Content Is The King Experience First All-rounder Cool Kai System 8 Review

Whether it’s software or hardware, most of the technology vendors we know will always do their best to gain more users. On the OTT track, some vendors focus on cross-border promotion and advertising revenue, while others focus on optimizing interaction and experience as king, while others focus on platform resources, content, and so on. OTT function itself is a collection of the above areas, naturally no piece of the puzzle is missing, so at the moment various OTT brands and products are becoming increasingly similar, all developing more perfect promotion functions, interactivity, user experience, and so on. So, how should differentiation be reflected? Cooltech’s answer is “Boundless Space,” a concept first unveiled in 2020 and truly pushed to market with the release of “Shared Screen” in the first half of this year.

We had previously contacted and reviewed the shared screen, and we know that as a hardware product, it somehow breaks the limitation of OTT software attached to TV hardware, giving consumers more freedom to choose and realize OTT application on the screen without corresponding smart hardware. Such an “external and lightweight Kukai system” can also serve as the foundation for cross-screen interaction, collaborative work, and multi-person gatherings in the Boundless Space concept, which lives up to its slogan “Explore the value of big screen.”

As a user, your attention will eventually be drawn to the content in such a one-of-a-kind ecological system. The shared screen feature may be designed for special needs, but consumers don’t need another reason to buy a Skyworth or Kukai TV, and whether or not this segment of the public has a good experience is largely determined by the features and content of the Kukai system itself, as we’ll see in this review. The lower layer is a card-based information flow with news, features, and other popular content, which continues the previous waterfall feature, with a larger space for content display in the vertical direction, while being able to configure the information flow in accordance with individuality by integrating current hot content, user preferences, and playback history. The Kukai system includes Search, VIP, Featured (Home), and Film, from left to right.

The rightmost section is dedicated to category management, which can be customized to add/hide partitions and change sorting.

One of the more notable changes is that the system has consolidated some of the traditional partitions, such as movies, TV shows, and documentaries, into a secondary partition under the movie partition, while adding more popular and thematic content to the primary partition. On the one hand, this change optimizes the category’s structure by making it less likely for horizontal partitions to cross and repeat each other, improving the logic of use; on the other hand, it emphasizes the characteristics of content operation by putting popular and high-quality content at the user’s fingertips and increasing its exposure. The Coolpix System 8 maintains the design of the top shortcut function, which can be quickly called out at the top of the waterfall via the remote control up button, allowing you to quickly switch signal sources, enter settings, launch various applications and functions, and so on. As an example, the 75 Skyworth Q41 Pro TV we tested has a built-in top lift TrensAI EYE high incoming light agile AI camera, which supports various functions such as multi-directional angle adjustment, face recognition following, gesture recognition operation, panoramic stitching, and dark light shooting.

All of these functions must be used through the newly upgraded Family Photo App, which can add a lot of color to family gatherings. Skyworth’s Swaiot ecology can be controlled by the TV’s built-in Xiaowei Zhijia APP or Swaiot PANEL, as well as other terminal devices, allowing the connection and control of other whole-house intelligent devices in the same network environment.

Users who have a complete smart home ecology can control the whole house intelligence on the TV without leaving the sofa, which has to be said to improve the quality of home life significantly.

Furthermore, the Skyworth TrensAI full-time voice function, which is included in the majority of products that use the Kukai system, is an important complement to the user’s operation. Not only can it perform operations like content search quickly, but it can also call out applications, control whole-house intelligence, and check the time and weather.

In terms of platform resources, the Kukai system, as usual, supports a wide range of copyrighted platform content represented by Akiyay, Mango TV, Youku, CIBN, and others, while additional copyrighted platforms can be installed via the app store for content expansion. With a large library of movies, TV shows, variety shows, animation, sports, and so on. Another piece of recent good news for Netflix fans is that the phenomenon of VIPs who are already on the platform but still need to pay to watch the content first has been eliminated with the intervention of the relevant departments, providing a more transparent payment mechanism and a better user experience from the platform level. For the compact and easy-to-understand short video content, a wide audience but difficult to achieve the characteristics of large-screen experience, the cool system in the partition set a special short video partition, integrated multi-platform popular resources, but also through the installation of software to expand Short videos on the big screen are a must-have feature for mainstream consumers.

