Coors Sweeping Robot Deebot N5 Series Experience: Comprehensive Cleaning More Efficient Life High Quality

Preface There are an increasing number of intelligent cleaning floor robots on the market, and the mixed market has caught us, not to mention consumers, off guard. I saw a lot of paragraphs on the Internet about sweeping the robot as a toy, which is certainly entertaining, but this is also a side effect of the robot’s status in the family. As a result, I’d like to ask many consumer students, have you purchased the floor sweeping robot in the end is obedient smart assistant, or cute slippery spoils of God? Today we want to review this sweeping robot product is from the latest release of the Coors sweeping robot Coors DEEBOT N5 Neo, this product is equipped with a new Smart Eye visual navigation technology, but also to support the sweeping and dragging one deep cleaning effect, then the actual performance The family heritage design concept is continued in the Coors DEEBOT N5, which I believe is a good continuation.

The Coors DEEBOT N5 uses pure white as the main color, the surface of the high-gloss finish improves the look and feel, and in my experience these days, the surface is basically no obvious scratches, which still surprises me. Open the cover, we can see the host power, WiFi connection control keys, cleaning brushes to remove dust and hair, as well as the filter dust box integrated dust collection box.

Function: No leakage, high coverage, deep cleaning, and more clean Coors DEEBOT N5 is “Smart Eye visual navigation technology,” achieving accurate positioning and navigation movement through 150 ° environmental acquisition camera for three-dimensional space for visual capture, with SLAM algorithm, to reduce repeated cleaning and omissions, improve cleaning efficiency, in short it is like an eye, can see the home e

The randomly paired fiber mop has the flexibility to cling to the ground, which not only wipes away ground stains, but also does not affect the robot’s actions. So, the Blue Whale cleaning system 2.0 will sweep, suction, drag to do everything, so how the real experience in the end? We then carry out the actual operation. Operation experience: APP remote control, dual control more convenient

1st You can see the robot’s current battery life in real time, allowing you to let it go home and charge automatically at any time. 2, you can set the cleaning suction, mopping water, and even the floor treasure voice and other personalized settings. 3, you can open the break point renewal sweep, when the Coors DEEBOT N5 power is sufficient, it will continue to perform the unfinished cleaning work.

4, you can open the cleaning appointment, we can make an appointment Coors DEEBOT N5 cle

Then comes the most anticipated part: the actual test. During the cleaning, Coors DEEBOT N5 will first capture the environment through Smart Eye visual navigation technology for positioning, and then start to autonomously plan the bow-shaped cleaning path, which will be displayed in real time in the App.Collision avoidance test When encountering an obstacle, BOT N5 can clearly judge the outline edge of the obstacle.

If you have stairs at home or allow the sweeping robot to clean in high places, it is critical to have a sensitive distance sensor, and the bottom of the Coors DEEBOT N5 has six highly sensitive sensors, which can accurately identify the edge, and you can see it has been in the dangerous edge of the trial.Cross-barrier test – carpetCrossing test – glass plate As we mentioned above, the rollers of the Coors DEEBOT N5 have good pressure and support 2 After that, I discovered the glass plate, and because the thickness of the glass plate is greater, it will be more difficult to cross, but this sweeping robot can still easily cross the barrier. Cleaning test along the wall Coors DEEBOT N5 is equipped with sensors along the wall, and when encountering walls, it can automatically detect the wall and sweep along the wall, sweeping faster, very satisfied.

The 77mm thickness of the Coors DEEBOT N5 allows it to easily drill into the bottom of the sofa and even under some cabinets with narrow gaps.Large particle cleaning test In the test of sweeping large particles, we set the sweeping suction power to standard and then scattered the beans prepared in advance evenly on the ground. Turn on the Coors DEEBOT N5, with its bilateral brush two-way aggregation and large suction power, and only sweeping once can be large particles on the ground inhalation, worthy of praise, and so rounded beans are not beaten fly. Sweeping and dragging in one test Before testing, we added water to the micro-controlled water tank as well as the supplied cleaner, mixed at a 1:40 ratio, and assembled the rag afterwards.

I then sprinkled greasy cookie crumbs on the floor and let it sit for a while before turning on the Coors DEEBOT N5. It was still possible to inhale the cookie crumbs and wet mop the original greasy dirt as a result.

Automatic charging After testing the above tests, I need to arrange the Coors DEEBOT N5 home charging, click back to charge, and it will obediently find the charging pile and quickly docking charging. In the test, we also deliberately moved it away, and then observed whether it will identify the cleaned area, then we discovered after the test, this machine can do memory storage, will automatically analyze the cleaned path, and we will also power off, after the start of t I have a “companion” feeling on this Coors DEEBOT N5, which makes me more dependent on it, especially the more sensitive sensors, sweep drag as one, human interaction, and so on; so far, I seem to really “love” it. If you like, you can follow the product link: