, and richer colors, which is especially important in the playback of HDR video content We took screenshots from an HDR movie and an HDR sample film, respectively. The sample images are not obvious due to the shooting equipment and picture transcoding, but in actual use, this OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch is very powerful in playing HDR movies and videos, and can achieve a bright and dark picture with vivid details and textures. 4K/8K Sample Images 4K Line Chart 8K Line Chart 4K Sample Both 4K and 8K lines are visible.

The other samples are also very clear and detailed, with plenty of detail in both bright and dark areas, demonstrating the OPPO Smart TV K9 75″‘s powerful HDR display performance with high contrast and more.

MEMC motion compensation Finally, the MEMC motion compensation function, which is necessary for watching movies and racing, can be customized in the settings. The test video was a classic racing car drift, and the overall picture was smooth and clear during the drifting process, and the smoke and soil raised were realistic and detailed, with few mosaics. Overall, the OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch screen performance is one of its outstanding advantages, a variety of features to enhance the picture contrast for HDR10 performance provides a good basis for the realization of a slight regret is that this TV is not equipped wi ColorOS TV 2.2 design concept incorporates a lot of interaction logic with cell phone ColorOS, making it simple for users to get started and have a stable experience.

The intelligent algorithm can accurately push personalized content for each user in the form of content windows, immersive detail pages, full-screen poster backgrounds, full-screen movie backgrounds, and so on, so that users can quickly reach the core content and guide them to click and play. The UI design and screen layout, on the other hand, are innovative and can display more content than version 1.0, such as the first screen application at your fingertips, the weather display on the top status bar, various device status displays, and so on.

Vertical waterfall is a popular and likely the most appropriate content flow design for smart TV systems. The lower button of the remote control allows users to quickly view the latest content and recommended content of the selected or other partitions, and the degree of customization and personalization of content recommendations will increase as the user’s usage time increases, making it an intelligent system that understands your preferences. The horizontal partition is also rich in content, concentrating on the exclusive partition of the copyrighted platforms such as Of course, finding fast and dedicated content according to the partition of TV series, movies, children, education, variety, K songs, animation, games, short videos, and so on is not a problem.

4K Partition VIP section The 4K, VIP, TV series, and movie pages have been redesigned and upgraded with a full-screen poster background to show more concise, immersive, and hierarchical top content, while the VIP page shows a full-screen background movie link, allowing users to be able to These particulars ensure that users have a seamless and immersive movie viewing experience.

The letter C

Another advantage of the global menu is the ability to change screen settings in real time while watching video content. Not only are there basic settings such as brightness and mode, but OPPO’s tuning team also provides users with a multi-point individual adjustment portal for gamma and color, giving geeky gamers who like to DIY more room for customization. ColorOS TV 2.2’s application management interface can make any smartphone user feel friendly, not only supporting simple open or uninstall applications, but also separate background shutdown, clear data, clear cache operations, and even separate background shutdown operations. We had to use the ColorOS system cell phone for actual testing in order to fully experience the wireless screen casting function of the OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch.

This time, we used the OPPO Reno6 Pro phone, which was released a few months ago, and the test by touching the NFC tag on the remote control can achieve fast and low latency mirroring screen casting, as well as horizontal and vertical screen switching and video playback compatibility. More specific information can be found in the video below.

We noticed that some of the phone’s operations would not be mirrored on the TV while mirroring cast screen use, and we later discovered that this was due to the cast screen privacy mode being enabled, so information such as notifications, including the entire drop-down status bar, would not appear on the big screen. This mode can be turned on or off in the phone, providing attentive service while also having a high degree of freedom. I recall that several months ago, the OPPO Smart TV K9 and smartphone K9 were released and sold in the novel form of a set; this time, the OPPO Smart TV K9 75 inch was also unveiled alongside the smartphone K9 Pro, continuing the complete experience of the set and the excellent features of high cost performance.

At the same time, other software and hardware configurations of this smart TV are quite bright, using MediaTek’s high-end TV SoC MT9652 with large-capacity memory, and the smooth and easy-to-use customized system ColorOS TV 2.2 to achieve a seamless experience between the OPPO ecology, adapting to the current young group of users’ pursuit of intelligent experience. At the same time, it is a very high degree of customization, so to speak, “free” TV products.

On September 26 at 10:00 a.m., OPPO announced three new products will be officially on sale, the OPPO Smart TV K9 75-inch official price of 5799 yuan, the first day of the sale of limited-time benefits to enjoy the exclusive purchase of 300 yuan off, that is, only 5499 yuan, plus a camera worth 399 The cost of a 75-inch large screen TV with HDR10 certified superb picture quality can be said to be very high, but it is worth the audio and video entertainment performance needs of the user groups to choose.