Is it more convenient and personalized to watch short videos on the big screen on demand, such as food, cars, pets, and other current events, than to watch general news programs?

Sports events are the large screen area’s traditional strength, with various hardware and software features such as MEMC motion compensation and a high refresh rate screen to achieve a more immersive viewing experience. There are various secondary partitions under the sports partition, such as comprehensive, combat, NBA, UEFA Champions League, Olympic Games, Euro Cup, and so on, and the section changes in real time at any time. The content under it is once again fully displayed in front of users via card-type information flow, with hot broadcast, feature, highlights, event preview, and so on.

The gaming content has reached a new peak with the development of events and live streaming, while the extensive coverage of cloud games has opened up new application scenarios for smart TVs. The game partition in the Kukai system is a comprehensive area that integrates a variety of video, live content, physical games, and cloud game platform, including a variety of secondary partitions, so that local games, cloud games, live games, game commentary, process strategy, physical games, and other content achieve unprecedented richness.

The operation content of an OTT is sometimes primarily reflected in providing richer VIP content and making VIP services more affordable to users through activity benefits, thereby increasing user participation and stickiness. The Kukai system’s special VIP membership center shows all kinds of VIPs to users on one page, and provides detailed reference for the unique content of each copyright platform, providing intuitive and transparent information for users to choose. Based on our Cool Start system experience, we discovered that the smart TV has become a new carrier of quality content, that is, the art of painting. Large-screen TVs’ improved visual expression enables them to serve as a window for content presentation, while their intelligence and platform features enable the collection and integration of a broader range of resources.

Displaying various types of modern art on the lock screen or screen saver screen can help users relax their eyes and soothe their energy while watching TV programs, as well as take advantage of the fragmented time to feel the art atmosphere and cultivate emotions, and when idle, this form can also become a window to show the cultural atmosphere in the family.

This function expands the content in the form of Pictorial VIP, whether it is the world-wide touring works, the exquisite collection of contemporary painters, or the scenes elaborately designed by new designers, all of which can be displayed in the form of a lock screen on the big screen, transforming the big screen into a home art museum and opening up the home life of tasting art. On the top level, a variety of exclusive VIP benefits information is displayed with large-sized cards, ensuring that you do not miss any member benefits or exclusive activities.

In terms of interaction, the Kukai system assigns a wide range of minor tasks, such as watching a specific film or television production and receiving gold rewards. You can also unlock more exclusive movie-watching tasks after you open the VIP zone to increase your gold revenue and make your VIP worth the price of admission. The gold coins can be exchanged for rewards such as various VIP hours or vouchers on the activity page, increasing user participation and allowing targeted promotion of some film and TV content.

Only a smooth system, flawless functions, and abundant resources can truly increase user loyalty. Chinese users are hesitant to pay for additional paid content, a perception that is changing as more high-quality content and high-level demand become more prevalent. At the same time, users are becoming more interested in personalized and customized content, as well as intelligent interactive experiences, which coincides with the advancement of technologies such as the Internet of Everything and Big Data.

The Coolview system has achieved stable innovation and development in the trend of the times by following this trend, accurate positioning, and high quality content. It interacts with users in a positive and mutually beneficial manner through a variety of operational activities, prioritizing the enhancement of user experience while also promoting the enhancement of user stickiness and activity, making it the leading brand in the OTT field. We anticipate that the Kukai system will continue on this path of innovation and development for a long time, keeping up with the times alongside the hardware functions of the TV, providing more and more comprehensive content and an optimal user experience.