Comprehensive Review: It’s Really Not That Hard! Oppo Reno Ace Is Here With Ace Technology!

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Since OPPO launched the new Reno series in April of this year, it has piqued the interest of many users.Reno, as a new series of OPPO product line, has launched OPPO Reno 10x zoom version, OPPO Reno Z and OPPO Reno2 and other products, with varying price, configuration, and performance to meet the needs of consumers in all aspects. The new OPPO Reno 10x zoom, OPPO Reno Z, and OPPO Reno2 series have been launched to meet consumer needs in terms of price, configuration, and performance. The OPPO Reno series welcomes a new member just after the National Day holiday, the OPPO Reno Ace ace will be released in Chengdu on October 10, so what are the highlights of this new machine? Here we will briefly introduce it.OPPO Reno Ace OPPO Reno Ace – 65W Super Flash Charge One of the most anticipated and popular selling points for OPPO Reno Ace is undoubtedly the SuperVOOC2.0 Super Flash Charge with a charging power of up to 65W OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren announced on Weibo during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year that the OPPO Reno Ace will be equipped with 65W Super Flash Charging technology. According to the introduction, this technology can charge a smartphone with a 4000mAh battery capacity in 30 minutes, making it the fastest commercial charging speed and safest flash charging technology on the market today.

I can’t help but recommend OPPO Reno Ace’s 65W super flash charging technology based on actual testing!OPPO Reno Ace charging screenshot In fact, people may only be starting to understand OPPO’s flash charging technology in the last two years, but OPPO has long brought VOOC flash charging technology in 2014. The benefit of VOOC flash charging is that it significantly reduces the phenomenon of body heating while charging, and the lower voltage also ensures charging safety. OPPO has also become the first terminal manufacturer to develop its own fast charging technology.

The well-known phrase “five minutes of charging, two hours of talking” has helped to increase consumer awareness and recall of OPPO’s charging technology.

OPPO’s SuperVooc super flash charging technology, first proposed in 2016, was first installed in last year’s “super flagship” OPPO Find X Super Flash Charging Edition and OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition, and its charging power of nearly 50W can be fully charged in 35 minutes. The smartphone with a battery capacity of 3400mAh The OPPO Find X SuperFlash technology is an innovative tandem dual-cell design with a charging power of up to 50W that fills 40% of the phone in 10 minutes, 5 cores of protection and 5 layers of protection, and a specially customized VCU intelligent control chip to control voltage, flow, and temperature across the line, providing all-around safety and security, giving users an unprecedented charging experience. OPPO Reno Ace 65W is the first cell phone to be charged by OPPO, and the SuperVOOC Super Flash is the unavoidable result of product technology iteration and the best interpretation of OPPO’s R&D.

OPPO solves the industry’s problems by improving cell phone charging efficiency while also saving more charging time for the majority of consumers, allowing everyone to experience the thrill of filling a cell phone with naked eye speed.OPPO Reno Ace 65W Super Flash Charge

OPPO Reno Ace front design uses 6.5-inch AMOLED shallow water drop screen, touch sampling rate increased to 135Hz, simply put, lower latency, user touch experience more smooth; in order to adapt to the high requirements of the gaming experience on the hardware, Reno Ace equipped with a new 90 Hz gaming screen.OPPO Reno Ace In fact, 90 Hz screen refresh rate is a relatively new concept, the benefits of a high refresh rate is naturally to make people feel For everyday use, there is definitely a difference in the smoothness of operation between a high refresh rate and a low refresh rate, although you can’t see it, but you can feel it, and it’s not too obvious; OPPO Reno Ace touch sampling rate goes further to 135Hz, the visual experience is greatly enhanced. High refresh rate means higher hardware load, which means higher power consumption and heat, but this isn’t a problem for the new OPPO Reno Ace, which has a large battery capacity and 65W SuperVOOC flash charging technology. OPPO Reno Ace also has a low brightness strobe-free dimming mode and a low blue light eye protection mode, which can effectively relieve visual fatigue, but we still recommend that you use your eyes scientifically and don’t rely on them.

