Coolpad Cool 20 Pro Experience: An Audio-visual Feast Under The Deep Sea Of Silence

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Because the rise of short video has resulted in the development of many industries, audio and video entertainment has become a major demand in the cell phone industry. When video meets the old cell phone manufacturer Coolpad, the main video entertainment cell phone products “Coolpad COOL 20 Pro” were born. Let me show you the face of this new product, and what kind of performance it will have: after opening the box, what you see is an ocean-like dark blue appearance, and it is true, this is a color scheme called “Secret Sea Blue.” Nature inspired the color scheme, the deep sea is silent, and the waves occasionally lap the shore.

The ocean’s vastness and depth provide it with the courage and strength to ride the waves.

Coolpad COOL 20 Pro Secret Sea Blue’s back cover gives the first impression of being deep and calm, rather than flashy, with a new Baby Skin AG glass process back case. It will also show a different texture in different lights, as if the light through the sea level into the deep sea of the picture, is a bright color and blue color between the light and shadow, from a distance is really an ocean into the phone back cover. After touching it, I felt quite delicate and silky, as if touching a baby’s skin in general, one can’t help but touch and touch, love it.

The design of the middle frame continues the secret sea blue color scheme, but it does not follow the special process of the back cover in order to ensure the user’s grip. The volume and power buttons are located on the right side of the body and can also be used for fingerprint unlocking, which is more in line with the user’s daily habits. There are two speakers at the top and bottom, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom.

The screen is a straight 6.58-inch screen with a slightly larger chin, but this has no effect on the overall look and feel. The body weighs about 193g and is 8.3mm thick; the overall impression is thin and light, implying that it can relieve users’ burden for a long time.

The Coolpad COOL 20 Pro is powered by MediaTek’s Tiangui 900, an octa-core processor based on a 6nm advanced process with two 2.4GHz Arm Cortex-A78 cores and six 2.0GHz Arm Cortex-A55 power-efficient cores that improves imaging, resolution display, and networking performance. The image, resolution display, network, and so on are the primary indicators of performance. I used popular handheld games to test its performance further, and in the WiFi environment, I turned on the “King of Glory” internal “high frame rate ultra-high resolution extreme graphics” for a 60FPS test.

The entire game process, there is no lag, frame drops, frame rate can also be basically stable at 60FPS, picture visual effect is smooth, operation can also keep up with the hand, indicating that the manufacturer for the release of cell phone chip performance or do a relatively in place.

As the Coolpad COOL 20 Pro’s primary positioning, its visual and audio experience is naturally not bad. In terms of visuals, the 120Hz intelligent variable speed high brush screen can be based on user control, screen screen changes, adaptive matching refresh rate, and so on. For example, while brushing Shake and playing the screen, the refresh rate remains stable at around 90Hz; however, when you slide the page to brush the next video, the refresh rate instantly increases to 120Hz to ensure the smoothness of the screen.

At the same time, this 6.58-inch FHD high-definition screen achieves more than 97 percent NTSC ultra-wide color gamut, supports DCI-P3 Hollywood movie-grade color standard, and the picture is more bright and real. In terms of audio, Coolpad COOL 20 Pro uses symmetrical dual speakers, which differs from the market’s “pseudo dual-speaker phones,” which use the earpiece as the speaker.

And the use of dual-speakers on the market, with the largest effective vibration area of 1318 dual-speaker units, to provide a better stereo experience. On the one hand, Coolpad and Dirac, a well-known Swedish digital acoustic company, collaborated to create true “immersive stereo sound.” Coolpad COOL 20 Pro, on the other hand, uses bass nano-fill material for better bass effect, lowering the bass limit from 690Hz to 610Hz. When I use Coolpad COOL 20 Pro to play beeping videos, the picture visual effect and sound experience are excellent in 1080P quality, bringing a sense of smoothness and cinematography that is truly unique.

The immersive audio and video experience, I believe, is not a small temptation for film and television entertainment enthusiasts.

In terms of image capabilities, but also of the user’s immediate needs, a lightweight cell phone is unquestionably a better choice than carrying a heavy camera out. The COOL 20 Pro, the company’s newest product, is designed to meet the needs of the majority of people. The Coolpad COOL 20 Pro features a triple AI camera system on the back, including a 5000W pixel ultra-clear main camera, an 800W pixel landscape lens, and a 200W pixel macro lens.

Let’s take a look at some of the author’s sample photos, which were all shot straight out of the back of the Coolpad COOL 20 Pro, with no post-processing. We can see that the photos are clearly visible in detail and have a rich color performance thanks to the 5000W pixel main camera. The light and shadow levels are clearly defined in the daytime sample shots, and the amount of incoming light can be controlled even in backlight situations.

Night shots are more transparent; clarity may be reduced due to the dark environment, but most picture details can still be clearly rendered with Hongsoft’s flagship camera algorithm.

In terms of battery life, the Coolpad COOL 20 Pro has a 4500mAh battery, which is roughly the same as the battery capacity of most flagship smartphones on the market. To test its battery life, I put it in the following conditions: WiFi environment, turn off Bluetooth and positioning, turn on 120Hz high brush, sound 30 percent, brightness 50 percent; respectively, 1 hour of shake short video, 1 hour of game, 1 hour of music playback, standby 8 hours of testing, to obtain the following battery life curve graph. Surprisingly, the power consumption is only 6% during the one-hour music playback.

Furthermore, Coolpad’s self-developed COOLOS 2.0 system is capable of providing a new and smooth experience. One of these is intelligent memory fusion, which provides a maximum running experience of 8 5=13GB via intelligent allocation. Another new feature is the EROFS Super File System, which reduces the Android native system footprint by 36% and makes the device run faster.

Overall, the performance of the Coolpad COOL 20 Pro is more in line with the author’s expectations. The Coolpad COOL 20 Pro, which is primarily intended for audio and video entertainment, naturally outperforms in this regard and provides a satisfying audio-visual experience. Of course, this aspect of the audio-visual experience is subjective, and I’m only expressing my feelings through my personal aesthetics and comprehension.

But, in any case, as a veteran cell phone manufacturer, the return of Coolpad products is noteworthy, and I believe that it will bring us more and better products in the near future.