Conquer The Extreme Cold Wilderness Agm Glory G1 Pro Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Today’s cell phone market has long been a red sea, and the industry’s cell phone category segmentation has been very well done. We usually divide cell phone positioning ranges by price, such as flagship, mid-range, entry-level, and so on. Of course, depending on the point of view, we can also hear the term “elderly machine with the characteristics of the times,” but there is a model that we do not often use, and it is easy to overlook, that is, “three-proof machine,” and if you do not understand the three defense machine, you are not the target users of the three defense machine. In terms of domestic manufacturers, mentioning the three anti-machine must include the main three anti-models in this brand segment – AGM.

AGM has been in this field for many years, with its three series of X, H, and M product matrices, due to its excellent product performance by many consumers. AGM has introduced a new “G” series for users, which includes two models: AGM Glory G1 and G1 Pro. The AGM Glory G1 and the G1 Pro are two new models in the G1 Pro family.

The first impression I had of the AGM Glory G1 Pro was one of “reliability,” which should be the most intuitive feeling of a triple-defense machine. To begin with, the AGM G1 is slightly larger than standard smartphones, and in an era of thinner and lighter phones, the AGM G1 series is the polar opposite of such a triple-defense model. Conquer the complex and changing outdoor scenes, withstand the test of harsh environment, after all, the iron must be hard on its own. From the design concept, AGM G1 Pro is heavily influenced by “Star Trek” in the “Enterprise” spacecraft, with the overall appearance being very thick and heavy.

The thickness of the body is 1523mm, and the weight of this phone can reach 371g, so “so half a catty” and “rice half a catty” must be set aside. Because your upper body strength may not be able to support your one-handed operation for a long time, it is recommended that AGM G1 Pro users hold the phone with both hands. On the outside of the body, the AGM G1 Pro’s four corners with C-shaped protection, enough to ensure the safety of the body when dropped in various positions; screen is of course the most fragile part of the phone, the AGM G1 Pro also made 0.3mm suspension bezel for the screen, so that even if the

And, with a weight of 370g, this phone not only provides the functionality of a phone in the field, but it can also be used as a slate for self-defense (not) when encountering unexpected situations. Furthermore, AGM G1 Pro for the screen, motherboard, battery, and chips, as well as other components, are metal reinforced, resulting in a more stable internal structure that can withstand shock, vibration, and other situations while ensuring the normal operation of the core components. We performed dozens of drop tests at a height of 1.5 meters on marble and hard surfaces, and the AGM G1 Pro’s screen and body were not damaged, and the internal functions remained normal.

It is extremely difficult to survive the general cell phone, let alone normal use, in extreme environments. And, in the complex outdoor environment, the water and low temperature are more likely to cause the phone to hang. The AGM G1 Pro has excellent waterproof performance, supporting up to IP69K waterproof grade, a rarely seen grade in which the “K” represents hot vapor.

The AGM G1 can effectively protect against hot water at 80 degrees and 100BAR. To be waterproof, the AGM G1 Pro also has physical rubber plugs in the charging port and the TF/SIM card slot on the side, which isolate the phone from any liquid, making it “watertight”; and the custom water-resistant speaker also has a “pressure-resistant sound membrane.” It is not only waterproof, but it also reduces noise and distortion when playing in water. Low temperature is another extreme environment test.

In general, low temperatures will cause the activity of an ordinary cell phone lithium battery to rapidly decrease, and the intuitive expression is that the phone will lose power quickly and will be unable to be turned on normally soon. Winter temperatures in some cold regions can even reach -20°C-30°C, putting new restrictions on cell phone use outside.

When faced with a mobile platform like the Snapdragon 888, quickly dissipating heat from the phone is a key design consideration for the average model. The AGM is a different way of thinking because the SoC itself is a heat source in extremely cold conditions, and this heat can provide a thermal envelope for the battery to keep it running at the right temperature. To verify the low temperature as well as waterproof, we also put the AGM G1 Pro into a water bag and placed the water bag in the freezer at -20°C.

The AGM G1 Pro was still running normally after 30 hours, and its resistance to low temperature waterproofing is truly remarkable. It is worth noting that the battery capacity of the AGM G1 Pro reaches 6200mAh, which is difficult for tablets to achieve, and this also ensures a long life for outdoor use.

Being prepared is essential for any adventure, whether it’s a hike or an adventure. The AGM G1 Pro incorporates a laser rangefinder, thermal imaging camera, and night vision camera into the body, making it ideal for complex outdoor environments. I believe we are all familiar with thermal imaging cameras; thermal imaging can measure the temperature of objects without touching them, which is very convenient.

The so-called infrared thermal imaging is actually achieved by sensing the infrared signal generated by the object’s own thermal radiation, and we can easily obtain a classic infrared thermal field picture using the system’s built-in “IRCamera” APP. This APP allows you to choose the whole frame temperature measurement, photography, and even video; and professional mode also provides more detailed application, whether in outdoor or industrial scenes, this function is very useful. Thermal imaging temperature measurement imaging distance of approximately 50 meters, we are testing the phone, PC long time when the game heat will be able to easily present Laser rangefinder, this is even easier to understand The device’s laser is reflected by the measured object and then received by the rangefinder, which also records the laser’s round trip time.

The AGM G1 Pro includes a built-in app called “Measurer,” which can be used to quickly determine an object’s approximate distance within 20 meters, as well as its length and area. It should be noted that the data from the cell phone test is only for reference purposes; after all, it is not a professional measuring device; and when using the AGM G1 Pro, users may encounter outdoor light, fog, or other interfering conditions; therefore, please cooperate with the auxiliary tools for precise measurement, and do not blindly believe in the G1 Pro’s data.

It’s also surprising to see a night vision option in the photo. You should be aware that this is extremely important for users who travel outdoors at night. The night vision device can be very useful at night when it is not convenient to turn on the lights; and in modern life, the night vision device can also help users staying in hotels scan the camera. Of course, there are numerous applications awaiting users’ discovery.

It’s difficult to find processor performance in a triple defense phone, but the AGM G1 Pro comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 processor in a “sutured monster” stance. The Snapdragon 480 is a true 5G SOC, with a Cortex A76 clocked at 2.0GHz, an efficiency core Cortex A55 clocked at 1.8GHz, and a GPU with Qualcomm Adreno 619 integrated.

8nm process, same CPU/GPU combination as the Snapdragon 765G, same GPU as the Snapdragon 750G, and same X51 baseband as the 690 Baseband X51 This chip’s performance is more than adequate for extreme environments.

Officially, the AGM G1 Pro can work in a -40°C environment for 1 hour; in this environment, it is the only one of several flagship models that can run the score. What is the artisan spirit? The AGM Glory G1 Pro has the qualities of a mature triple-defense model, with integrated night vision and thermal imaging wind functions to provide users with hardware support in harsh environments. to provide hardware support in a harsh environment It is also worth noting that AGM offers multiple thought customization services to G1 series enterprise users, including 1km thermal imaging, custom laser scanning, Beidou independent networking, custom LED light sets and batteries, and so on.

……. Giving users a choice is a wise decision.

The AGM G1 Pro is a clear positioning, accurate target, and will be extremely sincere configuration to the user, and I believe that its target users will be eager to try it. AGM G1 Pro, I believe it is functional.