OPPO Reno Ace OPPO Reno Ace back rear four cameras placed in the middle of the body, OPPO logo and text is placed in the rear four cameras below, with electric purple, star blue two color, I got the star blue color, in different angles will see a different color, gently change the phone angle, the light column will also change, so that OPPO Reno Ace more special.OPPO Reno Ace OPPO Reno Ace PhotoRear A quad camera combination of 48MP main camera, 13MP upright telephoto lens, 8MP wide-angle lens, and 2MP black and white lens allows you to capture clearer and more complete sample results.

OPPO Reno Ace The shooting effect is excellent in detail thanks to the 48-megapixel main camera, even if the sample is enlarged, you can still see the details of the subject; 8-megapixel wide-angle lens provides users with 117.4 degrees of wide-angle photography, the shooting effect can also be described as “stunning”; 13-megapixel upright telephoto lens provides an f/2.4 aperture and supports phase focusing, with three cameras o The sample photos below demonstrate the OPPO Reno Ace’s quad rear camera capability.Sample shot (original)Sample shot (5x)Sample shot (10x)

In the night photography is also quite good, OPPO Reno Ace through the environment detection and the use of AI noise reduction technology and other algorithms to shoot a clear and high-quality night photography function, night shooting mode processing time reduced to within 2.5 seconds, whether bright city shopping district or complex light pedestrian street, you can quickly take clear, vivid, detailed night photography photos through the night mode. And OPPO Reno Ace video shooting is also excellent, with support for shooting 4K 60fps video and opening the super video anti-shake mode to give you super stable video shooting picture, whether you shoot in the car or in the “brush mountain.”

“Brush Mountain” shot (Note: This image is a GIF) OPPO Reno AcePhotographyFront camera The front camera, OPPO Reno Ace has a 16 million front AI intelligent beauty lens, after the beauty of the shooting samples can show a more natural effect, not just skin whitening, after the beauty effect of the portrait face rosy, fair skin, looks very eye-catching characters, large aperture bokeh algorithm upgrade, to take accurate bokeh photos,

OPPO Reno Ace’s image capability is excellent in general, daily photos or travel to shoot scenery OPPO Reno Ace is a good choice, and in the video shooting also comes with anti-shake function, like to shoot video partners can really go to experience. Bad network? Don’t worry, OPPO Reno Ace dual WiFi technology can connect 2 WiFi hotspots at the same time, intelligent switching of 4G and Wi-Fi network, dual-channel online at the same time, still afraid of group battles when the line is dropped to drag the legs!King of Honor Cell phone cooling ability is also very important for hand game players. OPPO Reno Ace is filled with a new composite carbon fiber material called “ice charcoal” in the middle of the SoC and VC even heat plate, its thermal conductivity is three times higher than the previous silicone grease, which can significantly reduce the core temperature of the SoC under high load.

OPPO Reno Ace is outfitted with a system that has been updated to ColorOS 6.1, and its intelligent assistant Breeno integrates a number of AI functions to achieve deeply customized personalized services.OPPO Reno Ace comes standard with multi-functional NFC function, and the cell phone transit card supports more than 200 city transportation cards across the country, including Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei Card, Shenzhen Pass, Lingnan Pass, and more than 10 other The NFC function supports OPPO Pay, which can provide NFC-based offline cell phone payment function. After opening OPPO Pay and binding the bank card, users can swipe the card, recharge (including phone bill, traffic recharge), international Internet access, apply for credit cards, taxi travel, and other functions. Furthermore, NFC can be used as a non-encrypted access card, even if you forget to bring the access card, open NFC can also brush access, no longer need to find the management room to help open the door. The most thoughtful thing is that it has a remote guardian function, which can remotely understand each other’s location, movement steps, and other information, so that once abnormalities are found, it can be dealt with at the fi Furthermore, the new ColorOS 6 system will be more secure than previous generations, with three modules providing different security protection: “virus and protection,” “account security,” and “guardian plan.” In fact, battery technology has always been a technical problem in terms of smartphone battery life, but these have not become a bottleneck for the industry’s further development.

OPPO has solved the problems that plague the industry by improving cell phone charging efficiency. This time, the OPPO Reno Ace is outfitted with 65W SuperVooc super flash charging technology, which will provide consumers with an extremely fast charging experience, once again refreshing the industry’s charging speed and leading the new direction of flash charging.